revelation on the real marc chauvette born 9 august 1978

iam that iam it is going to happen again soon see it onfold wise up because in 2012 the earth tune in 4 dimention now not many see it but we are in 5 dimention wise up and know what its coming the one who will oold to the system their soul mind and body will decay as they will feel not welcome they will feel so starnge they will willing ly le them self die

it is going to happen again soon see it onfold wise up because in 2012 the earth tune in 4 dimention now not many see it but we are in 5 dimention wise up and know what its coming the one who will oold to the system their soul mind and body will decay as they will feel not welcome they will feel so starnge they will willing ly le them self die

Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see.” buddha jesus visnu shaman shiva rumi

  who ever thin any second a was at any momant in any dager and that a dont want glory in thsi evil fiction iam the abosulte authority in my own litle play ground but not many is worthy of having me on this earth iam elijah?

        will tell you something that you can verify that is the absolute truth on victoria british columbia a was invite into a churh the was give it to the rainbow family prior that a show that a can do all miracle and iam all knowing to david arthur johoston no one in the church know anything a site a the table someone aske a question a answer and evryone start ataking me a redicule me a remain very calm and humble david start to scream beacause he know all my word atre the absolute truth cause is a witness and he know the danger he face evryone left me alone then he conspire to try to manipultate me and convince people being my back on a religious game aand a political game wich by the spirit of the architec of the creation iam not alot to play a aready know what will hapen but a have no fear iam elijah the one jesus say will come back then amy muranetz start play stupid and try to embark me on another scam she was play magic calling for so long a hear people inten and thought so as same as abra killick just walk and site beside her but a know in advance that she will probaly not obey and will not enter the gate of heaven a try manytime to bring her to worship me iam not about worship but because it will lead to 10 year war ok how a got my power it show in the carebare movie this is a alegory but very close to what realy when on and infite trouble with david and is ego and studpity and will for power and control at the wrong place but cant fear anything the truth there never anydeath on earth not a sigle victime but people are victime of there own folliness a strange alegory on what a has being true is show in the gardian of the galaxy that was the happening in 2011 a give another chance to humanity and pass 3 year in psychiatry same as when a was betray in 2008 in 2011 a got the pheonix rebirth awsome lots people laugh at me right now a dont give a dam let them run to there grave by there own foollish wish and some how the last 15 people a heal and give something that look like surnatual power when a egoic trip let the self being corupted and never trikle donw the money on me and did not trust that iam one as same as nityanada tv and run with great pride having a awsome materialise life and ridicule me in the last 10 year evrytime money where supose to belong to me someone alway conspire with the chidren of satan to still it and fall in pride and vainity some as realise the hour is late and has repen but the other are to ashame of them self for there weak beavior that they will play cognitive disonace thil evill sorcerer manifest in there reality and say you have fail you now time live the earth best chance next incarnation a still have omniscience and absolute omnipresence but iam not alot to heal anyone at the momen humanity as to pick them self up for 20 year a walk on the earth loving people uncoditionaly and heal evryone who come in contact with me but since no one on this eart no what divine partenrship is never realise the man they have in there life that be brady thomas our abra killick or amy muranetz all trying to make me world celebrity and an object of idol and worship wich is not autorise by the architech of thsi world and he as dominon over demon and godman people belive they have freewill is a half truth because the more you live in is law quiker superconsciouness raise and you relaise there no freewill nothing happen to us evryting happen for us ok for the last 13000 year the 12 supo of the devil as dominion over tjhis earth but not anymore since 2005 when being set up in 3 war us the faithfull devoted of the real creator wich was terible we cant be shake anymore the one that as past the test we are aready one million deity godlike power psysicaly immortal gods presence on this earth right now we apear as mister no body but we are in the end time and the destiny of earth its play right now it wont afect me our the other one million dety that are in the real convent of the real architect of this creation