Online Peace Talks on April 25 - Full transcript

Hello Peacemakers!

Here is the full transcript of the first MEPEACE Online Peace Talks which successfully took place last Sunday in the MEPEACE Chatroom. In case you didn't join on Sunday, please consider your participation in the next Online Peace Talks, due to take place on Sunday, 09 May.


MEPEACE Online Peace Talks - 25 April 10

Full transcript

Oliver Haack: I'm Oliver Haack, the coordinator of the Online Peace Talks.
The two moderators in charge tonight will be Manal Abbas and Waleed Hammad.
Manal Anna: Good evening all, I am Manal and I am the moderator of this OPT along with Waleed. :)
Oliver Haack: They will now start the event by introducing themselves.
I wish everybody fruitful Peace Talks!
Manal Anna: Thank you, Oliver.
Please introduce yourselves.
Waleed Hammad: Good evening. I am Waleed Hammad. A moderator with Manal to this chat event.

Manal Anna: Online Peace Talks won't focus on a specific (academic) topic, but will establish an open space to talk mutually about peace, about possibilities, worries, concerns, obstacles, achievements and our mutual future in a hopefully peaceful environment.
Eyal Raviv: Hi, I'm Eyal, in Yaffo. I'm excited to be part of MEPEACE's first Online Peace Talks and glad to see Manal and Waleed in charge tonight. :)
Manal Anna: Good evening Oliver, Waleed, Eyal, and all!
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Hi, this is Suleyman Goksel Soylu from Turkey, I am a 32-year-old banker, and glad to join with the peacemakers. Good talks to everybody.
Waleed Hammad: Good evening, Manal.
Manal Anna: Please, I encourage you to introduce yourselves! Don't worry, I do not bite. :)
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Peace means to be active and realistic - to arrive to peace we should use projects to activate persons through one aim. Do we have any summer plan about this?
Waleed Hammad:
Neri, Abbas and Brenda, would you introduce yourselves?
Mannal Anna: Suleyman, that is a good topic, but let us wait for the others to introduce themselves, please.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: OK Manal, I am just hungry for some piece of peace, but I will let them introduce themselves and then we will both hang onto the peace cake. :)
Mannal Anna: If it has chocolate, I am in, Suleyman!
Waleed Hammad: Now I start with the rules for this new chat event.
Manal Anna: Yes, Waleed, we cannot wait to read them! What are those rules?
Waleed Hammad: Participants in these chat events have to follow the guidelines of the website. In other words, the rules are summarized in the following points:
To use polite language, not racial (editor: racist) or aggressive.
Give the speaker enough time to talk.
To listen to each other.
To respect others' thoughts and views.
To say "I raise my hand" before you participate.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Rules are OK.
Waleed Hammad: I notice that we have new participants coming now.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Let's ride horses to peace!
Waleed Hammad: Would you please introduce yourselves?
Nadja Choeb: Sorry for being late... I'm Nadia, currently living in Jordan but actually from Germany. Hi all!
Mannal Anna: Welcome, Nadja!
Waleed Hammad: Welcome, Nadja.
Nadja Choeb: Thanks.
Waleed Hammad: Nice to see you here.
Now, it is time for participants to suggest topics. Then, we will all vote to choose one topic for discussion.
Eyal Raviv: Great idea!
Waleed Hammad: So feel free to suggest a topic. Then we all vote to choose one for tonight.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: I raise my hand!
Manal Anna: Suleyman, can you introduce your topic about about a summer peace plan?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Permission, please.
Manal Anna: Go ahead!
Waleed Hammad: Suleyman, go ahead please.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Thanks. We need camps for implying peace between Muslims and Jews, be sure of that. We did that also with Greeks, then at the end of the camp, we have realized that we are all the same and this fight is useless.
Shall we have a summer camp?
Both sides will attend and we will educate them all into peace?
Waleed Hammad: Good idea.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Prophets were all brothers, but children are fighting all day, this is so wrong.
