Two young boys, brothers, were playing in the forest by a river and were having a lot of fun.

When they were getting ready to go back home, they saw down the path an old man coming toward the river.

"Let's hide," said the younger brother, "and maybe we can have some fun with that old man."

So they hid behind a bush and watched as the old man arrived at the river. The old man took off his shoes, and then walked into the river to wade and splash. He thought he was alone.

"Look at his shoes he left by the bank," said the younger brother. "Let's steal the shoes. And then we can watch, and when he comes out of the river and finds them missing, won't it be so fun to see the look on his face!"

The older brother then spoke. "I have a better idea. I have these two small coins. Let's put a coin in each of his shoes without him noticing. Then we can see what look he has on his face when he finds the coins!"

The younger brother agreed and that is what the two brothers did.

You can imagine the scene of when the old man came out of the river and found the small gift in not one, but both, of his shoes. He would not know where they came from . . . but can you imagine the look on his face?

I remember this story all the time. I try to think carefully about how I treat people, and imagine the look I am going to see on their face when I am done with them. Will their face fall? Will they doubt themselves? Will they fear me? Will their face be full of pain or grief?

This must not be. I can not, if at all possible, be the source of such a look on another human being's face.

I'm certainly not a perfect person, and I make plenty of mistakes, but I do try to leave gifts, sometimes quiet or hidden ones, in the way I treat any other of my Father in heaven's children. I try to leave the coin of listening, the coin of forgiveness, the coin of a pat on the back, the coin of understanding, the coin of encouragement, the coin of the benefit of the doubt . . . and similar. And I love the looks I see on their faces! There is nothing better, no better feeling inside of myself! It is the truest, best fun!

I want you to know that I value the connections I make here on Everyone has a story about where they come from, where they are at, and where they are going. Each of these stories is important to me, and I give the love of my heart to you as another human being on this planet we are sharing.

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