Friends, I gave this following answer to the FB note of Mr. Walter Kandulna.. Please also comment on my answer..
Walter Kandulna
23 hrs
नशा (एडिक्शन)
Addiction चाहे किसी भी चीज़ का ही क्यों ना हो जैसे ड्रिंक, फेसबुक, राजनीति आदि,
आपका सम्बन्ध सबसे पहले अपने सबसे नजदीकियों जैसे भाई,बहनों,मित्रों, परिवार वालों से टूट जाता है..
My Answer:
Kandulna Saheb, I do not agree with you when u mix up the habit of one's doing politics and writing face-book comments/notes writings, etc with addicted habits...this very word "Addiction" is termed in a negative sense particularly to denote some commonly recognized bad habits of a man like drinking alcohol , smoking churut/ cigarette, ganja, opium, smuggling, watching blue-films, etc....politics can never be coincided with addiction...However, there are two types of politics one is for sustaining the exploitative rules of a given system and gain personal benefits/profits,comforts, etc and another is for ending the exploitative rules of a given system ......both types of politics can not be measured in a same measurement.... otherwise we would fail to differentiate politics between traitors and revolutionaries......we never call the Indian revolutionaries like Tilka Manjhi, Birsa Munda, Khudiram, Bhagat Singh, Subhas Bose, Asfakulla, etc as addicted persons for their political actions and sacrifices far as getting away from one's own relatives is concerned, it is true in all cases when someone devote serving the community interest assigning little or no recognition to personal necessities...Otherwise all men would remain fully busy in meeting their wife,children and parent's needs and the society would be run by single despotic ruler in all ages to come and/or humans' endeavours for newer and newer human inventions would cease to work...
On Fulgence Ekka saheb's comment on your note that " Walter Kandulna Ji, the ego for their so-called knowledge is the greatest ignorance. Where there is knowledge there is love and Compassion, not ego" I would simply say that in a class divided society, there are two trends of knowledge/thought that emanate from the ongoing socio-economic and political movement of a given system in a given time trend emanates from the ruling class that helps the rulers to sustain their exploitative rules ..and/or teaches people to "oil one's own wheels" (or do and die for meeting their own ends) and other trend is do and die fighting against all socio-economic and political evils and/or for discovering truth and devoting to put an end to the despotic rule by sacrificing one's own men and materials....if one fails to make oneness in their day-to-day personal living efforts among the near and dear ones especially with wife and children, then there is every possibility of disintegration in the family..struggle for accepting one single class (either ruling class or exploited class) approach to all family problems would cement the relations among the near and dear ones and make it sweeter..otherwise just opposite will happen....if one fails to identify the nature of the basis contradictions within the family (especially between husband and wife) with class approach or ignore it or fails to resolve it ...then one day or other the dominant class approach either by husband or by wife will prevail ... divorce between husband and wife takes place basically on the issue of class one should know that love/affection is also not above class ...if one continues loving a person or person's qualities of his/her opposite class character, then in the long run he/she is bound to get transformed into his/her character to opposite to hi/her once most liking class interests.....Dishearteningly, most of the so called enlightened tribal people or people from among the poorer sections of our society are loosing their class character and getting identified and/or assimilated into the ruling ruling class character... this is going against the tribal interest and it is most regrettable ... .
Friends, I repeatedly wrote on FB that the give and take culture and ticklish market environment propagated by Capitalism never suits to the Tribal people of the country, who uphold community culture and ethos in all walks of their lives....this is why where there is market development (on which our leaders give emphasis) the tribals wither away or get vanished...this one can witness in every cities and towns in the tribal dominated states of India..What is your observation??

Friends, To me Capitalism does not imply simply a production relation it is far beyond that....It has its ideology, philosophy, psychology, chemistry, etc; in short it has a complete package of practices to govern the material and spiritual environment or domain of the entire human beings governed under it...with this, it is constantly engaged in inventing newer and newer tricks, ideas and principles for disintegrating the unity of minds of the working populations with the ulterior motives of sustaining its despotic regime to serve the masters of the system i.e. the capitalist-imperialist class...What do you think ..???

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