MEPEACE Volunteer Chat - 20 June - Meeting Minutes

Thanks to our fellow peacemaker, Matt Gordner, who generously took notes, we're proud to publish the minutes of last night's productive Volunteer Chat, in which we again tackled specific aspects of's transformation. Feedback welcome!

Sunday, June 20, 2010, 21:30 – 22:30.

MEpeace Volunteer Meeting

***Clara Singer will lead the area ‘inform,’ including documentation, calendar maintenance, resources provision, and other forms of information. Once Oliver and Clara discuss, the ball will start rolling.

***Clara will Matt Gordner and Narda Azaria Dalgeish about assisting in this area.

***Matt and Eyal Raviv will be meeting to discuss sustain and will report back.

***Eyal volunteered to help with the ‘Links team’. Clara invites all to assist once she meets with Oliver.

***Clara has set up a googlegroups site for ‘inform’ so anyone interested is invited to email her (

***Those who take responsibility in one of these teams are automatically part of the Steering Committee.

***Waleed Hammad (waleedpeace@gmail) is leading ‘inspire,’ including Facebook, languages, events, media, and special projects. Basil Keilani will offer assistance and counsel where and when possible.

***As a general point, ‘inspire’ needs to be developed in order to cultivate a stronger community of volunteers. In particular, the facebook and Arabic areas should be given primacy. With more volunteers MEpeace will be able to develop full teams (4 or 5 people) who can then begin the transformation.

***Events, media, and special events are things that follow from facebook and language appeal.

***Oliver will first talk to Clara, and then Waleed. Oliver and Waleed will talk Monday the 28th of June at 20:00 Hebron time.

***A concern was raised regarding the overlap of areas and how it will be possible to collaborate on projects that crisscross. But when all areas and teams are manned it shouldn’t be a problem to open lines of communication between the areas. The divide is meant to divvy out responsibilities, so flexibility will be a must to some extent, yet majority responsibility will fall on the Steering Committee to decide and allocate responsibility in addition to Sunday meetings.

***Narine Melikyan has volunteered to support multimedia and promotion.

***All areas will have support from the Volunteer Coordinator, Oliver and Eyal.

***Inform: Eyal suggests that working on documentation as a first step, but he defers to Clara for oversight and trusts her vision.

***Book recommendations need to go in the ‘Links’ page.

***Summary: ‘inspire’ and ‘inform’ will be the first areas to be developed.

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Comment by Linda Feldman on June 21, 2010 at 5:24pm
Thanks, Matt, for taking on the task of preparing a set of minutes to the Volunteer Chat meeting yesterday. Your energy and speediness in completing the task are much appreciated.
I would like to suggest a couple of minor revisions:
1. Once Clara and Oliver discuss, the ball will start rolling--> Once Clara and Oliver have conferred, the area will begin its activities
2. Clara Singer will Matt Gordner and Narda Dalgleish-->Clar Singer will contact Matt Gordner . . . . (For the record, Narda Azaria Dalgleish had already been contacted)
3. If my memory is correct, Eyal expressed an interest in attending the meeting Oliver and I have scheduled. (Please correct me if I am wrong).
4. The meaning of the sentence "The divide is meant to divvy out . . ." is unclear and at one point paradoxical.Something cannot be "a must to some extent." Please clarify.
5. We should capitalize the area names "Inform" and "Inspire" since they are being used as proper nouns.
Comment by Waleed Hammad on June 21, 2010 at 4:48pm
Transformation of mepeace is a great project that requires hard work from leaders and their assisstants. I hope that it moves well. Good luck and all the best to our website.
Comment by Oliver Haack on June 21, 2010 at 3:07pm
No problem, Tanya.. Waleed was a fantastic moderator. Hope to see you in the next Chat Workshop and/or Online Peace Talks.
Comment by Tanya Kasim on June 21, 2010 at 1:31pm
Hi, Oliver. How are you? I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend last night's Online Peace Talks. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday. I'll attend next Sunday's talks, inshallah. :-)


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