Waleed Hammad: Other topics suggested for tonight...?
Manal Anna: Suleyman, if no one suggests any topic, we will talk about yours.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Only one week is enough, then participants will go back home, then they will teach others, then 5 years later all the place will be full of peace.
Waleed Hammad: Wait!
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: I am holding my peace horse; OK.
Eyal Raviv: I've got three ideas:
1. What would improve
2. Predicting what might happen in our future.
3. Understanding what went wrong!
Waleed Hammad: Good topics, Eyal.
Eyal Raviv: 4. Practical peace ideas, like the summer camp.
Waleed Hammad: Other topic, please?
Manal Anna: Eyal, those are great ideas and topics.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Mr. Eyal's topic also includes mine; if (editor: there aren't?) any others, we can discuss his topic... Oh, my peace horse wants to run... :) Stop boy stop, you have time... :)
Manal Anna: The fourth one actually relates to Suleyman's topic.
Waleed Hammad: Antonio, Nadja, and Abbas - are you there?
Nadja Choeb: Yes.
Sorry, bad internet connection... Still there.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Yes, net is so slow... Or Mossad and CIA realized the peace chance and want to make the chance get slow. :)
Nadja Choeb: I think Suleyman's topic is good!
Waleed Hammad: Eyal, can you suggest one of your four ideas for discussion tonight?
Manal Anna: OK, I think we should go ahead with Suleyman's topic.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Mine is good, but Mr. Eyal's topic is more realistic. Let's vote.
Waleed Hammad: OK, let's vote.
Mannal Anna: Who votes for Suleyman's?
Eyal Raviv: Yes, I agree with Manal... We should go ahead with Suleyman's idea. Perhaps we can talk about it and other practical ideas for peace.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: I do vote too.
OK then, summer camps.
Manal Anna: OK.
Waleed Hammad: OK, Eyal.
Nadja Choeb: Would also Suleyman (editor: gibberish)
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Yeah, sure.
My horse votes too.
Nadja Choeb: Sry... (editor: sorry?)
Manal Anna: So Suleyman, how do you think we can achieve such summer camps in MEPEACE?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Dear Manal, we can achieve through an organization beside the beach or a valley, considering farm work.
Manal Anna: My question is for the other participants, too.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Jerusalem is a good place to have a holiday, and also for living the ambience to achieve peace.
Waleed Hammad: Can you introduce or clarify your topic, Suleyman?
Nadja Choeb: Yes, please.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: For example, very simply, participants from both sides will meet inside the camp and will have some co-workers.
Waleed Hammad: Jerusalem isn't an easy place for everybody to reach.
Nadja Choeb: Yes, quite a tense place too...
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: While doing (editor: working with?) the co-workers, they will know more about each other than before, then they will realize that we are all just human.
Maybe camps in Turkey.
Maybe in the USA.
Wherever peacemakers do live.
We do not need to collect them in one place.
Manal Anna: Suleyman, basically the summer camp idea is good, but it needs funding. How do you think we can raise for it?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Two or three camps at the same time, easily located for the participants.
That's a good idea.
...For solving that problem.
Every peacemaker will open his/her doors to the camp.
For example, our summer house is enough to have.
We have also a swimming pool.
I can hold them.
Waleed Hammad: But MEPEACE can't sponsor such events.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: If the peacemakers will accept others, then the only funds will come to transportation.
Waleed Hammad: We are just an organization that depends on volunteers.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Sure, that's why I'm talking about volunteers.
Waleed Hammad: What do Oliver and Eyal think about this point?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Funding issue comes back to Jerusalem.
Oliver Haack: Interesting thought, but needs to be elaborated on.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Maybe a valley full of olive trees and some tents will help us to achieve.
Very historical place...
Nadja Choeb: A suggestion... I raise my hand...
Manal Anna: Hmmmm... Let's get realistic here!
Waleed Hammad: OK, go ahead, Nadja.
