To my understanding, women are more genuine than their male counterparts in all walks of life.... but they are forced to remain subjugated under patriarchy for centuries..... Women have thousand times more (or even more) adoptive capacities and capabilities than the men..... If women are empowered in true sense (free from all social vices like dogmatism, religious fundamentalism, casteism, parochialism, fatalism, etc), and allowed to govern the world economies and societies, I think, they world transform the world into a peaceful world in no time..... but this may be a pious wish of a pious man.... the people fishing in the mud water will not allow to bring such a miracle.... they (arch enemy of mankind) to meet their selfish interests would never allow to take the course of socio-economic transformation in right course....It is they  who had/has been responsible for enslaving the womenfolk to enjoy their whims and fantasies at the cost of women. I strongly believe that the institution of today's family has been surviving completely at the sacrifices of women, this is  not only true for India but  also true for all other countries.... even in advanced countries... women are discriminates in several ways... Therefore task of gender equity or women's freedom or women's empowerment could never be accomplished so long the governance under patriarchy (now governance under capitalism following patriarchy all over world).... Scientific socialism is the true answer to it... all who really desire for women's emancipation must wage struggle to establish scientific socialism by putting an end to capitalism governed following patriarchy..... )......Can u imagine of Indian situations where the Government is spending billions of dollars in launching satellites to join the super-power,  purchasing sophisticated weapons in the name of national security, spending lavishly on militarization mainly to crash genuine social movements keeping  about half of its women in the darkness of illiteracy..... What kind of democracy is here... where crores of people remain starved and elites enjoy lavishly .... I am sure more than two-thirds of rural women (even the so called literates) are unaware of the fact is that the earth is is a planet in the solar system... and logic that the process  of accumulation of wealth in few hands gives birth to elite class and poor class ..... etc. What they have been taught under patriarch is that .... it is fate ... destiny .... works of past life (born) etc matters in someone's making either rich or poor. In a rich dominated (number of rich people would be more than the population of European countries) poor country like India how a people's representative could claim lakhs of rupees stipend, TA/DA, etc and enjoy lavish life. How children of the poor class are taught differently in ill managed government schools ??? Why not equal opportunities for learning for all children?? Looking all these I conclude that it (India) is a state which is governed for the elites, of  the elites and by the elites....nothing better could be imagined under such governance MAY IT BE GOVERNED UNDER THE DICTATORSHIP OF RAHUL GANDHI of CONGRESS PARTY OR UNDER THE DICTATORSHIP OF NARENDRA MODI of BJP PARTY...The very foundation of this system is pro-elite... any revolutionary step to be taken in correcting it (as it is being claimed by Narendra Modi) would ultimately help the elite class only....Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in expressing my opinion….... Urs Truly,

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