My friend from Gaza speaks about Qassams, life during the war and his feelings

I have some friends in Gaza and I didnt have any information about most of them.Usoually their phone didn´t work nor they came online on msn messenger.I managed to meet one of my good friends online (thanks God he is OK) and asked him about life in Gaza.After that I asked him whether I can publish it and he agreed.It may sound harshly sometimes but it is an opinion and feelings of a common inhabitant of Gaza.Here is our conversation (we talked approximately month ago):

"Salam alaykum brother."

Abdallah: "Waalikom salam sister.How are you?"

"Alhamdulillah I see you online.Just finished exams. How is the situation now?"

Abdallah: "May Allah swt grant you succes.Ameen. The last 2 days were the most hard.Today is a little quiter.But who knows what Israel plan.They litteraly wiped cities and hundred of buildings,destroyed many families,some families lost all their members,their houses and every things.It is really crazy.Israel does every day more war crimes and the world is still watching."

"This is terrible,I can´t imagine being there.But insha Allah,after it ends,Gaza will be rebuilded."

Abdallah: "The cities on the borders,on north and east got the hardest attacs and bombs.I am not talking about buildings,sister.Well,it is important,but it could be rebuilt,but the fear that this left,in kids hearts,in women hearts and every men hearts.

"Exactly brother."

Abdallah: "It is not fear only,it is being ignored by the world,we are all dissapointed,we feel we are alone.The world is not caring about our lives.We are so sad and angry that no one talk about israeli crimes.And what is sad too,more than 1000,including kids,lost their legs or arms or can´t move at all.It destroyed their future.They will feel helpless and they need so much care.

"I don´t think that the world it that quiet,but what can they do? In Europe (my country for exemple),people demonstrate and collect money for Gaza."

Abdallah: "To be honest,I am so dissapointed from Czech talks about the situation here.They said,that Israel defend itself.This is so funny.

"Well even the European politicians were shocked.."

Abdallah: "Killing more than 1000 and wounded more than 5000 is defending? "

"I don´t understand,why was Hamas firing the rockets and provoking them?"

Abdallah: "Well in their opinions this is fighting.But to be honest,its so nothing.Israel used it against us-as we are an army and a threat to this world,Israel made them look like nuclear rockets,like they threat every Israeli.But this is really so not true.It is silly and small rockets.

"They are not hurting Israel,they are just giving them reason for killing the Palestinians,it is like the foolish Hamasi rockets are serving to "Israel."

Abdallah: "True."

"I doubt that the Israeli leaders care about children in Sderot."

Abdallah: "They don´t really.And they know more than anyone that Hamas isn´t a threat to them.But they love to kill us,to see our blood,to watch us in pain and suffer.Plus it´s election time.Everyone, who want to win,want to kill many Palestinians,because this is the way for succes in elections.To win,you have to kill many Palestinians and to show no mercy with them.Israel did many massacres against us from 1948,and the world neved judge them,just like now,it´s really sick."

"I don´t think that most Israelis are like this.But they are persuaded that Hamas IS a threat to them,wants to murder them and wipe them out...and for sure Israelis will vote those who " will destroy Hamas and show the ability to defend the country".

Abdallah: "Yes".

"Brother,is it true that Hamasi soldiers are hiding among civilians and using schools and mosques to store weapons (this is what our media say)?"

Abdallah: "They are not hiding among civilians.The point is,that we are an overcrowded area,the highest population compared to area.Everywhere you go,there will be people.We don´t have mountains for those fighters to stay in."

"But what about the guns in schools and mosques?"

Abdallah: "I don´t think there are guns in schools.This is a lie.I was teaching in a school.There is no guns,no Hamas members at all.By the way,UN schools are guarded with UN workers,they stay day and night,and they allow no one to enter.So this is a lie too.But even if it is true,if you want a killer who is hiding in a building full of civilians,does this give you the right to destroy the building over the heads of everyone?"

"I believe that it´s a lie."

Abdallah: "Yes it is.And as I asked sister,even if it´s true,this doesn´t give them the right to kill all those kids.More than 60% from those who died are kids and women.It is such big rate.They use huge bombs in areas full of population.When they hit a house,it destroys many houses at once,not only one.They throw bombs,which weight ton,and 2 tons.Wallahi it looks like an earthquaqe,where they hit with it.It´s so big destruction,plus now they use phosphoric bombs,they burn many families and houses.I think it´s internationally illegal,as a weapon.They hit UN headquarters."

"Yes,it is illegal!"

Abdallah:" They hit hospitals,they did many mistakes,which are more than a war crime."

"I wonder if the Israelis realise how great hatred they are creating against themselves in the whole world."

Abdallah:"Yes,me too.But it looks like they don´t care about anyone.They are using computer programs,to make fake films and pictures,sick."

"But...try to think who is benefiting from this conflict?"

Abdallah:"I think Israel.What do you think?"

"I heard that the oil prices have risen a lot during the conflict.I don´t think this will benefit Israel (the people),they are just making terrible hatred towards Jews and wiping out hopes for peace-which I think most Israelis want."

Abdallah."But they will not stop untill a big agreement is written,which will tie us.No more weapons here and we will loose our right to fight the occupation.And life in Gaza before this war,we were living in a prison.No one could go out or come in,no goods,few gas and fuel enter,few food,cutting electricity and many things.You know that people couldn´t do hajj from here this year.Many patients died here because they couldn´t go out for medication.Many students lost their study visas and many other troubles.The lie that Israel keep saying that they left Gaza in 2005,and it was free.This is a big lie.Because they continue control all borders around Gaza.So it was never free.While I talk to you,they threw a tank bomb on a house,in a close city to us,killed mother and her 5 kids."

"May Allah accept them as martyrs in jannah.Ameen."

Abdullah: "Insha Allah.Ameen."

"Brother,why was Hamas giving them the weapon all the time by firing the rockets?This is so foolish.Sorry it looks foolish from outside,I know just what I watch on TV or read in the news."

Abdallah:" When you put a prisoner in a prison and don´t give him his rights and his needs,you have to expect the prisoner to shout at you,or to throw anything toward you.The rockets is a shout for change,for attention.As I said,I don´t think it affected Israel or threat them,that´s why they go on in their crazy attacks and crimes."

"No,it´s just benefited them.I mean their goverment,not the people."

Abdallah:"You mean Hamas goverment?"

"No,Israeli goverment.Why Hamas?"

Abdallah."Yes,it benefits them.You know sister,in some way,our choices are limited."

The connection was lost here..

Abdallah came back online after while,thanks God he was fine.He said,that another 2 people were killed.It was 8 people dead in only an hour.He also said,that nowhere in Gaza was safe.Some people sleep in schools.Some people couldn´t have slept for 3 weeks...

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