InterMix Voices of Humanity beta test has begun

It has taken much longer than I ever thought, but finally InterMix Voices of Humanity social media is ready for a serious test.  Please click in and post a message.  Whether you have a question or a comment, this is the perfect time to post it and help get us started.

InterMix is group centric, and aims to create a collective voice for each participating group.  Members of the group write messages and then read and rate each other’s items.  The highest rated messages are selected as the “voice” of the group.  The new form of social media has two working features that distinguish it: 1) Groups have their own area and voice but can come together in “discussions” across group lines and 2) in discussions, the participants are automatically recombined to create a Voice of Women, of Men, of Youth, of Experience (middle-age), of Wisdom (seniors) and a Voice of Humanity as One.  

So we can imagine a Palestinian group and an Israeli group involved in a “Where do we go from here?” discussion.  Then within that discussion we could have an exchange between the women and the men collectively.  The Voice of Women would include both Israeli and Palestinian women and similarly for the Voice of Men.  It is not clear to me here in San Francisco how we could get such a dialog going, but if Mepeace were to take the idea up, I think we could get a prototype up and running without a lot of trouble.  

I am hoping your curiosity will be aroused and you will give it a look.  Once you are signed up, please go to the forum and write a message.  That is what would be really helpful.  If you want to sound off on something, you are welcome to do so.  If you want to ask either myself or the InterMix programmer, Flemming Funch, any questions, that would be perfect, as would any comments about InterMix Voices of Humanity social media.  Please be direct.  Probing questions are good.

Here are two documents that together provide a good background on the new social media:

InterMix Introduction - this is also available in audio read by Joseph Simpson, CCI Board Member:  I recommend that you listen to the audio as you read.  The document is overflowing with ideas, so having Joe’s wonderful voice to carry one along helps.
InterMix Directions

Since we are in beta test, you may well have suggestions for improvement, or something might even break.  If anything like that happens, it is important that you let me know by email.  

Thanks a lot,

Roger Eaton
+1 415 933 0153

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Comment by Roger Eaton on July 20, 2013 at 8:08pm

Ooops -- here is the link to click in and participate:


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