On PM of india Mr. Narendra Modi's Statement and Mass Squabbles in Post MP-election Situation in West Bengal

Dear Friends, Recently, the PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi made a Statement that appeared in daily newspapers under the heading of “No Red Tap But Red Carpet”. We all know that every statement of a statesman/politician or head of the state has its meaning/message. We can find the inner essence of it only when we analyze it. If we analyse this (PM's) statement critically then it becomes clear that it (statement) conveys double messages one for the bureaucracy (threatening it to change its habits to make itself free from red-tapism so as to make the socio-economic environment conducive for foreign direct investors) and other for the foreign multinationals (to welcome them warmly with honor) to take them in confidence. And when the PM of India - people’s elected representative in the state machinery is saying so, this may be interpreted by many confused people/intellectuals that he (PM of India) is saying so for ultimately protecting the interest of the common masses… that is to open up new avenues of employment for the youths and economic prosperity and growth for the nation…. But this is not the real meaning of that statement but a myth. In reality, Mr. Modi, as genuine representative of the Indian monopoly capitalist class is keen to express himself to be very much concerned for the capitalist class and this statement is the expression of that….and we know that any concern/commitment for fulfilling the interests of the capitalist class would invariably go against the .interests of the working class… several manifestations of which that may spearhead that include, inflation, concentration of wealth in fewer hands, unemployment, inequality, injustice, violation of human rights, etc…. My dear FB friends, You must have been witnessing or aware of the post-MP election 2014 tremulous political scenario of West Bengal; where workers/supporters of the ruling and opposition parties have been compelled to indulge themselves in fighting each other with guns/bombs/lathis resulting into deaths, injuries, arson, social punishments/boycotts or facing innumerable challenges in leading normal living. Thousands of families are forced to leave their ancestral houses and lead lives like riot/war-victim refugees. Did you notice who are the persons involved in infighting? It is they who directly or indirectly identify themselves to be the true representatives of their political parties.But what is their socio-economic positions? Are they really representatives of their political parties?? They all appear to be poor. They (who are dying or loosing their properties in such squabbles) are indeed the members of the working class. None of them are from ruling capitalist class whereas all the political parties they consider themselves to belong to are managed by the puppets of the ruling capitalist class having influences in different parts within and outside the nation...It is the capitalist class's game plan to keep the people isolated from real issues by creating a situation where the members of the working class would get involved fighting each other. This is how they want to isolate the working class from involvement in socio-political movement against capitalism and thereby want to perpetuate their treacherous rules for generations.. How long the capitalist class can play such heinous game?? Certainly till the people are unaware, ignorant and uninformed... so long the working class people of India would not be able to grasp the essence of Marxism suited to Indian conditions as explained by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh and develop their own political powers to overthrow capitalism through anti-capitalist socialist revolution, their all the game plan would work to confuse the Indian masses. I appeal to the conscious people of India more particularly to those from West Bengal to help the confused working class people (fighting each other under the dictation of their pro-capitalist class political leaders) to mobilize themselves under the banner of their only political party ...SUCI (C)....

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