Manal Anna: Nadja, please, go ahead.
Nadja Choeb: Wouldn't it be easier to start something like this in a "cheaper" way?
Manal Anna: Yes, Nadja, can you explain?
Nadja Choeb: E.g. through first hosted chats on MEPEACE, with groups in different places?
Waleed Hammad: Clarify your point, please.
Nadja Choeb: ...Or connecting first via internet?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: But this is the point we stand on, and see that it's not enough... This is why we need touch more than net.
Waleed Hammad: Do you mean online summer camp?
Libby and Len, nice to see you here tonight.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: But summer is too hot, and no one will stay in a room via net - so risky, and will be low levels of motivation.
Oliver Haack: MEPEACE already has two regular on-the-ground events: the Jaffa Peace Talks, and Peace Cafes - did you have a look at these events, Suleyman?
Waleed Hammad: He is Turkish, Oliver.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: I will, dear Oliver, I am so new here...
And if I'll find time, I will come there with lots of gifts from Turkey, full of love.
Nadja Choeb: The peacemakers in different places could maybe start some discussion groups and then connect, e.g. Palestinian and Israeli groups...
Yeah, actually like online summer camps... :)
I didn't mean the "online camps" to stop it there, in the virtual place... Just as a start to connect.
Manal Anna: Thank you, Oliver, for pointing these important events, that we are proud of, in MEPEACE.
Nadja Choeb: ...Sorry, just hating my internet connection...
Waleed Hammad: Suleyman, as Oliver said - you can read about the two events later and know more about them.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Agree.
The world will see this dream come through... No way to turn back...
Waleed Hammad: Also, I notice more events for summer this year. You can look at the events page.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Maybe we should tell about to universities, maybe they will give a place inside their programmes, then we won't need more funds.
Manal Anna: Good evening, Jim!
James S. Oppenheim: Good evening.
Tanya Kasim: Good evening, everybody!
Waleed Hammad: Welcome, James. Nice to see you here tonight.
Manal Anna: Nice to have you here, Jim.
James S. Oppenheim: I'm just sorry to be so late.
Waleed Hammad: Hi, Tanya.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Welcome, all!
Manal Anna: Tanya Kasim, welcome!
Waleed Hammad: It's OK, James.
Tanya Kasim: Hi, Suleyman. Nice to meet you.
Brenda Hertzberg: Hello, everyone. Interesting ideas. I'm in the chat.
Waleed Hammad: Nice to see you here, Tanya.
Tanya Kasim: Hi, Brenda. Hi, Waleed. Nice to be here. What's tonight's new topic?
Manal Anna: We were talking about peace camps, and we would like to see if you have any other topics to suggest tonight.
Waleed Hammad: Tanya, we were talking about summer camps, as Suleyman suggested it.
Oliver Haack: Tanya, please note that this is no Chat Workshop, but the 1st Online Peace Talks. :)
Waleed Hammad: Can you suggest a topic, Tanya?
Manal Anna: James, Tanya, and all the others, you have the right here to choose your own topic, and we can vote on it.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Maybe Mr. Eyal will summarize the issue, he is more experienced with peace work, we need sharp experiences to move forward.
Waleed Hammad: Everybody can suggest, then we all choose one topic.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Agree.
Manal Anna: Online Peace Talks won't focus on a specific (academic) topic, but will establish an open space to talk mutually about peace, about possibilities, worries, concerns, obstacles, achievements and our mutual future in a hopefully peaceful environment.
Waleed Hammad: Please... It is time to suggest a second topic for tonight.
Eyal Raviv: 1. Peace - is it going to happen?
2. What is possible?
3. What are our worries/concerns? How can we overcome them as a group?
Tanya Kasim: Since it's not a Chat Workshop, but Online Peace Talks, I agree that we choose our own topic. I like the idea of peace camps for people from both sides of the conflict that is still going on.
Waleed Hammad: Good evening, Galit.
