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Yesterday ( (September 6,  2014), you have heard our PM’s election campaign speech at Faridabad Haryana. His speech sounds good but that is simply to woo the masses to vote in favour of BJP. The contents of his speech were very much superfluous and almost irrelevant. He blamed Congressman and not the liberalization policy adopted by the Congress party (that took this policy in view of giving a fresh lease of life to our moribund capitalist system or in favour of the elite /capitalist class people).  Our PM once admits (in his Independence Day Speech on 15th August 2014 at Lalkella) that in developing this capitalist system all the previous PM (Mostly Congressmen) contributed significantly. Again he says that Congress is solely responsible for the ruination of India especially for the suicidal situations for the farmers and collapse of the industrial estates in the country (like that of Faridabad) where the unemployed youths used to get anytime ready made employment; but now the employed youths are losing their jobs and returning their homes.  Are the Congressmen alone responsible for this?? In fact, this ruination has its roots in anti-people globalization policies of the Congress and it was the adverse impact of the initial phase of their (Congress) globalization policy. I am sure that our PM is intelligent enough to understand that he is sitting and sailing the same boat after capturing it from Congress through applying tricks in the vote game. May I ask our PM – whether has he has any different policy than that of Congress applying which he claims to ensure a shining India where each working hand would be provided with sustainable livelihood and water for irrigation to each farm field in the country by establishing corruption free and fair governance?? The PM in his yesterday’s election speech openly announced how Congressmen had or has been mis-used/misusing power along with their kiths and kins. My simple question to our PM - Can such misuse be possible without connivance with a corrupt system of governance which is run and managed to favour the Indian capitalist class? Can our PM take any step in transforming the pro-capitalist policies into socialist policies by taking harsh actions against the corrupt practices of Indian capitalist class- who are behind the scene and are the ring leaders of all socio-economic and political vices in the country??? Possibly no! Never!! He can never dare to do such a great mistake. If he cannot do so then there is every reason to believe that what our PM is speaking is nothing other than to mobilize the working Indian populations to get bondage under the trap of the exploitative capitalist system overtly or covertly run and managed by the capitalist class and their leaders like our present PM and ex-PMs. Our present PM has openly acknowledged that he belongs to business community and BUSINESS is in his blood. Mr.PM openly proclaimed that Indian fame and name was dormant and dumped during the Congress Regime. And with the coming of BJP in power Indian Name and Fame is highlighted in outside world like Japan, America, Brazil, etc. My simple question to our PM – whether India’s name and fame is floating overseas among the working masses or among the capitalist-multinationals who are visualizing prospects on our PM’s assurances of providing them all kinds of opportunities to set up their business and exploit the productive forces (man and materials)available in India. The NRIs and other Indian emigrants look aspirant hoping that if the companies /institutions they are serving remaining far away from their homelands come to their country (India), they would get jobs in India itself.


Here there are two big but simple questions to be answered by all of us. Whether our PM’s “Make in India” campaign comply with the attainment of India’s self-reliance as visualized by Mahatma Gandhi.  Whether sacrifices of  Indian freedom fighters to over-through the business establishments of the then East India Company and foil the alien  ruler’s policy that allowed  foreign goods and capital to invade  India carry any sense or whether their (freedom fighters) roles be deleted from the Indian history???


 Many people among us are still confused in understanding the game plan of our PM. They still believe that Congress – main player of corruption has gone so corruption is gone from public scene. They also believe that our PM’s steps towards administrative reforms (punctuality in duties, safai aviyan, etc) would make the system corruption free. The system that has been designed by the then ruling classes is not meant for serving the masses but for exploiting the masses. How then the system would work differently now in the hands of our present PM. Our past PM has experimented tightening this governance under EMERGENCY. Did she able to rectify it???


There is no reason to believe that if everything goes well as per the plan of our PM team and his associates (Capitalist class) in implementing the blueprint of globalization originally designed and planned by the Congressmen, then entire working populations engaged in the traditional establishments (panwala, khomchawaja, thelawal, all types of petty vendors, small businessmen/industrialists, unskilled labourers, etc)  would lose their livelihood support system for ever and India would Shine in the sky with dark shadows in its heart and soul.


Let us awake, unite and act consciously before we witness anything big upheavals against the working humanity that would make us cripple to act as mere spectators.  


