Someone recently posted a picture of Israeli children writing their names on shells, entitling it in incendiary fashion with the words "Jewish Peace Education." The next day, it was changed to "Israeli Peace Education."

There were many thoughts that came to mind. One thought was this: Wouldn't it be just as possible for anyone to find a picture of an Arab Palestinian reveling in a terroristic act against Jews and Israelis?

I asked myself: Why did you come to this forum? Did you come to this forum in order to argue or sow dissension; or did you come there to engage others in a peaceful fashion and to break down the mental images that enslave ALL of us to the past and chain our children's future?

I had my answer.

I am posting this picture in hopes that you will look at it and see there is hope for all of us. I will not engage in like behavior by showing an ugly image of my enemy.

The rabbis said: "Who is strong? He who turns an enemy into a friend." (Pirkei Avot de Rabbi Natan)

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Comment by Yahya Merchant on May 1, 2009 at 9:47pm
Project Triumph is another example of what can be achieved between people if not between Governments! Unfortunatelt project Triumph will be unable to bring Israeli and Palestinian children together in USA this year due mainly to the economic situation which has cut off funds to this and many other charities.
Comment by Eliana Gilad on May 1, 2009 at 1:35pm
Just Beautiful!!!
Here is another example of living peace in Israel - Jews and Palestinians:


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