Libyan intelligence officials torture four converts from Islam to Christianity

There may be "no compulsion" in religion (Qur'an 2:256),
but does it say anything about there being "no torture"?
And isn't Libya on the UN Human Rights commission??

"Libya Tortures Four Christian Converts From Islam,"
from AINA, March 9:

WASHINGTON -- International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Libyan intelligence officials have detained and tortured four Christians for converting from Islam. The Christians have been imprisoned for the past seven weeks in Tripoli, Libya's capital.

Libya's External Security Organization is believed to be behind the detention and torture of the Christians, according to our sources. The security agents have barred the families from visiting the detained converts and are putting severe physical and psychological pressure on the Christians in order to force them to reveal the names of other converts.

By torturing the four Christian converts and stifling religious freedom, Libya is once again violating basic principles of the international human rights law.


Does the Koran really say "If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him." ?

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Comment by Yigal D. Kahana on March 24, 2009 at 11:46pm
Saudi clerics want women banned from TV, media

Tue Mar 24, 2:11 pm ET
RIYADH (AFP) – Hardline Saudi clerics have called on the government to ban women from appearing on television and to prohibit their images in print media, which they called a sign of growing "deviant thought."

In a letter to new Information Minister Abdul Aziz al-Khoja that appeared on websites this week, the 35 Islamic clerics also condemned the increase of music and dancing on television, as well as images of women in popular newspapers and magazines that they labelled "obscene."

"Our faith in you is great to carry out media reform, for we have seen how perversity is rooted in the ministry of information and culture, on television, radio, in the press, literary clubs, and book fairs," the letter said.

It cited an alleged plan to "westernise" Saudi women by "reducing their rights to a question of removing veils, wearing makeup and mixing with men."

It added that the ministry had permitted the import of "obscene newspapers and magazines that are filled with deviant thought and pictures of beautiful women on its covers and inside."

"There should be no Saudi woman on television, in any case," they said.

"There is no doubt that this is religiously impermissible."

The clerics, including justice officials and academics from a conservative Islamic university, cited several cabinet-endorsed orders and policies from years past which they said supported their argument.

They appeared to be challenging a growing push for liberalisation of tough restrictions on women, including near-mandatory use of black, full-face veils, which are rooted in its ultra-conservative Wahhabi version of Islam.

Both Saudi television and print media increasingly feature women, while Arabic-language magazines showing women in Western garb and makeup are also widely sold in the country.

The letter came in the wake of an information ministry-sponsored book fair in Riyadh in early March at which religious conservatives complained that men and women were allowed to mix freely, and that some books on sale violated Islamic principles.

The book fair was marred by the muttawam, or Islamic morality police, harassing a woman author promoting her book and trying to prevent men from obtaining her autograph.
Comment by OldBornlib on March 23, 2009 at 2:35am
Those, who claimed to be in jail in Libya because of their convert from Islam. We share the same believes and ideas. Actually we love all religions, God told us, in the holy Quran, to believe in him and in his prophets and in his holy books.

It should be mentioned that I deny, refuse and condemn any news which describe our leader, in a negative ways. Some news say that : Muammar Al-Qaddafi is behind their arrest, and that he doesn't like Christians. We , Libyans, know who Al-Qaddafi is. Al-qaddafi's ideas and philosophy is bigger than events like these. In Libya. We call him the leader. He is a revolutionary man. His ideas are brilliant. He is an open minded and against any kind of discrimination be it racial or even religious discrimination.

Al- Qaddafi is man who have a philosophy. He is a philosopher and thinker. We love Al-Qaddaf, and we have learned many things from him. He is a nice man. We love him. I deny any news that say he is behind the arrest of converted people from Islam. We know that he is a kind man. He respects all religions. We used to listen to his speeches and enjoy the things he talks about. We wish him well and may God bless him and his family. After all his philosophy and ideas are proved to be more wise than many world leaders and presidents who brought destruction to the world such as president Bush's ideas and philosophy.
As for my cousins, I do not know how they got involved and therefore were jailed.
I hope that they be released soon.


NewBorn Libyan
Comment by Yigal D. Kahana on March 13, 2009 at 12:48am
Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria and even carries the death penalty
in the 12 northern Muslim states which impose (what they call) Sharia law.
Comment by Yigal D. Kahana on March 12, 2009 at 7:58am
Re: a convert facing the death penalty in Afghanistan
RE: Iran passing a law establishing death penalty for converting to Christianity

According to Wikipedia - not a real source, but at least someplace to start really looking for info. that could be verified,
"Vigilantes have killed, beaten, and threatened converts in Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Somalia, and Kenya. In November 2005, Iranian convert Ghorban Tourani was stabbed to death by a group of fanatical Muslims. In December 2005, Nigerian pastor Zacheous Habu Bu Ngwenche was attacked for allegedly hiding a convert. In January 2006, in Turkey, Kamil Kiroglu was beaten unconscious and threatened with death if he refused to deny his Christian faith and return to Islam."

In Malaysia, although there has not been violence visited upon apostates, cases such as the Lina Joy episode confirm that Muslim apostasy is illegal and unaccepted by the state.

On April 18, 2007, two Turkish converts to Christianity, Necati Aydin and Uğur Yüksel, were killed in the Malatya bible publishing firm murders. Having tortured them for several hours, the attackers then slit their throats. The attackers stated that they did it in order to defend the state and their religion.

On March 21, 2006, the Algerian parliament approved a new law requiring imprisonment for two to five years and a fine between five and ten thousand euros for anyone "trying to call on a Muslim to embrace another religion." The same penalty applies to anyone who "stores or circulates publications or audio-visual or other means aiming at destabilizing attachment to Islam.

The Shabab of Somalia, the local branch office of the Muslim Brotherhood,
have also stated that they want this death penalty law and will enforce it if given a chance.

In April 2006, after a court case in Egypt recognized the Bahá'í Faith, members of the clergy convinced the government to appeal the court decision. One member of parliament, Gamal Akl of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, said the Bahá'ís were infidels who should be killed on the grounds that they had changed their religion.

And yet, as Wiki mentions the argument being made,
it is contradictory to say on one hand "There is no compulsion in religion (Qur'an [Qur'an 2:256])" and "Whosoever will, let him believe and whosoever will, let him disbelieve ([Qur'an 18:29])", and on the other to threaten to punish by death who renounces Islam and moves to reject Islam.

So those who commit these oppressions and murders are doing it for other reasons,
usually power or money or status or such,
and religion is only a pretext.
Comment by Stephanie Chase on March 12, 2009 at 3:45am
Hi Yigal.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Unfortunatly, my knowledge seems to be very limited on Islam (All I really know is that it is an Abrahamic religion, + has similarities to Judaism).
You seem to know a lot more than I do in this area.
Hopefully other Muslim members here on mepeace can give you a better answer.
My knowledge is also limited on Libya, but this is a great starting point for me to research more about the country! :)

But let me ask you this-- in the past, people who have converted to Christianity from Islam in Libya, have they been tortured?


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