Dear Facebook Friend,

You all might have heard yesterday’s (September 7,  2014) election campaign speeches of our (Indian)  PM delivered at four different places in Maharastra. I had the opportunity to hear his first speech (through TV) delivered at Sinkheda. After hearing him, I got the impression that our PM is indeed top among the super grade politicians that we got during the post-independence era who can pretend to be for the people to serve the interests of capitalism (economic functions following capitalist mode of production, distribution and consumption). Our PM’s speech is mixed with some logic and emotions. The logics are sharp enough to confuse the ignorant and illiterate masses against the incumbent non-BJP state Governments may be it Congress or any other.

PM started his yesterday’s speech with these words – “ Normally in election campaign, politicians commit or promise very high and lofty mainly to lure and deceive the masses but they never keep their promises because they are liars, cheaters and bluffers, I am not among them. He said I am committed to keep my promise. I am your servant. I am committed to serve you as Pradhan Sevak and not as PM (Our PM often expresses himself as a Pradhan Sevak and not as a PM. This may be his wish but in reality he is a PM the manager of a state machinery or estate owned by the capitalist class. If he really wants to change his designation from PM to PS -Pradhan Sevak, then why he does not move it through initiating debate in Parliament. He also claims to be one among the Chai –tea selling hawkers. In fact these are his style to impress the common people to vote for BJP and thereby serve the masters -capitalist class).

He proclaimed that congress has deceived the people of Maharasta on all accounts. Congress never bothered to be accountable to the common masses. He promised that he and his party is committed to be accountable and will display everything that he would do in his five years  ruling period. He also lured the Maharastiyans saying that “I have been consuming your onions (as vegetable) and cotton (closes) products throughout my life. I have come here to pay you back once you vote BJP to come to power. How cleverish statements are all these?? But for what??? Just to appease the masses to collect vote in vavour of  BJP and capture power in the state and to serve the capitalism and capitalist class. What a great player our PM is?


He raised several vital issues in his speech such as unemployment, price rise, dearth of irrigation, electricity problems, education/health problems, social insecurity, adibasi problems, suicide of farmers, etc. He in his own style put those issues one by one before the audience and asked whether he is telling the fact or not?  Whether Congress is responsible for all those problems or not? If the response from the masses is poor then he would repeat it twice or thrice applying more spices to woo the masses. Lastly he blamed the 15 years Congress rule for all those problems.   He blamed the congressmen as liars, corrupts, beimans (shameless). He asked the audiences to vote for BJP to put an end to the Congress regime and liberate them from all sorts of problems they have been facing over last 15 years.


My simple question to our respected PM is “what is your strategy to liberate the larger sections of Maharastian tribal/dalit and backward masses from the bondage of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, unemployment, insecurity, etc”?? On what footings you claim to win over the messy situations created by Congress?? Is it not the same exploitative footing/platform of capitalism or state machinery which have been built and developed by Congress over last 60 years applying anti-people and pro-capitalist  Policies based on which you will govern the country for nest five or several years and give the outcomes as you commit or publicize? I am sure that you are not that much insensible as our common masses. You better know that a system (a group of vested interests people) that breeds corruption, black money, terrorism, communal conflicts, inflation (price rise), social and economic inequality, caste hatred and more so in governing the production (goods and services), distribution and consumption functions for the market and not to meet the basic needs of the masses., cannot be corrected by mere by lofty words or buzzing with some Mantras (sermons/norms). For this a revolutionary transformation like Russia and China is mandatory. This transformation is different from counter-revolutionary transformation organised by Hitler or Mussolini. Can you dare to exhibit your master plan to transform our country before the common masses???  Or you are heading with your hidden agenda to transform the country as heaven for the minority corporate bodies/capitalists and hell for the majority working populations? Don’t you know that your much acclaimed Swachha Bharat Yojna and Jan Dhan Yojan and sever such schemes that would come in your tenure will have the same fate as it was in case of much trumpeted and ambitious schemes like MGNREGA, RTI, SGSY,  etc formulated and executed in Congress regime.


Instead of leaving the Indian working class to be played by the market forces led by the Indian capitalist class in collaboration of multinational (Indian and foreign) classes, can you, in your five year tenure,  ensure at least one livelihood support to each of the Indian family  or each working hand a gainful employment and each plot of farm land with water for irrigation. This will be enough for the weaker sections to manage their families the way they like? To me, this is sear impossible under Capitalism that breeds degraded individualistic culture and filthy social/physical environment. Only socialism can ensure this. Can we, the common Indian masses be ensured that your  (PM) steps would end capitalism (heaven for the few capitalist class) and establish socialism (heaven for the majority working class)??? If not your speeches /commitments would carry no meaning other than  soothing our ears for a moment  and forget.


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