On Indian Polity and Administrative Complexities

Actually the position of the Prime Minister (PM) in India is created by the ruling party -now Congress led UPA. So the PM cannot go beyond the direction of the party he belongs to. And it is known to most of the enlightened section of population like us, that the  ruling parties have lost all their morality and ethics by indulging in all kinds of inhuman activities in the form of managing money-based vote politics and to capture power to rule (and not serve) the countrymen. Vote politics largely depend on management of man and muscle power. And for that huge amount of money is required. This money comes from black economy. All the ruling political parties are indirectly involved in promoting black economy, i.e. by pulling money in terms of Barbary, smuggling, falsification of accounts, etc. from the mainstream economy into the black economy.

Thus, whosoever it may be, the PM cannot act going above his/her appointing authority -Party Supremo. Another limitation of the PM is that he has to act as a chief spokesman or head of the administration (starting from Panchayat Sevak at the village level to the Chief Secretary, Government of India).  He can suggest but can never dictate the administration with his personal wisdom. And it is a grim fact that today’s administration is deeply indulged into corrupt practices. A hard core honest person cannot be tolerated by such an administration indulged in corrupt practices. Thus, Indian administration being influenced by the culture and values of capitalism (service for personal gains in market-based economy and compromise with the situation) and not socialism (service to the society for the promotion of community-based economy) has least tolerance to bear with honest persons at any level. Almost all persons in the administration are appointed after sniffing their tastes whether they are service minded or not. In several occasions starting from appointment to end of the career tenure, the persons appointed in the administration had to please/appease/manage their immediate bosses in several ways including sharing of bribed money. The ruling class knows that a service minded person is definitely a career oriented coward person. He/she can be controlled by threatening to his/her career, but an honest person with revolutionary approach cannot be controlled easily without logic/transparency. Therefore, only those persons are allowed to get admission in the administration (after taking several screen tests) who possesses slave mentality i.e. to serve an unjust system by obeying or compel others to obey a certain rules that has been originally framed by the then Kings/Zaminders and later on reformed by Emperors/British and now by the so called public leaders under a so called democratic form of governance.

Basic purpose/objective of this administration is to rule the people of the nation by maintaining a statusque or maintaining the law and order situation.  If you look deeply into the activities going on in the economy in the form of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, and relations thereon governing the activities, then you will definitely find the whole activities are being governed under the rule of market-oriented social formation alternatively known as capitalism. What we witness here is motive behind production is for market and for earning maximum profit, marketing channels -through which goods and services are distributed as predominantly controlled by a parasite-class i.e. business class and/or their agents; as the distribution pattern of the goods and services are largely market oriented (those having more purchasing power can consume more goods and   services and those not having purchasing powers they cannot). Government's intervene in bringing an equity in the consumption pattern by providing goods and services at a cheaper costs/free of cost through PDS and other health and social security programmes is ineffective largely due to predominance of market culture in our economy and society. A sizable amount of government fund (accumulated through taxation) pumped into correcting the distribution and consumption pattern has been sucked by the main current of the economy or those who are at the helm of affairs of the economic activities i.e. the capitalist class and their agents. None among those in the administration/government/judiciary can exercise powers going beyond his/her capacity defined under the framework of governance. Any such official/politician who dared to act going beyond their capacities had to suffer severe consequences either in the form of transfer to a shunting post or conviction or sometimes causality. There were instances of many young IAS/IPS officials who dared to do something going beyond their defined framework had to suffer. Prominent politician  like  Indira Gandhi had to sacrifice her life in her well protected house mainly because she as personality tried to do something going beyond her capacity as a PM. Same was the case with  Rajiv Gandhi and possibly of Lal Bahadur Shastry. Another important aspect we can notice is cultural degeneration in the administration as a constant phenomenon over the years particularly since independence. In such a situation you will notice that the previous PMs/CMs were qualitatively better persons than the later ones. It is a must.

One can understand the above mentioned situations vividly if he/she can grasp the policies/laws through which our economy and society is being governed.  As it has been said before that role of the government is to maintain law and order i.e. to justify the process of capital accumulation by the capitalist class exploiting naturally endowed resources (everyone in this earth has equal rights over these resources) and manpower. The Government headed by PM being governed on the justification that the capitalist (parasite class) has the prime role in development of the economy and society and their actions (capital accumulation through profit maximization by exploitation of manpower) as justified. The Government is blind on the inhuman actions led down by the capitalist class/mafias/hooligans/cheaters/smugglers/blackmailers but its eye is open and it is very much sensitive in controlling the people who due to unbearable torture of that parasite class come out of their houses to register their protests.  I believe present Indian Prime Minister’s capacity needs to be judged in this angle only….


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