On Declaration of the Names of Black Money Holders in India Who kept their Black Money in Swiss Bank

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Yesterday, the ruling Capitalist Class Party BJP has disclosed before the Supreme Court of India the names of only three persons (against more than 800 persons) who have their Bank Account in Swiss Bank. Those persons are - Ex-MD of the Dabur Group of Industries Mr. Pradip Burman, Mr. Pankaj Lordia, a businessman from Rajkot and Radha Timlu another businessperson from Goa. Sources apprehended that these three persons have been victimized in this case because the BJP possibly found them among the least influential Swiss-bank account holders or who are weakest links in this whole episode. Commenting on this exercise of BJP, Ex-BJP veteran leader and Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India Mr. Ram Jetmalani said that Government dug a big mountain in search of some hidden treasure and lastly it got only a mouse. He asked the BJP to declare all the persons having their Bank Account and the amount of money they keep there. One spokesman from Ajj Tak TV Channel claimed that the BJP can never disclose the names of all those persons who have blessed them to capture ruling power from Congress.

One very simple logic to comprehend that when there is hue and cry within the Central Government for more than last one year and more so within last 6 months tenure of the BJP Government (BJP leaders publicly announced and committed that they would be bringing the entire black money (86 thousand crores of rupees) deposited by unscrupulous Indians in their Swiss Bank Account), only fools or mad persons will remain inactive in managing those stolen money to shift from Swiss Bank to other banks or invest in acquiring some other assets like purchase of gold, business establishments like Tatas, Ambanis, Mittal, or such other group of companies invested in purchasing /acquiring assets outside the country. Who is unaware of the fact that those big Indian business magnets (who could increase their assets to such a height where they are now counted among the 10 or 100 richest persons in the world within the period of liberalization i.e. since 1991), are in the leading role in this whole episode and who are steering the Modi government to run the government?

Surprisingly, nobody taking part in the TV debates could point out the existing laws and policies under Capitalism that justify exploitative role of capital in sucking the blood of working class (for maximization of profits of the capital investors or capitalist class) in favour of the capitalist class and the root cause of generation of black money. The capitalist class people have two faces one face is clean or white where they show that they are as clean as ordinary Indians but another face is dark or black. They always hide their dark faces and try to proof that see how they struggle to become rich or from zero to hero during post-independence period. However, the ruling government (may be it Congress or BJP or any Party) and the responsible persons in the state power get connived with the Business class having dark faces and facilitate generation of black money or unaccounted money. Contractor system, lease system, dealing of the property and natural assets, big government dealing with public money in purchasing technical knowhow and security materials like war ships, aeroplanes, arms and ammunitions, etc; human trafficking, flash trade, drug/ illegal arms smuggling, satta, lottery, fake dealing or gambling in share market, etc are some of the processes that generate black money. The BJP Government did not show any interest in checking all these or changing the Congress Policies that helped generating the black money. Sitting in the same boat, the Indian PM is crying that he will neither take share in the public money nor he would allow others to take its share.... this announcement has no meaning other than befooling or confusing the common people who have voted him to power. Without bringing about abrupt changes in the existing pro-capitalist class policies (making use of that the unscrupulous businessmen in connivance with politicians and administrators manipulate the whole economic affairs of the country and generate black money) into pro-people policies, mere announcement for good days to come soon is just a mockery and nothing else. Who does not know that our entire policing and administrative system and the political parties (Except SUCI-C) are involved in corruption or dependent on black money supplied by the capitalist class? There are no signs of social responsibility and/or public service among our politicians, policemen and administrators. They are all after serving the interests of capitalist class in lieu of money and power. Is our PM ignorant of the process “How a state government lowest revenue official or a police officer (in their service tenure) acquires many times higher quantum of assets compared to their actual salary and other earnings? Does not he know that a Thanedar (a police Inspector) posted in the rural and urban areas collect Monthly (illegal contribution) from the local businessmen who are allowed by them (local police and officials) to perform all types of illegal activities going beyond the legal framework? Or how public money earmarked for spending on public welfare is shared among the officials at Gram Panchayet, Block and district levels? Is our judiciary free from corrupt practices?? Has our PM that much of courage to take drastic administrative, judiciary and electoral reforms so stop corrupt practices from its roots?? Can he ensure a common man (not like him who used Adani’s helicopter in conducting more than 400 meetings before the recent MP election to befool Indian public with tall promises) to get elected without getting any help from Capitalist class?? Does he not know that in election of a village representative, the local capitalist class invest/spend lakhs/crores of rupees so that his influence in the administration is preserved and he could continue his illegal actions in appropriating the government money or in exploiting the common masses in connivance with administration and police? Ignoring all those issues I mentioned above, those who are still in illusion that Mr. Modi or BJP would do some miracle in five year tenure... then I would simply say that they are in the foolish paradise...
Moreover, it is very easy to comprehend through common sense that without sealing the process that generate black money in th county, if it is hypothetically believed that the entire black money of 86 thousand crores (as per BJP estimate) is brought back to India from Swiss bank by the BJP Government, then what is the guarantee that the same amount would further not fly again to Swiss Bank in course of time?? The inherent law of present day crisis ridden /corrupt /rotten capitalism and its entire system needs to be transformed.....Can BJP or Congress do this .......never....they can never do it....because these parties are funded by the capitalist class so they run their business of politics for the capitalist by the capitalists and of the capitalist class.

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