Friends, did you ever pay any serious thought in identifying the relation between 3Ms - Man! Money!! Market!!! ???? To me, Money, in present world of moribund Capitalism plays a vital role in promoting/facilitating/lubricating the Market (where goods and services created by Man are transacted enabling the main market players – the capitalist class to extract maximum profits and create an iniquitous economic-social-political and cultural environment; where Man, involved in creating wealth of nations, has no value other than its wage labour (determined under the dictations of the masters or owners of means of production). Here Man, creating wealth, is inferior to both Money and Market... Here Market and Money not only dominate Man but also determine Man’s course of action/ favour of the Masters of means of production- the capitalist class... In Socialism (Socialist socio-economic-politico and cultural order), Man- the creator of wealth of nations, is at the fore of all the human endeavours...where Man is supreme and Money and market are governed and controlled by Man to meet Man’s perceived needs for betterment of the human civilization... Which type of Social Order and/or Nation’s development you will cherish? First one or the Second one?? Dear friends, Today at vigyan Bhawan, Our PM has announced launching Mudra Bank to improve the financial status of 5.7 crore petty venders/businessmen who run their establishments facing odds and hardships and despite that they (petty venders/businessmen) provide employment to about 12 crore Indian workers. Our PM, with his lucid but cunning deliberation, was trying to hide the ugly faces of the big industrial houses labelling them to be self reliant but having insignificant role in employing only about 1.5 crore Indian workers. He lauded his own deeds claiming miraculous achievement in linking crores of financially excluded Indian people under MP’s Jan Dhan Yojna and thereby helped improving the health of the Banking system of India. He claimed to note down his prediction that after one year Mudra Bank will develop as the centre of financial transactions in the country and the formal baking system would be seen in queue getting financial strengths form this initiative. This is our PM’s new trick to give backdoor entry to FDIs in retail trade by befooling us. A student of Economics and Social Science know that the scope of subsidiary /ancillary business establishments along with petty vending is determined by the mainstream development process led by big business establishments like Tatas, Goenkas, Dalmias, Adanis, etc. These big business houses are 24X7 hours busy in capturing any market opportunity that may help them maximizing their profits. The 5.7 crore petty venders (as per our PM’s estimate) are surviving at their own fighting against their big brothers (multi-national-corporate capitalist class). These petty vendors play a leading role in our market economy. But at the same time, they (petty vendors) are the possible obstructers of the Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization programme of our Government. Our PM’s IMF designed game plan of launching Mundra Bank, at the dictation of the multinationals-corporate bodies, is to eliminate these petty venders from the market by arresting/trapping them offering loans and die an eventual death like the suicide cases of the loan recipient farmers. And thereby our PM, very cleverly, would be heading towards providing space for the Multi-national –Corporate bodies to capture the market space presently captured by the petty business class people/vendors and/or make them enslaved under the direct control and governance of the FDIs/Corporate-multinationals.. Friends, with a few exceptions, lack of capital investment is not the main problem before the development of informal sector of our country.. it is the crisis of market (world-wide) which is the main problem before the development of informal sector of India... Therefore, I appeal to you all to understand the hollowness of the concept f our PM’s new formula of development of our informal sector through Mudra Bank. This is a lollypop showing which our PM wants to bring Congress Government’s incomplete task of bringing FDI in retail trade.... Down with Capitalism!!! Long Live Socialism!!!!

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