One year ago today a friend passed into the next plain of existence. I dwell not in the sorrow of the death of her humanself, but, rather, I celebrate the birth of her new existence.

The funeral was on November 22 - Toronto's first snow fall of 2007. Ironically, today was our first snowfall and when I gazed out my window I saw her standing there, smiling and wishing me Light and love. Her life in this plain was one of tragedy and sorrows, pain and suffering from a life of abuse and neglect. A beautiful soul that society had shunned and allowed for her to fall between the cracks of life.

She suffers no more - she shines through.

The blog concerning her affect and effect upon my life can be read at my page in the November 22, 2007 archive of my blog.

I do not find it odd that The AtomicMother allowed for a snowfall to remind my forgetful human side to pay her homage on this day.

A gentle reminder, if you will, that although the snowfall brings us pretty white pictures of nature, it also befalls upon us the coldness of reality. Life is a harsh whore occasionally, a mean mistress who will bite our asses to allow us the overstanding that nothing is ever as it appears. There are Light and Dark sides to every facet of existence. The KEY to living a complete life is to have the ability to deal with these two opposing sides as equals and necessities.

Physics states that for every action there lays an opposite and equal "reaction". Our life is under the realm of this equation.

For we must have the knowledge and ability to deal equally with both the Light and the Dark sides of living in this mortal plain. We must deal realistically with both and not let happiness or sadness allow for us to center in on one single emotion. All is equal and all is as important as the other.

So, today, dance your dance, walk your walk and talk that talk, but remember to treat all aspects of your daily life as equals and do not get lost in the swirling cesspools of emotion.

Have faith in knowing that we are but mere sparks in an exceptionally larger burst of energy and Light.

And then shine me a favour and hug, help or just say hello to someone who needs such on this whitened day..................PEACE and LIGHT to you!

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