On 18th of February, 2015 the CM of Jhardkhand Raghubar Das spoke in a meeting organized on the Pre-Budget discussion with experts...that he will plan this year budget in such a way where Agriculture, Industry and Information Technology will be given more emphasis...and all the people from all regions and communities would be linked with the development of the mission..wherein interests of all the people including the big business men, big and small farmers, big industrial houses, women, backward-dalits, minorities, youths, students, etc living in Jhardkhand would be taken care of...If we believe on the CM, then Jhardkhand would be like the heaven in this earth.. Has the CM any experience in creating such an environment through his own deeds in his family, community and in Tatanagar where he was born and brought up ??? Possibly not and never?? Then where-from he got such abilities to transform the state for the wel-being of all the communities living here... Is he claiming to bring such Ram Raj on the basis of the power he has been given by the state machinery indirectly controlled by the capitalist class???... Is Mr. Das completely ignorant of the prevalent corruption in all walks of social life including police and administration??? Possibly he has heard about this from his Minister colleague Mr. CP Singh who on 17th February in a meeting spoke publicly that All the persons in the administration starting from officer to Chaprasi (peon) takes bribe...and the Bicholia (middlemen/contractors) take out the benefits of development programmes in connivance with the people in the administration....Possibly hearing this, Mr. CM claimed that e-governance would end to corruption...Is he so ignorant about the fact that e-governance is also governed by men only... where from he will bring the honest men to control and regulate e-governance??? Will he not be Dependant on the same corrupt people in the run and manage e-governance...??? . Another important point to mention here, none of the experts in the meeting told how to generate employment for the unemployed youths... How many industries need to be set up to provide employment to the unemployed youths..provide free and compulsory quality education to all rural and poor children like those Privately managed schools like Don Bosco, St. Xavier's, Netarhat Govt. Schools, Model schools, Central Schools, etc..??? None stressed on assessing the number of idle manpower resources in the state ?? Assessing the incidence of poverty, migration, land-alienation, child labour, child malnutrition, trafficking of girls and women, etc...Is our CM so ignorant that agriculture development can not takes place without providing plenty of farm inputs to the farmers at cheaper rates and guaranteeing remunerative prices of the farm products ..How can he bring agriculture development in the state after withdrawing subsidy from farm inputs..and allowing the capitalist class to earn more profits from the sale of farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.?? .For that one most necessary precondition is making the provision for watering each plots of farm land ... Our CM was seen silent on these issues...... He talked with pride to provide vocational training to all the youths of the state and give employment in the industries.... as if our industries are sitting idle in want of trained vocational people.... The reality is that there is no demand of labour in any industry in the state... rather there is demand from the industrialists to retrench the existing labour powers for maximization of profits with limited production mainly by machine...In all the pre-budget speech of CM Mr. Das and his experts are for nothing (good for the common man) other than to sustain this moribund capitalistic framework of the state where the capitalists would be gainers and the workers-adivasis-farmers would be losers.. I appeal to all the welmeaning people of the state of jhardkhand that they must not be confused with the fascistic design of the ruling capitalist class managed by their parties like BJP and Congress.(main) and others (secondary) ....

Dear friends,
On last Tuesday i.e. 17.02.2015 Mahashivratri Festival was celebrated in various parts of Jhardkhand wherein Tribal boys and girls were seen taking part in worshiping Shib-lingas pouring milk on it and offering coconuts and sweets. This news was flashed by the media controlled by the Capitalist class in a big way. Similar role is also played by media in highlighting other Hindu, Muslim and Christian Festivals. But the media either ignore to highlight the news of tribal festivals or these are covered negligibly. Witnessing all these can’t one see the anti-tribal class character of the media??

Dear friends,
You may get irritated reading my notes written mostly from working class (wherein I consider tribal community as a part of working class) angle. We all know that games and sports are liked by all irrespective of class differences. But I saw the IPL cricket tournaments held in India in last few years as the game (actually gamble) of the capitalist class that serves their interest in two ways. Firstly, in earning more profits from their capital investment and secondly involving the youths of the country on a issue that has no connection with mitigating the real Indian problems like unemployment, poverty, inequality in distribution of income and wealth, social-disharmony, etc.

