Hi Everyone,

I write this letter to you in the hope that you will read and it and let it\'s words sink deep into your heart:

We NEED to find SOMEONE out there who can help out a friend with $10 a month and some long-distance healing.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to to hear that Please Help Missing Children (PHMC, is in danger of not being able to continue operations. Furthermore, the site creator, is suffering some severe health difficulties which I believe could be alleviated by those with abilities in long-distance healing.

This should be a testament to the spirit behind this site that its creator is going through such difficulties and struggles for no other reason than just to help others.

Is there ANYONE out there who can help in either or both of these areas ?

I know you might just think, *Well, if you care so much, why don\'t YOU just do it ?*

Well, all I can say is that I WOULD, if I COULD. Unfortunately, I have no more funds left to contribute - what I have been able to spare has already been committed to other sites.

I KNOW there must be SOMEONE out there, for whom $10 a month would be a \"fleabite\" and I am willing to do anything I can in return to help make this possible. There are a number of things I can offer to assist with - in the areas of ning programming, multiple blogging system etc, If there is ANYTHING I can do for you in return for helping Kathryn, please just ask and it will be done.

If anyone can assist Kathryn and PHMC, I would ask that you please contact Kathryn at PHMC or myself at

With Infinite Love, Peace and Joy,


ps for other site creators who are struggling - please do not shut down your sites YET! - this news from Ning is not DEFINITE YET. Please hold onto your faith and perhaps, just PERHAPS, we may yet get through this.

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