Losing and Winning in Life is an Internal Game of Linguistic Syntax Structure

What do I mean by internal game? The thinking we do, the feeling we entertain, and the syntax (string of words) we utter inwardly are all part of the internal game. The key factor to winning and or losing in life is the use of syntax. Syntax are string of words which form the basics of our language use. I am talking about the psychology of the use of language.

The notable Noam Chomsky, who has revolutionized the psychology of language, and describes human linguistic competence in terms of a formalized system. – Generative grammar – which allocates linguistic properties to the sounds and signs of language. Chomsky conceives the user of a language as having internalized such a grammar, and hence the rules by which that user forms and understands sentences, and neuro associates sound and semantics more generally.

What Chomsky is saying is that we as human beings have innate knowledge, a template for which anything you want to learn about is accessible. This knowledge is programmed into our biological system, though as Chomsky regards it as distinct mental faculty or organ in as far as the language faculty is concerned.

Chomsky’s conception of language led to voluminous philosophical literature of its own and presented us with a model for various other claims. Cognitive scientists postulate particular mental faculties, often known as modules, each with its own structure of rules and representations, and as such, we as thinking species have tacit knowledge of it, albeit unconscious.

This article is not meant to be academic in nature, so let us move on to our day-to-day use of language and its consequences. Understanding the consequences of your internal game, the use of your syntax, will determine if you are a loser or a winner, happy or depressed, healthy or diseased, poorer or richer. If you discover that some of the language you use is the language of a loser, it does not mean you are a loser, it just means that you have unconsciously habituated yourself, using self-defeating habits in your use of language that is preventing you to become your full potential, healthier, happier, and wealthier. Identifying the particular defeating habit of language can make huge positive impact in your life.

Please note that the unconscious use of language is a kind of bacterium that builds up in our nervous system. Whether your language use is internal or external, when not monitored, modulated, and structured to help you in the fulfilment and achievement of your dream goals, can leave you feeling alone and under threat.

ZiziWorld’s Company is the next leading edge in brain mind technology, and it is producing series of audio CDs carefully crafted with sound systems and syntax commands for total subconscious success programming, to help people in the fulfilment and achievement of their dream goals.

Empowering syntax of any language is truly an emotional language that is made up of string of words that have a greater intuition on people.

The impact that these words produce will leave you and others inspired, and empowered.

ZiziWorld Linguistic syntax commands can be used to build anticipations, accelerate the action in an idea, motivate, as well as attract others to support you lavishly following the path you love.

The first skill that you will discover in the audio CDs of ZiziWorld focuses on the empowerment language skills for it has the vocabulary of and use hot syntax (hot words) in perspective. ‘Hot words’ that are like subwoofer sound system, namely, turbo charged with emotions to synchronize with mental imagery of your dream goals, high resolution impact, clear and distinct, to help you achieve the healthier, happier, wealthier blessed life you deserve.

Bio: I am Andre Zizi. I am a philosophy graduate and a philosopher, trained in the educational Psychology. I am qualified teacher, success mentor, and the pioneer of the Dream Goal Achievement System (N.V.L.S.E)

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