Life on Earth
Within ten years, life on earth will be unimaginably different. Humanity at its present is reaching crisis after crisis as the threats of global warming, religious extremism, unchecked aggression, greed and the rest become more obvious and ominous everyday. The problems we face in today's world are unlike any that have been experienced throughout history, simply because the world today is faced with the startling realization that we are going to have to look at our survival and future as that of a single living organism. If global warming or any other cosmic threats manifest, the threat leaves out no one, we are all caught up in the same struggle. If waring "religious" interests and their respective nations clash and lead to nuclear war, they threaten life as we know it, for everyone on the planet. If America keeps its attitude of Mega-Capitalist McWal Nation, hell bent on fixing the worlds differences with bullets and bombs, we might as well help put up Big Brother posters. I could go on, but I'm sure you have ideas of your own.

The point is, that if we could ensure that we could avoid any of these or countless other scenarios, then we would be stupid not to. Imagine all of the scenarios that may unfold over the next 10-20 years with all of the different power struggles and change of governments and interests that could happen in a world run like ours is today.

Earth is already connected, technology has reached a point that one single event can occur and cause implications clear across the planet seconds or less later, whether positive or negative. We are an organism, connected in every way, we need to do what we can to survive as a species and as a planet...

This brings me to our real problem, If we really are in this struggle as one; as a species, as an organism, as known existence, we're just not healthy, and not fit to take on any real challenges that we may run into or run into us. People, for some reason just can't seem to get along, and therein lies an age old dilemma that threatens all of our futures.

It should be so obvious though! Truth and reason lead us to conclusions that when considered only briefly easily prove the illogicality of disputes over race, religion, sex, orany other differences; we are all the same. Not one person on this planet had anything to do with their coming into existence and not a single one remembers the event. Each and everyone of us has merely been living the life that we have chosen and that the fate of the time line has made for us. Shouldn't it be easier to forget that there are even barriers between us? There aren't! Homo sapiens are the one and only species found on earth blessed with consciousness and reason, if only we knew how to use it. If you realize the power of uniting as a species, for the good of all us and everyone's only home, the possibilities are endless.

If the power and the decision making was in the hands of the majority, as are the goals of true democracy and true communism, what couldn't be accomplished? If all of the developed nations in the world realized that war is obsolete and that they should redirect their efforts towards making peace and encouraging development, imagine the progress that could be made almost instantly. If America could stop worshiping the dollar and hating anything that could sound even slightly like communism, we would realize that humanity working together has the power to provide for all of us, while humanity in competition has proved to benefit only some and made true freedom and happiness hard to come by for anyone.


We are already an organism, the future poses a great edict for humanity, realize that we are all interdependent on each other and our planet, learn to love our brothers and sisters,and unite for the future of our species, or not and leave the power where it lies and see how the dice drop...

The choice is clear




also written 1 year ago+ when i was originally trying to explain to the world, and to an extent myself, what it was i was (and am) here to do with my life... you can see the site preserved as it was in its entirety @

"Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness"


The difference between love and hate is that when one lets love consume them, they will never lose the ability to be truly happy in any situation. Hate and a disposition towards negativity and closed-minded ness is the equal opposite and leads to the feelings of hopelessness, despair, insensitivity, and ignorance... As simply as logic can put it would be to say that "God is Love" and by God, i mean whatever you would mean had you said it yourself; the ultimate meaning behind life and the entire universe. Whether or not you believe god to exist somewhere (or everywhere), the power of love itself is worth worshiping.

This personal philosophy, once tapped into and more fully realized has the power to transform every aspect of your life in front of your eyes, and is evidenced by the long standing tradition of major religions across the world and across time teaching the importance of love as of supreme importance.

What we see though, is that throughout history the relationship between love and hate, god and ignorance has had a very complicated relationship. When people have decided to start a church at any point in the history of mankind, it has usually been because, they feel they have discovered the true nature of God and the Universe through their own or someone else's personal philosophy. The inate flaw in many of their systems though, was that the true power of love was never realized by most of the people that upheld these traditions, for love being equivilent to God, is infinite and unstopable, but church and tradition are innately flawed in that they preach separatism and exclusivity. How can God be truly realized when spiritual leaders teach that its not good enough to have reached God personally, and through your own experiences if it is not done the "right" way, which usually boils down to nothing less then promising your eternal soul to one side or the other. It seems to be an obvious flaw that unfortunatly is very hard to reverse, due to millennia of disagreement and tradition.