Galit Feldman: Good evening, everyone.
Waleed Hammad: We talked about peace summer camps.
Manal Anna: Good evening, Galit, and welcome!
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Dear Eyal, before the conflict, we had peace with full of love... Why not?...
Let's discuss Mr. Eyal topic. I vote.
Waleed Hammad: Nice to see you here tonight, my friend Galit.
Eyal Raviv: Dear Suleyman, these are just ideas... Let's hear more ideas for discussion!
Manal Anna: I agree with Eyal. Please share with us your ideas and topics for tonight.
Waleed Hammad: Yes, Galit...?
Galit Feldman: Cool... I love the idea.
Manal Anna: Come on, Galit, the floor is all yours.
Waleed Hammad: Galit, do you suggest another topic for tonight?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: The floor and the sky. :)
Galit Feldman: On what subject? For peace?
Waleed Hammad: Any subject you like to talk about tonight.
Related to peace.
Manal Anna: Galit, any subject that involves our concerns, worries, improvements, related to peace and MEPEACE.
James S. Oppenheim: Eyal's "What is possible?" strikes me as a good question, along with "What small things - actions and activities - are possible?" and "What things should be possible?".
Galit Feldman: Interested in a summer camp for peace. Where did you do it?
Tanya Kasim: My worries/concerns about peace are that: 1) people are willing to work and fight for peace, but someone hot-headed enough will ruin it with one act, 2) I would love to come and work with you all on the ground as well as via the internet, but...
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: There are lots of groups which are benefiting from the conflict; chance for peace gonna make them crazy...
Waleed Hammad: It is just an idea, Galit.
Tanya Kasim: Travel to Palestine or anywhere just isn't on for me now.
Galit Feldman: It sounds (editor: like) a very nice concept.
(Unknown): Can we follow up on James' idea?... What's possible, and what small things can we do to make things possible?
Galit Feldman: A lot of people can meet new people and talk about peace... And have fun...
Waleed Hammad: We have to vote for this, Eyal, first.
Libby and Len Traubman: The "can WE do" part would be most relevant for today, perhaps.
Oliver Haack: I'd also vote for James' and Eyal's ideas.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Vote for Eyal.
Nadja Choeb: Too.
Manal Anna: James, can you explain more about the possibilities and what is possible?...
Tanya Kasim: Sure, travel to Palestine to work with you on the ground is not for me, although I'll try to work with you all by internet. :)
Waleed Hammad: OK.
Eyal Raviv: For example, I think it's possible to have a community that supports one another, whenever any of us needs any kind of help... That's one example. What else do you think is possible?
Waleed Hammad: James, can you clarify your points?
Tanya Kasim: I like the idea of meeting new people and exchanging ideas, though.
Manal Anna: Tanya, so what is possible?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: It is possible to exchange students...
Manal Anna: Eyal, that is a very good idea! How can we make it happen?
James S. Oppenheim: Tender subject: rebuilding Gaza? Opportunities for new architecture based on sturdy, suitable, but non-defence oriented materials (if that's an issue)?
Tanya Kasim: Maybe if we exchanged e-mails so that we can write to each other individually and get to know the new peacemakers.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Tanya, good idea.
Waleed Hammad: Can you clarify your point, James?
Eyal Raviv: Manal asks how we can become a caring community. Tanya's idea is good. We could also post a page where people can post what they need. What do you think?
Tanya Kasim: Thanks, Suleyman.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: MEPEACE's Facebook area is more relevant to exchange e-mails...
Gassan Murannakh: Hi. :)
Tanya Kasim: It sounds like a good idea.
True, it is. :)
Manal Anna: Tanya, we have the MEPEACE e-mail, Facebook, and personal e-mails can also be good.
Waleed Hammad: Welcome, Gassan. Nice to see you here tonight.
Hafiza: Hi, how you doing?
