Nothing New in BJP's Steps towards bringing Good Days for Common Indians



My Dear Peacemaker Friends, Recent steps adopted by Mr. Narendra Modi (PM of India) led Central Government of India has nothing new other than implementing the previous Manmohan Singh led Congress Government designed Liberalized policies with BJP brand and thereby fulfilling the cherished dream of ruling Indian capitalist class more vigorously with pro-people cunning gesture and thereby hijacking dramatically the pro-Europe Indian policies to pro-Amerian Indian policies.

It is the same BJP under A B Bajpai Government showed the ways to the then opposition Congress Party that how in the name of National Interests, anything including price hike of petroleum products, reduction subsidy component from fertilizer products or cost of essential goods/services could be done. This time the Modi Brand BJP would gradually take all the pending decisions of the previous Congress Government including FDI in retail trade that were intended to accelerate the liberalization process but the decisions could not be adopted officially due to weak position (in terms of numbers) of previous UPA led Congress Government ....

Yesterday's decision of rise in the railway fares and freight charges has been just a demo of its (NDA) hidden actions to be taken in near future and thereby to prove its worthiness to the ruling capitalist class who invested heavily on Modi to come to power. Mr. Modi would leave no scope to question him or to take any upper hand by common people of India. For this the he possibly would not dare to play any kind of game/s to confuse people including the communal one by raising ram mandir issue at demolished structure of Babri masjid..or Jammu Kashmir issue…

Regarding another eye washing stunt of BJP on pooling black money kept by unscrupulous people through newly formed SIT, it may well be appreciated that they may get the list of some such unscrupulous people who hae no strong political support either from BJP or from Congress. Here also the weak link among the black money holders will be the victims…. And the amount that would be pooled in would never be disclosed…

My dear FB Friends, To my limited knowledge, I can affirm that the fundamental structure of the Indian state power (a coercive apparatus in the hands of the ruling class) has been designed by the then British India Government with a view to perpetuate their (British-India government) rule keeping the common masses under its (British) bondage so that the alien rulers can exploit the manpower and natural resources from India to serve the interests of the then British Government. With independence of India, the Indian capitalist class managed to capture that (British-India Government framed) state power through their political representatives under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru.  The then Indian capitalist class had limited exposure of governing a big nation like India, so they preferred maintaining good relation (as a member of Commonwealth Nations) with the British government.  

In view of that the Constitution of India has been framed to govern the nation keeping that basic frame (designed by the then British-India government) into considerations. All the Constitutional amendments done so far were targeted to maintain the law and order situation in the garb of consolidating the structure of the democratic form of governance but in actuality (as evidenced from the 67 years of independent rules) that the state power has been protecting the interests of the   capitalist class by allowing them to strengthen the market based (profit or self-interest oriented) economy, society, culture, values and norms. If you go deep into the history, philosophy, economics, psychology, geography, ethics, logic, chemistry etc of the development of  India and its  state power, one can find it vividly that crux of the problems associated with the common working class people of the country lies in its (state power) functioning under some policy guidelines. What are those policy guidelines?? Those are pro-capitalist and anti-working class policies. Whatever limited expansion of market that has taken place in India during post-independence period (which the ruling capitalist class is claiming to a development model)  are at the cost of the working class….The ruling capitalist class always remained busy appropriating their profits by exploiting the manpower and natural resources. They were/are least bothered about real  development of the nation (managing production, distribution and consumption rationally and equitably) rather they were after profit maximization and whoever incomes in terms of profits they earned they preferred to invest  in other nations with primary motive to quest their thirst of profit earnings. Thanks to vastness of the nation (India) that manage to produce large number of skilled and semi-skilled working populations who have ventured to different countries to earn incomes, almost all of those working force remit money to their family members remaining in India. This is how a sizeable number of families (almost equal to the entire families living in Europe) are now having sufficient purchasing power. To tap the purchasing power of those Indians, the ruling capitalist class in collaboration with the foreign corporate houses / direct investors has been designing plans under globalization programme since 1991, but till recently nothing fruitful achievements could be made to ensure free access, safety and security of the FDIs. Mr. Narendra Modi  has been crowned by the ruling Indian capitalist class  after witnessing his sincere endeavours in the state of Gujrat and entrusted the responsibility to expedite the process of liberalization.

As I mentioned in my previous note that Indian capitalist class has developed cunningness for their sustenance or protecting their self-interests to the extent that it has taken abrupt twist from European model of development (as cherished by Jawaharlal Nehru- who wanted modeling Indian development like that of Europe) to American model of development (as envisioned by Mr.  Narendra Modi).

Now the toughest task of the Modi Government would be to dismantle or defunct the basic structure of the state power and the institutions that has been serving the interests of the capitalist class following the guidelines of their original masters (Britishers); which can be seen in the form of today’s (23.06.2014) tug of war between the UGC and Delhi University on the question of designing of uniform (pro-American) courses….Let us watch the future courses of action of the new Government…

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