On the Inevitability of Peace Between the Israelis and the Palestinians

Peace is more than simply the lack of violence. It is a relationship of harmony between people and between people and their environment and within people. It is possibly impossible that one can experience complete peace -- except in states of meditation, when one clears one’s mind from the travails of life. On the other hand, when examined under the lens of spirituality and a healthy relationship with the Creator, the entire world is at peace and in harmony at all times -- even in the most turbulent and seemingly hopeless of times. This is because God, the Creator, or for the scientists, the mysterious force which created everything and may have created itself, is everywhere, at all times. This force is always at peace with itself. It is the source of creation and resides in all creation.
One might ask what this has to do with peace. It is important because it means that we can always be at peace within ourselves, even when the world seems to be against us. This does not remove the external pressures of the world and the violence which occurs at certain times. However, it reminds us that peace is possible at all times and all places. Attaining this peace lies in willfully focusing on this peace. The challenge lies in the fact that it is extremely difficult to focus on peace and harmony when one is in physical or emotional pain.
So, what must be done in order to attain peace? We must remove the physical and emotional pain by ridding the world of physical pain as much as we can and by recognizing the love, the harmony, and the peace within each of us and within each other. When we cannot see peace in the other, it makes it extremely hard to feel at peace with ourselves. Similarly, when we do not feel at peace with ourselves or in our own lives, it is hard to see peace in others.
So far, I have only spoken of peace in general. For the Palestinian-Israeli and the Arab-Israeli Conflicts, it is no different. We must rebuild the societies of both Israel, Palestine, and the Arab states in a way that removes physical suffering. This includes removing violence from these societies, improving health care, and building infrastructure and social programs that can raise the standards of living in these societies.
These are goals which can be agreed upon by almost every person. However, it is very easy to reject the goals of building peace for the other when we cannot see peace in the other, when we cannot see the Creator in the other.
So, I have laid out challenges for the peace process and for the physical, emotional and spiritual rebuilding of societies. I have not proven the inevitability of peace.
Why is peace inevitable? Because it is already here. Though we may not see it and may not feel it, the Creator, God, or the Force is guiding the universe all the time and in every place. There are a thousand miracles we do not see for every one that we see. Life itself is a miracle. Furthermore, there are people everywhere who are working to build a more peaceful world -- a world with less emotional and physical pain, a world with less conflict, less disease, and less stress. Regarding the Palestinian-Israeli and Arab-Israeli Conflicts, there are numerous Israelis, Arabs, and Palestinians, as well as countless others seeking to build peace between these societies. Though many of them are unknown by concerned members of these societies, there work is being felt in the region and the impact of their work is only increasing. As these brave individuals continue to build peace for themselves, for their societies and for others, they inspire more individuals to see the possibility of peace as a tangible possibility. As these people prepare and work for peace, more and more people feel that peace is within reach.
Removing the physical and psychological barriers to peace and rebuilding peace in the world, these individuals from every society are realizing the potential for peace that exists in the world. They are utilizing and helping the Creator -- though the Creator needs no help, does not ask for help and is perfect without it. They are creating the peace which already exists in all of us. They are forcing us to recognize that this peace can and does exist -- despite all of the obstacles which obscure the idea of peace. Thus, peace is inevitable because of both the work of people and the work of the Creator.

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