Liberalization process is Inimical to Rural Development in India

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Liberalization process has been corroding the very vitals of our tradition-based (not solely dependent on market) socio-economic environment and cultural heritage and in its place it (liberalization process) has been planting the roots of the market-based moribund capitalist socio-economic environment and cultural legacy. If the former situations are incompatible to lead the society/nation towards modernity or towards a desired destiny of our nation, the later situations are suffocating, inhuman, torturous, degenerated and disgraceful leading the society towards ruination. Thousands of examples can be sited to justify the above statement. Take for example child labour and child marriage are the products of our tradition based social formation whereas child trafficking, child prostitution, child beggary, child rape etc are the products of the later type of social formation. Secondly, the former system had human face to some extent whereas the later is devoid of any human face. Thirdly, the former taught the lesions to unite the family members under joint family system whereas the later teaches man to be self-centred and selfish. Fourthly, former system never considered human beings (the creators of wealth of nations) as marketable commodity whereas later system does consider human beings as marketable commodity. Fifthly, the former system gave priority to producing goods and services for human consumption over market whereas the later system targets solely to produce goods and services for the market. Sixthly, the former system maintained some moral and ethical (of course religious) values in governing the family and society whereas the later system does not give any significance to such values. Last but not least, the former system gave birth to thousands of invaluable human beings (scientists, litterateurs, novelists, teachers, social reformers, philosophers, leaders, etc) who taught the general masses the lesson of sacrifice for the cause of nation, whereas, the later system produces salable professionals, technocrats, servants of the system and teaches them to be self-centric.
Now, it is you to judge whether you want a transformation of our tradition-based social formation to the so called modern, valueless and debouch market-oriented social formation or you would like to lead the nation towards a different destiny. …….the destiny of scientifically tested social formation under socialism… where the system would be replaced from market oriented (for the capitalist class, by the capitalist class and of the capitalist class) social formation to human-needs based social formation (that is for the working masses, by the working masses) under socialism……to achieve this goal the working masses need to be mobilized to wage a country-wide mass movement directed to abolish capitalism and transform it into socialism… Can the new PM Mr. Narendra Modi government lead the nation to such a desired destiny…??????

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