Philosophical Reflection on ' Certainty'

Seeker of Knowledge, Lover of Wisdom

What is it we do not understand, and what needs to be understood, that is the intelligible question we must ask ourselves when our brain runs wild in search of certainty.

The human brain, unique in the entire universe in its complexity, composed of over 200 billion nerve cells. Each cell has a purpose, and unique in its function. Each nerve cell links and joins in an enchanted appearance of over quadrillion connections.

The Enigma of the Human Brain, a three pound mass of pinkish grey piece of meat, invisible to the person carrying it, yet so divine, and powerful in all the universe

The human brain that allows man to think, reason, feel, comprehend, and remember.

The human brain that desires, believes, and creates, causing the invisible into the visible, glorious, glorious light!
Throughout history, man’s search for certainty became an acute anxiety, and still it is an issue for millions of souls out there.

Should one become too fixated in search for an illusive ‘certainty’? What is it anyway, that causes mankind to want to know, and if we understand what needs to be understood, how profitable is it, in terms of evolution, or at least, to our short-term dream goals.

Can we know for certain the origin of our past, present and future state of consciousness? Are we made of sounds and lights, if so, what gave birth to sounds and lights, is God a man or woman, does he really get upset when wrong happens on earth, if so, does God have a cognitive mentor, or is God self-created, and does not really care about humanity, suffering, and the economy, can God do something about it?

Or are we truly deluded and confused with our own linguistic syntax and semantics, maybe our concept of God has nothing to do with what truly exist, maybe, maybe we use certain terminologies for convenience sake, to reduce our acute anxiety in the search of certainty?

The search for certainty is an illusion. In ancient tradition, the solution to search for certainty was embraced by the wisdom of uncertainty. When we become too fixated to the idea of certainty, we get stuck in the search for it, rather than embracing the law of uncertainty. The search for certainty is an emotional attachment stemming from insecurity.

The only certainty we can have is our past. The known is only the prison of our past conditioning, and in the certainty of the past, there is no evolution in that. when I look back at the certainty of my past, I find that uncertainty, at that time, was the fertile ground of my full potential, freedom to do, creativity, and love. When suffering from illiteracy as an adult, cancer sufferer, panic disorder, homelessness, I stepped into the unknown in every way of my existence.

The unknown was the field of all possibilities, expanding, and limitless, always opens to the creation of new manifestation. If it was not of the ' uncertainty' my life would have been the stale of repetition of outworn memories, and I could have become the victim of the past, and my tormentor could have been today, my self left over from my past. Relinquish your attachment to the known, embrace the uncertainty and you will step into the field of all possibilities.

When I enter the zone of the unknown, uncertainty, I am in a state of thrill, adventure, creativity, exhilaration, fun and hilarity. Problems become opportunities, uncertainty opens up whole arrays of possibilities, when you experience uncertainty, and embrace the course of action on faith, you encounter knowledge through experience, and become a lover of wisdom - don’t throw the wisdom of the field of potentiality that is the seed of pure wisdom of uncertainty, which will bring about opportunities, and spontaneous solutions.

Our job is not to figure out the 'hows' the how will show up out of the commitment and the belief in the 'what' Jack Canfield. But, rather, we should be asking, how do we become self-actualized without self torture in search for certainty, and dedicate ourselves to understanding the reasons behind the need for certainty?

Truly, self-actualization takes guts and courage to becoming your full potential - ultimate personal power comes from inner seeing, and correct utterance of syntax and semantics through mental training. I argue that most of us function at a level that represents a very small percentage of what we could be, maybe around 2% or 3%. While pioneering my own Dream Goal of Achievement System, called N.V.L.S.E based on research on neuroscience, I realized that we can quickly raise our level to 5% or even 10% if we persevere.

You can feel you can determine your results. . . . you can feel incredibly motivation and inspired . . . and ... you can persist. . . . without specialized knowledge of mental training, but unless you put your time, emotional investment, and efforts with perseverance in the discipline of daily mental training, or all the resources around you now, will not help you to arrive at the finish line of success, nor will you be able to sustain long term youth, health and wealth, unless you hang in there with the training, with a mentor, with a coach, as well as dedicating yourself to reading creatively, and grasping meaning to ascertain knowledge and wisdom and establish your high achiever model.

Once you engage in learning without getting too fixated with the need for certainty, you will need to go into the unknown of the experience itself, and comprehend these laws into the experience of the invisible, into the unified field of your consciousness, going beyond the senses that metamorphose mankind to go from depression into jubilation in short time, and from poorer to richer and from there, you start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the universe, and that is the law of infinite intelligence, AND infinite creativity.

You become what you believe you are, but you also magnetize what you feel about most. Having gone through the tunnel of death, and came out from the infinite tunnel of the rabbit hole, and finding myself pioneering the Dream Goal Achievement System, and discovered the full benefits of N.V.L.S.E

N.V.L.S.E includes (but isn't limited to) the following:
• Shift your thinking and shape, up your perception from that of a subject-slave, to that of a free sovereign
• Develop insight, intuition, and psychic power.
• Crystallizing your understanding of the nature of your mind power
• Regaining your personal power.
• Expel the demon within, and unleashing your genius within.
• Developing your ability to encode insightful fresh data, from the cosmic mind to support you, in the achievement, and fulfillment of your desired dream goals
• Develop your social and business skills, including networking skills to help you submerge and attract competent people to work with you.
• You become the master of your time management
• You become the beacon of entrepreneurial skills.
• Improving health and fitness,
• Expand your life span with the knowledge you will gain, from the infinite reservoir of your consciousness
• Empower and master your emotional control.
• Becoming the beacon of decision-making.

So, we are really talking about sophisticated intelligence, that anyone can tap into it, to free ourselves from the tyranny of routine, and illusions of the search for certainty, instead, of engaging someone to work with you, so that you expand your Brainpower, Personal Power, and Freedom Power.

Many Blessing To All


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