James S. Oppenheim: I'm not sure as regards architecture and engineering, but I'm sure of the universal intent to properly house and feed people, and we may have to find some novel ways of doing so in a conflict atmosphere.
Gassan Murannakh: Thanks.
Tanya Kasim: Hi, Gassan. Manal, it's a good think we do have these sites.
Manal Anna: Welcome, Gassan.
Welcome, Nafiza.
Gassan Murannakh: Thanks. :D
Libby and Len Traubman: A foundational ACTION is getting new Jews and Palestinians to begin engaging, since still almost NONE - except for a tiny handful of us - have ever MET.
Nafiza: Hi, Manal, thanks.
Waleed Hammad: Participants, can you raise your hands before you write?
James S. Oppenheim: Example reference: The problems are easier to see than their solutions.
Manal Anna: Let us have some order here!
Waleed Hammad: Good evening, Nafiza. Nice to see you here tonight.
Tanya Kasim: I agree. James, you have the floor.
Nafiza: Thanks, Waleed.
Waleed Hammad: James... Go ahead and explain your point.
Nafiza: I'm trying to read what you chat about...
James S. Oppenheim: I'm only suggesting driving toward the human needs part of our problems in ways that slough of defence or other military ambitions.
Manal Anna: Let us choose one topic - I guess you all vote for James' topic...?
Eyal Raviv: I vote for James.
Gassan Murannakh: Me too.
Oliver Haack: Jim, human needs in the focus - OK! But what about the blockade, then?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Vote for James.
Waleed Hammad: OK.
Manal Anna: Great! So we will all discuss James' topic.
James S. Oppenheim: The blockade seems to be about heavy construction - what about clays and woods, plastics, other organic and inorganic materials?
Oliver Haack: Rebuild Gaza physically, OK - but what about rebuilding it politically?
Tanya Kasim: I'm voting for James' topic. James, you bring up a very valid point. Human needs are important. In addition, Maysoon Zayid works with children who have different types of special needs.
Waleed Hammad: Do you mean political reformation, Oliver?
Tanya Kasim: She mentioned Inspire Dreams on Facebook a few times.
James S. Oppenheim: Hamas is not God; collaboration should not be a crime; who wants to probe that program?
Oliver Haack: I mean a long-term reunion of the two Palestinian territories.
James S. Oppenheim: Struggles to really take care of people require an enormous breadth of cooperation. Warrior societies can't do it.
Waleed Hammad: Don't make it a political issue.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Dear James, if the blockade exists and poverty moves into all the houses, then people come to see Hamas as God... This is so dangerous.
Waleed Hammad: We have to look at it as an humanitarian issue.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: We are feeding the problem, then scared from its results.
Oliver Haack: Humanitarianism alone won't work, probably.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Economical freedom and human rights will help peace in order to see (editor: instead of seeing?) some groups as God.
James S. Oppenheim: We can move poverty out of houses too, especially if we address conditions dimension-by-dimension, physically (resources) and psychologically (esteem and integrity issues).
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: We need to...
Tanya Kasim: I think denying children who have cerebral palsy and other special needs the care and the facilities to help them become stronger, is a humanitarian issue.
Waleed Hammad: Do you have tools to achieve this, James?
James S. Oppenheim: We have us.
Tanya Kasim: Yes, we do.
Gassan Murannakh: Right.
Waleed Hammad: What?
Like what, Tanya?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Yes, we have us... Believe peacemakers are powerful than any tool.
Before hope, we need souls.
Then tools.
Education is the base of this movement.
James S. Oppenheim: Small political voices with great ideas - programmatic, tangible - may have a huge impact on the future.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Exactly.
(Unknown): Indeed.
Waleed Hammad: We need to put it in an ordered way, please.
James S. Oppenheim:
Tanya Kasim: Good point, Waleed. Souls first, then education, and then tools.
James S. Oppenheim: That's resourceful.
Waleed Hammad: Give James enough time to explain his idea.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Chatting is (editor: how?) all can be like this... We should expect more than it makes...
