please, help me out in my upcoming article about peace !!!

Dear Peacemakers,
Thank you so much every peace seekers in the Mepeace network for your extra-ordinary efforts to enhance the principles of peace process, mutual understanding and co-existence between the brothers in both side and I highly appreciate these efforts
So, Really this is the first time to post a blog in the Mepeace network as well as I strongly believe that we together can do at least something towards stop the on-going violence as a result of daily escalating violence around us .Honestly, I believe it'll be great opportunity to foster the culture of peace education through getting involve with many different peace exchange programs and share our ideas, attitudes and experiences with all peace seekers over the world. So, as well as I’m a part of Israeli- Palestinian Conflict and one of the active members of this network I think time is over, the time of silence and we should have working seriously toward enhance the culture of peace education. And to this ends, I’m goanna write an article about what does peace means? And what is supposes to do toward that? What’s the most pressing issues and challenges that effect negatively on the peace? .So, please help me out with your ideas, solutions, experience and proposals if it possible, and it’ll be better if you suggesting a great conflict’s solutions and what’s the skills we should have to dealing with conflicts .
Thank you again, I’m looking forward to hearing from you all, please.
Love and Peace from Gaza Strip.

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Comment by Omar MHD on March 4, 2011 at 11:13pm
Dear Neri,
thank you a million for u interesting reply and I highly appreciate your efforts, really I got abenfit from your view and I strongly agree with you that the internal conflict in the both side effect negatively on the future peace .
thank you again,Looking forward to hearing from you ..hugs
Comment by Omar MHD on March 4, 2011 at 10:49pm
Dear Galila, thank you so much for your interesting reply and for your kindly welcoming to join you all in your group. and I agree with you that pple particulary in the region believe in this way to have better live without going violence and it's the time to raise our voices high and high and to get what we want :) thank you again ,love and peace from Gaza ,Looking forward to hearing from you ,please
Comment by galila wengrov on March 2, 2011 at 10:54am
Dear Omari

Your reading here is touching.
I agree with what Neri wrote here above.
I believe most people want quiet and gentle life. The problem is we do not hear their voices.
So, I think it's time to play the moderate voice. How? Action!
What actions? Create a group and think together what you do to emphasize the moderate voice?
I am a group called "Love Thy Neighbor."
Here. You are welcome to join. #! / home.php? sk = group_170021229708006 & ap = 1
We try to create artistic projects "shouting" Our idea loudly.
For example, a street theater to be held in the streets in Tel - Aviv and conduct a dialogue with passersby
Comment by Corey Gil-Shuster on March 2, 2011 at 9:56am

You should also try to meet in person with other peace makers.


IPCRI peace workshop ( happens two/three times a year and brings Israelis and Palestinians together,


Gaza-Sderot ( just had a conference but may have others (you should contact them).


These organizations bring people from Gaza to meet with other peacemakers. Check out the calendar for other events.

Comment by Yermi Brenner on March 2, 2011 at 9:30am

Dear Omar,

I was happy to read you letter.

I think if people have the freedom to express their opinion and promote their beliefs, than peace will happen - even in our complicated region. That is because most people wish to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with war and conflict.

I support your views and will be happy to help with what ever I can.

Looking forward to read your article.


Comment by Neri Bar-On on March 2, 2011 at 8:56am

Dear Omar,


 Grate to see you here and I hope we will have better conditions for communicate.

what does peace means?

Peace mean that our children will have much less risk and much more oppertunity for a good life. Peace is a stage in human relationship where they alll work together for getting better life in economy culture and environment and respect all brothers.


What is supposes to do toward that?

We need to create conditions for ending violance and address the needs of all people in the region build the capacities for good governance, good economy, and enable freedom.


What’s the most pressing issues and challenges that effect negatively on the peace?

The main issue is the Palestinian independed National state of Palestine, for getting there we have two main issues.

Israel internal conflict between right and left where the right work to create settelments and make it imposiablle to ensure the Palestinians fair and large enough territory.

Palestine internal conflict between Fatah and Hamas where this disable a unity of governance and disable the palestinians from having a unite entity to sign agreements with Israel.

Comment by Corey Gil-Shuster on March 2, 2011 at 8:55am
Hi Omar, I live in Tel Aviv. How can I help? I work in conflict theory so I can help out with understanding the dynamics of both sides and creating better understanding.
Comment by Stewart Mills on March 1, 2011 at 10:55pm

Hi Omar,


There are a variety of response to the topic peace on mepeace.  You can search the site to help with your research.


One recent discussion that was had was

What do we want? Posted by Shaii Ki on June 23, 2008


From my own view point I have written about...

Peace as the satisfaction of 8 basic needs


You will have often heard about basic needs from a physical point of view, i.e. food, water, shelter and warmth. However, from a psychological point of view: peace is the satisfaction of basic needs.  


I wrote a Masters thesis looking at how humans as emotional and rational beings, have eight basic psychological needs, the attainment of which gives some sense of peace.  As emotional beings we have a need for esteem (love, recognition), meaning, identity and emotional stimulation (pleasure, fun) and as rational beings we have the need for control (autonomy), security, justice and rational stimulation (learning).  I applied this basic framework at the individual level to the societal level in the case of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It led me to conclude that both Palestinian national rhethoric 'There will be no peace without justice' and the Israeli rhetoric 'There will be no peace without security" are both flawed because they only take into consideration one aspect of peace. To resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict an attempt to satisfy all 8 elements of peace is required (ie. respect for mutual security, justice, meaning, identity and control needs etc..) coupled with the openness to want to resolve the conflict and respect for the dignity and sanctity of fellow human beings [hence the title of my thesis: Empathising with the enemy]./body>


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