Recently concluded auctions of the cricket players in Bengalore city in India showed how the owners of the various Cricket teams had chosen their team members through auctions..In the Mandi of Cricket player selection, the capitalist class purchased 67 players; of them 44 were Indians and rest 23 were foreigners. In the auction, Yuvraj Singh (Indian cricket player) was sold at Rs.16 crores for playing about 15 games... i.e. his value was assessed more than Rs. 1 crore per game.. witnessing this one may think whether this is a game or gamble??? How a democratic form of government that claims to provide equity, justice, opportunities to its entire citizen uniformly, can tolerate such things to happen?? Why the leaders of our judiciary and legislature keep themselves mum on such issues... I am sure that they would certainly make a hue and cry on increase in the Minimum Wage rate of the casual labourers from the current rate of Rs. 160-180 to Rs. 500..per day and/or the farmers are provided interest-free loans, cheaper electricity and given subsidy on fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, diesels etc. but they are seen silent on the issue of increase in the package and facilities to the MPs and MLAs and also on providing tax concessions to the capitalist class for their business promotions...
My simple question to the youths belonging to working class and more specifically to the tribal and dalit youths .. Whether you will ponder over these grim realities while enjoy witnessing the IPL matches in TVs or in playgrounds???

Friends, Please read my comment that I wrote to respond Mr. Anand Xalxo jee’s note below and comment:
Anand Xalxo
February 16 at 11:47pm •
Was in my village for few days, amazed to know that tribals girls still being after muslims and diku's.
Why speak of awareness of identity amongst men, when own feminine part unable to know our own thought and identity.
Leave off.....
Our Society, Go To Hell, Who Cares!

My Comment:
Anand jee, Tribal girls enjoy more freedom in their families and society because tribal society is relatively a more free tribal society.(where there is almost absence of give and take culture of market based capitalist economy) ..there is no separate recognition of women's youthful expression or exhibition of sexual organs, like body structure, facial beauty, body colours, none-sensical sexual talks, etc...whereas these are valued by people in the market-based capitalist society having predominance of non-tribal population....who find that they can enjoy with the tribal girls (any way they like) spending much less money and taking least botheration from society for any untoward incident in course of enjoyments... compared to the girls of their own societies...One may notice that educated and semi-educated tribal girls (from all categories labouring class category to higher class category) are seen more prone to and influenced by the capitalist culture (in consuming sophisticated dresses, perfume, jewellery items, dining in good hotels, denting –painting of faces like facial, eye-brow plucking, removing body hairs, etc) than their male non-tribal market-cultured man can lure any tribal girl by offering jobs, offering enjoyable tours, offering ornaments, and any such materials or material comforts...the lured tribal girls being ignorant of their market values or the tricks therein are always subjected to all forms of exploitation (sometimes fatal)...this is a very dangerous and inhumane trend of the present day Indian capitalism...the poor innocent non-tribal male people fail to understand this heinous game of capitalism so they prefer to remain drunken all the time to keep them aloof from this bazaru-pachra.... Should the forerunners of Tilka Manjhi (Murmu), Birsa Munda, Sidho-Knhu allow the Capitalism to play with the dignity of young tribal girls/women ??? Should the enlightened section of tribal people not raise their demands for providing safety and security of their daughters /sisters and wives against the market forces (Capitalism) that allow anti-socials lure them to misuse ??

Dear friends,

Three-four days back our PM Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Rajnath Singh, and Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal met together in the “At Home Reception Party” organized by Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. B S Bassi (Ref.. Dainik Bhaskar Feb. 18, 2015). In the meeting they pretended that they are all friendly. They made conversation with each other like family members; as if they were the members of the same drama team and a few hours back they were fighting with each other like Kourav and Pandav in the drama named Mahavarata under the leadership of their Masters – the Capitalist class. What is your impression???

