Medics on the Move for Peace and Diplomacy

The last year of the decade had just started.  Times were tough, the worst recession In decades had set in with a vengeance.  Around the world people were getting antsy. Issues once settled with diplomacy and human decency were being resolved with guns,   dynamite, and planes turned missile.   

Whether by intent, design or inadvertently, the media elevates the extremes, the hostility, the bombs.A bomb would go off in Islamabad, maybe a few hundred dollars in dynamite,  an old car an angry man.  CNN, Fox New, Reuters, The New York Times would pick it up – millions of dollars worth of headline news, given free.  The terrorists did not need to invest in PR, and marketing firms. They had it and they had it globally.

 The explosive language of the far rights and the far lefts were being elevated on Fox and CNN. 
Our media once the platform for pure and professional journalism had become the platform the sounding board for people with strong agendas.  The people doing wonderful things around the globe were going largely unnoticed.  We started a little news service online to change this. 

Resumes were coming in, people were capturing the vision, there was a sense of excitement and purpose.  The global interest was intense.  In two weeks we had outgrown the internet boundaries
and we had to shut the news service down, waiting for the right person to come along with the savy to rebuild.

On Jan. 11th 2010 I had received a resume from Todd Jaynes in Idaho.  The man had a life time of paramedic skills, in training , in helicopter rescue flight.  I called him up, dusted off a decade old plan, conceived when the big flood hit Mozambique and the world response was zilch, zero, non existent for almost two weeks.  And we explored how we could move search and rescue paramedics to any part of the would fast, light, short duration.   16 hours after our first call we were on the phone discussing details and plans when the news came through of a 7.0 earthquake hitting the heart of Haiti. 

Since then disasters have intensified in frequency and magnitude.  The flood in Pakistan eclipsed the devastation in Mozambique a decade earlier.  Our plans had to accelerate and  take on new dimensions if we were to meet any of the current needs.   As we were developing our venues the Aerospace community heard of our organization.  4 teams of aeronautic engineers flew across the country to meet with me to discuss a suite of surgeries aboard a 747.

 Could we work to secure a safer saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of diplomacy and the heart of compassion

Our first paramedic teams are ready to move, our Care Convoy under the leadership of Todd Jaynes has delivered $76,000 of rescue equipment to Mexico at a cost of $2,500 with another $100,000 in equipment ready to move  to Central America.

The time is urgent.  We need your help.  The cost is big the cost of doing nothing bigger. Join us, work with us be a part of a legacy we can pass on to the next generation.  May it be said of our generation
“they cared”.

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