To have the souls, we need camps to know each other. :)
Like you all achieved in Jerusalem.
Peace Cafe. :)
Tanya Kasim: James, I'd like to learn more about your idea.
James S. Oppenheim:,-Palestin...
I would ask how to better facilitate and maximize the benefits of earth-based building materials of the sort noted and For the Time Being.
Waleed Hammad: James, we don't have enough time.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Sure, we don't have too.
Waleed Hammad: So go directly with your idea until you finish.
James S. Oppenheim: How about collaboration penalties: can anything be done about those?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Dear Waleed, what do you think, also?
Waleed Hammad: It's not our topic for tonight, James.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Maybe for the second online meeting, topics should be stated before, then people will be ready to participate on them...
James S. Oppenheim: Fair enough... But it's small things, nonetheless, like opening a door a little bit, that may need attention.
Oliver Haack: Suleyman, the concept of the OPT is that topics are chosen openly, spontaneously.
James S. Oppenheim: I'm due elsewhere in a few minutes but welcome correspondence from any so inclined.
Tanya Kasim: You have a point, James. Even the smallest things need attention.
Brenda Hertzberg: James, are they using other alternative building methods in Gaza, like used tires covered with mud, and plastic garbage?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Welcome with all your points, dear James.
James S. Oppenheim: One thing I can tell you about this conflict and others: life flows on around them.
Manal Anna: Suleyman, you can participate in the Chat Workshops with Oliver and Cigedm, there you will have pre-stated topics.
Waleed Hammad: OK. Dear participants, now it's time for you to write a conclusion for our talks tonight.
Manal Anna: Please state your conclusion briefly.
Tanya Kasim: Life does flow on.
Manal Anna: What did this OPT add to your information?
Brenda Hertzberg: Could we know more about how life flows on in Gaza?
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Peace is important and everybody needs that, but we need to have more communication... We had peace in history, and we will have in the future, maybe we should analyze the past, how they reached that point...
Eyal Raviv: My conclusion is that it is beautiful to be spontaneous. That is where ideas emerge. So thank you for enabling us to be spontaneous. :=)
Waleed Hammad: We tried to make it in an ordered way, Eyal.
Manal Anna: Thank you, Suleyman and Eyal, for your conclusions!
Oliver Haack: Spontaneous and ordered... Both at the same time. :)
James S. Oppenheim: I think we should know a lot more about Gaza than we do, and from many, many, and varied sources.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Meeting was good, at least we cheered for peace, and please know that this is just a step more in the steps that are on the way.
James S. Oppenheim: Have to go. Bye!
Oliver Haack: I hope that in the next OPT we'll have peacemakers from Gaza, Jim.
Waleed Hammad: Thanks, James, for your conclusion.
Gassan Murannakh: Bye, James.
Manal Anna: Other conclusions are welcome.
Tanya Kasim: (missing line) to be more spontaneous, although I'm more used to the structured approach. I agree with you that we should know a lot more about Gaza than we do. Maybe people there know more about how to live life than we do.
Waleed Hammad: Thanks for your time, James.
Manal Anna: Thank you, Tanya. :)
Waleed Hammad: Thanks, Tanya, for your conclusion.
Tanya Kasim: Thanks, James. You're welcome, Manal.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: God bless all peacemakers!
Manal Anna: God bless you too!
Tanya Kasim: God bless you too, Suleyman.
Oliver Haack: The next Online Peace Talks will take place here on May 9, again at 20:00.
Thanks, everybody, for joining tonight.
Suleyman Goksel Soylu: Thanks, Tanya.
Tanya Kasim: That's great! You're welcome, Oliver.
Oliver Haack: And thanks to our wonderful moderators, Manal and Waleed.
Manal Anna: Thank you, everybody. Thank you, Oliver, Eyal, and Waleed. :)
Tanya Kasim: They were excellent.
Waleed Hammad: Thanks for your fruitful participation tonight.

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