Dear friends, You all know about the long War between the Palestine and Israel ...very recently, thousands of Palestine people including the children were killed by the Israel defying the appeal of the peace loving world community... the peace loving people of the world are in favour of liberation of Palestine and its recognition as an independent nation....they all condemn the aggression policy of USA -imperialism empowered Israel... Instead of taking a strong stand against the aggressive and war-mongering policy of Israel, India is overtly and covertly supporting the Israel policies by inviting that nation to invest in defence sector (Ref-, Feb 19 2015).... Can such a step taken by our Minister be appreciated when our nation is renowned for upholding world peace, harmony, secularism, and non-violence of Gandhi jee..????.
Dosto Kandulna Saheb k niche likhe ek fb post par mera vichar pake samne prastut kar raha hu... aap ispar apna rai de..
Walter Kandulna‎Adivasi's And Indian Politics
February 19 at 10:38pm •
आदिवासी समाज-व्यवस्था कहाँ खड़ीं हैं?
1.आदिवासी समाज-व्यवस्था की विशेषताएं
1.1 सामुदायिकता की भावना; आदिवासियों में में एक साथ रहने, काम करने , नाचने-गाने की परंपरा है. आदिवासी व्यक्तिवादी नहीं थे. हाँ, अब शिक्षितों के बीच व्यक्तिवाद की भावना प्रबल होती जा रही है.
1.2. निर्णय सर्वसम्मति से लिए जाते हैं.
1.3. प्रतियोगिता की भावना कम सहयोग की भावना ज्यादा है.
1.4. इस समाज-व्यवस्था का कोई मौलिक-लिखित रूप नहीं है.
2.हम इसके साथ ही साथ भारतीय राज्य-व्यवस्था के भी अंग हैं. इसकी विशेषताएँ निम्न हैं.
2.1.एक लिखित संविधान है.
2.2.देश में उपलब्ध संसाधन और स्रोत प्रत्येक नागरिक के लिए खुले हैं. पिउन से लेकर प्रेसिडेंट तक का पद सबके लिए खुला है. शर्त सिर्फ एक है-उक्त पद के लिए क्या आप योग्य हैं?
2.3.चूँकि एक पद के लिए अनेक नागरिक योग्य हो सकते हैं इसलिए गला-काट प्रतियोगिता है.
2.4.प्रतियोगिता है तो आपसी टकराव अश्यम्भावी है. इस टकराव को दूर करने के लिए कुछ “rules of the game” नियत किये गए हैं. ये ही नियम और कानून कहलाते हैं........Contd...