Whether you are an atheist, agnostic, christian, jew, muslim, hindu, buddhist, rastafari, or ________it is important to realize that we are all the same, as pieces in the great puzzle of existence, and whether we identify with chaos, God, Elohim, Allah, Jah, Yo, the Great Spirit, etc., there is not a single difference in what we are labeling, besides the labels. We are all trying to find our place in this universe and to discover the true purpose behind it all. It may be too obvious to even point out, but it is true to the utmost that the real purpose behind the universe always has been and always will be one and the same, a constant, just like existence itself. Isn't it obvious then, that the only differences between religions and groups of people are the names that they have given to the same all important concepts. If love can overcome and humans can learn to happily coexist, then we will be truly moving in the direction that our mother earth, and any god that may rule over existence has intended us to.

If we are truly to ensure our future and bring peace to our people, we need to learn what it really means to live, love, and unite.

from the original WUN page which is preserved as it originally was @
Standing up individually and proclaiming ourselves as above all designations, a human residing on planet earth and banding together under the flag of our planet and species is merely the next step in the ongoing struggle for personal freedom.

Imagine, if the globe were united by a network of individuals working together as equals, with an equal say in the way things happen in and on our only home, Earth. What could be accomplished? Our world today has so many problems; famine, war, hate, abuse of power and greed. What if we could change our attitude, by banding together and working hard, for everyone's benefit, to eliminate threats to our survival and build a happy civilization, ready to move into the future, what if?

"Live, Love, Unite"
a bit of inspired poetry that may eventually find itself in an updated musical arrangement(aka song) i wrote it a long time ago and have left it pretty much untouched...

Originally Posted April 18, 2007 2:39PM

by DC13

ignorance is the satan of our time
lack of love is the only true crime
for love and truth are both divine
Hear it
brothers, sisters, all mankind
our mother needs us now more then ever
Yet if all we seek is power and treasure
we may meet our end sooner then never
we’d help the only home we’ve ever known
had we taken our minds off worldly desires
long enough to not get burned by the fire
that has shone over existence so long
life as we know it
is not as carefree
when ignorace and avarice
reside on the throne
and purity and goodwill
are not as well known
life as you know it
will never change
now, but your wrong strange, bet you didn’t see this one coming
an army marching in time with the antiwar drumming

one mind, one soul, one final destination
isn’t it plain to see the key to our salvation
isn’t oil, war, power or our preocupation with
money, hate, ignorance, and mental isolation
our nations, populations, not to mention our piece of creation
are in jeopardy, disregared by civilization
when they’re all so ignorant and blind to see that
the next best step that we’re gonna live to be
is going to take a little cooperation between all human beings
peace love and respect to all of gods things
and if thats not something you can live with then i’ll never see what you mean
Our roots run deep in real-reality
Its not a question whether i’ll defend my humanity
when all the politalks have resorted to insanity

When problems come to solve
we’ve got the solution
i call it change
science calls it evolution
when push comes to shove
let them eat our revolution

future rests on a keystone
of the unknown
to fall into place
infront of our eyes
has brought the realize
ation to all of creation
that failure to adapt
equals obsoletation
sinking into quiksand is a real stinking feeling
did true democracy hit a fake glass ceiling
in this quote un quote America
that has turned into little more then controlled hysteria
well screw it, i’d say, evacuate the area
if there was anywhere else to go
but since i don’t got a rocket and i don’t got much dough
We need to find a better way to go
work together to make things right
love your brother your sister love your life
unite and shine with the glory of our race
work together and fix our mistakes
ensure a future
generation the chance of existing
i’m talking are you listening?
whats its gonna take for us to stop resisting
is a lot more freedom
a lot more say
a chance to stand up and say hey
i wanna make up my own mind
we know you thought you had it figured out but even diamonds start as coal
and even submission to the powers that be tends to get a little old
theres no room to budge when old thinking runs a new world
revolution evolution lets give it a nudge
more then a nudge how about a shock
reinvent the species and save the planet
work together, imagine, take stock
of what it really means to be one of our flock
the only known life in the whole vast universe
just like that we’re gonna let it work that
you wanted to stay strong and just say that nobody’s perfect

to say that nobody is perfect
is it really worth it
to say that nothing is perfect
is it really worth it
because there is something perfect
and its really worth it
wish i could say that i thought yall deserve it

once our planet it
blossomed with life
and now
our planet it
asks for a light
at the end of its tunnel

space hasn’t given a trace
of other life giving conditions
intergalactic place all up in your face
they always said the meek shall inherit the earth,
well i think its about time
lets shake the place up
time to take it back and show our mother what shes worth
as far as we know our fate belongs to us
this is the only time she’s ever made a stir the only show of disdain
we’ve been killing her for years and shes never complained
but i simply can’t see how suicide can be considered sane
in this or any situation especially over building the motivation
to build some cooperation, live, love, unite,
work to make it right
love your brother, your sister and
love your life
love your mother earth, and show her what shes worth
to our civilization and lives
its good vs evil and good can win this
with god as our witness
we can win this
live love unite
live love unite
live love unite
follow your heart and
make it right

some say revelation
others call it evolution
one piece of truth
one problem
one solution
you can call it change
or you can call it revolution

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