Today I am thinking about what I am and where I am as a Paki. What I am gaining from my country
and what is my country is giving me, and what I am giving to my country,
where we are standing now in present time?
In 1857, the British began ruling this subcontinent, and we
slaves, mostly agreeable slaves and without trouble. After 100 years, I
wonder from where the idea
came for two nations, where there had been just one. We never understood
this, and we don’t like
to think about it. For 100 years, all
religions and cultures where living together like one family, but after
separation, they began to strive against each other. We don’t understand
where those feelings came
from. In 1947, we were freed from
slavery. The two countries of Pakistan
and India
suddenly appeared on the map of this world—two big nations on a
where before we were living together without trouble.

Today, being a Paki, I still do not feel the freedom we supposedly got from British rulers. The only thing that changed is that we are slaves of people inside Pakistan.
We have become slaves again of a few groups
here. Now the question is who are those
groups? They are the Army, big political
parties, agencies, administration, etc.
As pakis, we feel that we are still slaves of them, after giving
lives and blood for the freedom of this country. What did one paki gain
from our
struggles? We live under an unstable
democracy, unstable economy, unsecured life, and without our basic needs

Each of us pays a lot of taxes. When we buy a match box or car or cell phone card, we pay tax it and on everything. But what do we get for our taxes?
Nothing, not even the basic necessities for living. Now the
question is where does that tax
revenue go? Everybody knows well, but
they say, “Who knows?” How innocent we
are! Tax revenue should be spent on
developments, on basic health, on education.
But nothing goes to the right place, and as the result,
departments do
not work properly and government officials do whatever they like.
Another question is: who is at fault? Is it he who pays taxes? Yes, me
and you, every Paki. The Army comes and goes and needs eighty
percent of our tax money, because India
is like a hanging sword over us all the time.
Agencies have their own missions, but even in completion of their
missions, many innocent Pakis get killed.

Political parties came and go. When they came, they made big promises, and when they go, what can we do when another party never lets us do right? My question is, where should I, one Paki,
go? To me, Pakistan
is a casino for political leaders. They
come and play the elections game, and he who wins becomes king of a day.
Then all food and drink are free for everyone
who is present in casino game tonight.

Pakistan received 7.5 billion dollars from IMF, but every Paki knows that not even one percent change will come in their lives.
The only change will come in the Swiss bank accounts of our
leaders, while my duty is being a Paki who pays it back to IMF through

One individual Paki doesn’t even know what is happening to him. He doesn’t even think about government. Clever people divert his
attention to other issues, like electric power and religion. And we
follow their plans. I also stupidly follow. All we know is to work like
donkeys all day
and pay bills and come home. The next
day we again work like donkeys and pay taxes and come home and sleep
like dead
dogs; then again work like donkeys and then pay to some other corrupt
link of
this system; and then again the next day work like donkeys and fight
with high
prices for daily needs. This is a
never-ending circle for us now.

Let me tell you what one Paki man’s life is like. I live in an atmosphere where people develop negative behaviors. When I step out from
my house I start facing robbers. And
along with their threat, I have to walk carefully to avoid mud and
trying to keep myself clean and free from disease, with as few movements
possible. All day I face hundreds of robbers,

Paki man when return home and he is full tired from all day efforts as he reach home his family don’t know how to welcome him, his wife
complains that your mother fights with her.
His mother said, “Where are my medicines. (Father said fucking
man where u was all day.
then he go to the toilet and he find there is no water. He become more
tense and go to the drinking
water find it smelling bad. He become
tenser and goes in his room near the TV.
He sees all the bills there and the kid’s school fee. He becomes
sadder, so he turn on the TV to
relax some. Geo news says that two
hundred people have died in a bomb blast, and the toll is expected to
rise to
four hundred by tomorrow. That makes him
tenser and he think okay, man, better lay down and relax. As he lay on
the bed, the electric power goes
off, and during the night he have to fight with misquotes or with hot
weather. In the morning when he fall
sleep, he wake up with many notices on his mind, and he know that he
have to
get up to work again like a donkey to survive this day also.

This is all we have in this country for being a Paki. Political leaders make promises and rob the country of money, and then go. Then
another robber comes and does the same.
Then someone else comes in other shape, does the same, and goes.
No one never thinks. This is not a country or a casino; this is
our home! If we lose this home, then
where we will live? Or let’s say, where
will we gamble?

Together with this, we have many traditions which make our lives hard. A father has to think about his daughter’s marriage. He worries
about her jehaiz (He has to give her all the home needs for her married
life.) A brother becomes worried for the same
thing. A mother thinks the same. To own a house is a dream here, and
when the
time comes for getting married, a young man is expected to provide a
house. But a boy becomes almost thirty,
much tired from all his efforts, still without a house.

So the roles of Pakis change. We still have smiles on our faces. We still like to say hello and salaam to everyone. We still help old people to
pass on the road. We still go to
election booths to vote in hope of better times. We still wear the Paki
flag badge on our
chest. We still get happy on August
Fourteenth, National Day. We stand up
when we hear our national anthem. We
salute our flag when it goes up. We die
every day here inside this country, for our country, like true soldiers.
Now who is good? One ordinary Paki, or the one who comes here
to play casino games? I want to explain
to the world that Pakistan
is not bad and neither are Pakis. Our
administration is bad, and those who create this wrong atmosphere, which
poor innocent people to do wrong.

God bless you abundantly for your good work and

Regards, love and peace.

Rashad Javed.

Chairman: Hope development organization.


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