My Comment:
Kandulna Saheb...Aapne hamara sambidhan me likha Statutory Laws aur Tribal Customary Laws ko achchi tarah se differentiate karne ka prayas kia hai... iske liye badhai...dono laws me kuchh - kuchh khubia hai aur kuch-kuch khamia v... Pahla khami to Hamara Constitution Bykti adharit Market-based Punjiwadi samaj babastha ka paksh-dhar hai...par iha khami Tribal society me nahi hai...dusra khami Punjiwadi babastha me majority -minority k adhar par decision leta hai ....agar aam admi ka vote koi-sare party me bivajit ho jate ... falswarup ek eisa party jo sare party se jyada sankhya me MLA/MP jita pate unki hi sarkar banti...jeisa ki 31% janta ka samarthan pakar hal me BJP ko absolute majority mila aur Raj-satta par kabja kia...Par adivasi samaj me sarba sammati se decision lia jata hai... aur apna gila sikwa ko khatam karke voj vat ka ayojan kia jata hai...Tisra khami hai Punjiwad bazar babastha ka pravaw vote politics par parta hai...punjipati log apna interest ko kayem rakhne k liye unke parties k madhyam se kale daho ka prayog karta aur aam admio ko (bicholio k jariye) aur sath sath media aur administration ko v cricket me match-fixing k jeisa paise k bal par apne paksh me lane ka prayas karte ya pravawit karte hai ... par apna Gaon ya Pargana me adivasi apna system ka pahredar netao ko chunne k liye eisa katai nahi karte... Choutha...Punjiwadi log paise k bal par lobby karte hai aur yen-ken-prakarena system k savi tabke k logo ko Pravawit karne ka pryas karte hai.. iha lobby punjiwadi class interest ko rakhshya karne ka manan samaj me dalte hai....jisse garib ghar ka bacche v amirio ka bichar lekar unhi ki party ko support kar sake...Adivasi samaj k neta nirnay karne k pahle paisa kharch karke eisa lobby karne ka koi jarurat nahi parta keo ki iss babastha me lut tantra nahi hai..Iss punjiwadi tantra me sare k sare responsible log punjiwadi vested class interest se bandhe huye hai...system k koi ek khambha charmaraye to dusra khambha turant usko bachane k liye aa khara hota hai...Bihar me hal me huye political game par aap agar gour kare to payenge ki ...kis tarah judiciary ex-CM Jitanram Majhi ko apna decisions (jo ek-do chhorkar sare decisions jan-hit yani ki punjiwad k khilaf tha) ko amal karne se rok dia...aur ant me unko hatne k liye majbur hona para...isse pata chalta hai ki moujuda Punjiwadi babastha k savi stambh including press-media punjiwadi class interests ko serve karne me ek dusre ko madad karte hai ya savi ek hi sangatha k log hai... to souchiye ... agar koi sambidhan ka koi anuchhed ko base banakar iss rajsatta me Jitanram Manji jeisa CM ban v jai to kya iha system adivasi-dalit majdur-kisano ka vala karne k uddeshya se koi sahi decision (jisse punjpatio ka bazar babasth ko ahat hone ka gunjaish hoga) lene dega.. katai nahi...udaharan k tour par kya eise CM garib-kisan hit me subsidy me 2 rupaiye k dar se anaj nahi dekar 2 rupaiye k dar se fertilizer-pesticide dega??? har khet ko pani dega??? FCI ka godown me sar-rahe anajo ko garibo me fee distribute kar sakeega??? eisa isliye nahi kar sakega keoki isse bazar babastha charmara jane tatha punjipatio ko ghata hone ki gunjaish hai... Punjiwad eise jan-hit kadamo ko bardast katai nahi kar sakta......... tab iha garib-gurway ka hit sadhne ka kam keise hoga..????. iske liye jaruri hai aam garib-majdur-adivasi-dalit- kisan janta ka ek alag rajniti aur sangathan,,,jo kewal aam majdur-garib-kisano k chanda par chalega... punjipatio ka chanda par nahi...fir iha sangathan jan andolan khara karke alternative political power ka janm dega jo power bartaman power structure ko kranti k jariye replace karke ek naya tantra khara karega.... jaha par sasan to rahega par sosan nahi ... ise kahte hai... Samajwad...Adivasi samaj k bahut sare niyam Samajwad k sath milta hai... par iha samajwad jeisa nahi hai aur na ho sakta...ise aur unnat banane k liye adivasi samaj ko kisan-majduro k sath andolan me sarik hona hoga...Adivasi samaj k customary laws me jo khamia hai useme aham hai ki iha v gair-barabari ko manyata apne samudai me sampanna ya dhani bykti hote ya jo chalak hote aur sabhi bato ko katkar apna vichar nipunta se rakh pate unka hi bat ko log jyada mante....fir isme decision making me women k particiation nahi hota...isme samaj ko rakhsha karne k koi concrete step lene ka pravdhan nahi hota...daru, jua, adi par koi nishedh nahi hota...parai likhai par koi samajik nirnay nahi hota...punjiwadi gandagi sankriti ka sikar se bachne ka koi upai nahi hai.. adi adi.. ...... Ant me iha kahunga ki... adivasi vikas ka rasta punjiwad katai nahi ho sakta...adivasio k man me punjiwadi tikrami (2 ko char karne wali ya jhut ko sach bolne wali) niam kabhi v dala nahi ja sakta....... walki iha rasta hai Samajwad... atah adivasi samaj ko samajwadi banane k liye Marxwad (scientifically verified truths k adhar par byktigat ya samuhik nirnay lene ka science) k dikhaye rah par jan-andolan khara karna hai... Adivasi apna existance apne larai k bal-par bachane me katai saksham nahi hoga...iske liye unhe savi community k sosit shramik-garib kisano ko sath me lekar hi punjiwad birodhi samajwadi andolan me kudne ki jarurat hai....S

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