Lessons from Recent Delhi (India) Rape Incident (23.12.2012:

The dreadful incident that took place in Delhi upholds the reality of Indian society and polity. This is what is happening today mainly because of cultural degeneration; that has deep root in the present day vote politics which requires huge amount of money to invest to acquire power; which the politicians  manage from the moneyed class assuring them to safeguard their interests after coming to power. In fact, in the name of democracy, these political leaders of the capitalist class acts on behalf of them (capitalist class) to safeguard their interests. The moneyed class, who manage to appropriate the fruits of labor justifying their labors as managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, agents, brokers, etc (by applying all unethical means) to be much more valuable than the contributions of laborers. The state power governed in the name of democracy 'for the people by the people and of the people' also justifies the misdeeds of the businessmen-owners of capital to earn profits as much as they can. This is why, only businessmen have developed like anything during the sovereign rule in India and the working class people have been gradually decaying. Many of those parasite classes are criminals, rapists, anti-socials, anti-human or all these heinous games are performed at their patronage. If someone has experience of moving in the local trains in Jharkhand (from Barkakhana to Tatanagar, from Badampahar to Tatanagar, from Gomo to Tatanagar or Charadharpur), he/she can vividly see real Indian situation "how police men (who are supposed to protect the travelers) treat or behave (while collecting their petty tips say Re - 1 from those carrying leaves or tooth-brush-sticks to Rs. 50/100 from other vendors as per the quantity of goods they carry for trading in the town markets to earn incomes to maintain their bare minimum subsistence level of living) with the vendors (of vegetables, fruits, coal, firewood, log-wood, etc);  mostly women who performs such acts in connivance with railway personnel.  How the deserted women, small kids including girls are moving begging in these trains facing all odds from the criminals and the managers of Indian railways.

Besides, in each and every big railway station and/or its perephery, one can invariably find at least one mentally disordered woman (it may be a dozen in certain stations). Who has time to probe who are they? How they pursue such inhuman occupation? How to resolve their problems?  The managers of the Indian Society do job to earn monthly salary, they do not do service to the people. Otherwise such a situation would not be witnessed. How can justice be provided to all the citizens of India under such a situation. An ordinary people (having no political and economical power) has none to protect in the present environment predominantly grabbed by the capitalist culture of give and take or profit or loss (even if one does injustice to others an eye witness thinking in the eye of the capitalist class -what would I gain if I protect the victim), even our leasers proclaim "mera bharat mahan' (this is my great India).

Mere expressing anger through demonstrations, protest marches; etc would not solve the problem. For this one has to understand the root factors that are breeding to crop up such inhuman acts. Unless we can seal those factors, we can never achieve a safe social situation where each and every woman/man would live with dignity and justice. So long the laws of capitalism (exclusively meant for the promotion and protection of market and the capitalist class) would not be replaced by the social laws exclusively meant for the safeguard of the working humanity; such an ideal situation could never be achieved. 

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