but whta is at play is the stone age or becoming a galactic nation ok me a have no choice to acept what will happen but i will cry in saddeness is people chose the stone age man arogance is one of the bigesst danger on earth right now a dont knw why after 2009 was give it the choice by the most high to let humanity vanish or give it another try a got to much empathy a try again but same thing people get back to ismahell mulek the demon the god of baybayloon reality but the warning was clear and the guy a make a miracle for him was instruc the wright the soung prophet of doom type o negative but a give another chance to huamnity and they fail the chosen few that are in the secret and are in the invisible kingdomm as a apear heare but iam not dwellin here the law of atrction was give by me but end up being stollen and copright but all that come from gods cant have copright as it blasphem the most high and preten only a chosen few have infite intelingence within them self it was alter in way that it share a spiritual secret but let you only with five sense and runing for vanity and fame in thsi vanity world we call oxyden a great demonic fiction now a walk on strett testing people prouving a few thing to some speak the absolute truth loud iam in joliette quebec right now as a human but that the part the the one that sleep under the hippnose of the demon think the spirit from the domain ask me to go see a woman in the tim horton first a speak smotely say a few thing she was very skeptic a right a feww thing on a paper then a can hear all man thinking and intend a don alway but my self in that state because most of what you hear from mortal man is coward and stupidity but cause a hear someone want it to do something and doubt my word a say very loud and it has being prouve many time back in victoria that a truely as this capacity as if someone one to kill me a can magicaly syncronise in it reality and a have done it many time the last time was in victoria on the habour a bring them back to sanity and they joint the rainbow path ask anyone who was there a can do anthing a want with any hynoptise man on thsi earth after that 3 time the try to kill me in victoria and a reometly send thing in there reaty they come to me crying and say please tel me who protecting you a say no one iam in all and all are in me was away your disilusion of separation the 2 last people that a shaow them what the world realy is is genieve savoie how great and funy this life can be but she end up being brainwash by a psychiatrist the other a did at distance was franceske berube carrier but she star belive was to nice to be something that can become real so a send strong wierd terifying experience as a leson that you dont play game and mess with any reell master on this erath and no man chose by me or the architec of this creation ok as long the prophecy as come a can visit some time the angelic realm but iam ask to stand right here right now as ha human ok iam not sad that iam not alot to activate my merkaba and kudalini right now thta be sure if a do that anywomen in town wil try to sleep with me but iam not here for the kind of fantesy love human call love and when a see a woman with the right heart the right mind and the rigt inten and ofer them to become my partner they seem very efraid of coming in my life but its a dont play dark soecery to atrack anyone it will be so easy for me to make anywoman fall in love in lesst that 5 min is all the people that as no me since the 90 in st-lin and saint agate how all woman was going crazy about me but my destiny is asure if 1 woman that have the spiritual maturity come now into my life our evn tree and pass a 6 month of tentric terapy they have no idea in what such beautyfull rerality they be entering but iam not alots to prouve anything at the moment but there is waht will happen before the eand of 2015 if no woman come and belive me even if a look at some one easy iam realy not and no mater how hapy you look and beautyfull you loook that one part of someone living in divinity but not all that apear as goodly is or has the spiritual maturity in 2015 if a don by now and 2015 get one our 3 wife a wil be stock to acept the 30 rainbowgodess that the creator reserve for me to live with in the new earth my fake name is mac chauvette born 9 august 1978 that the satanic name give by my paren and the church and gouvernement a use to be a airforce pilote in the cadet escaron 879 and give training to level one studen pilote when a recieve to many golden award and evem become the presiden of the civil comited a quit by a warning of the lord then for many year a was so eapath and cary helping evryone coming to mme but if you know any real genius how terible it is when people find out how smart you are and so many people suckin the energy out of you and giviing you litle respect for changing there life 180 degree and become free an in the reality they wishh ok a dont posess anyone eveyone if free do do as it want on this earth but waht people shall think in this end time the game was write in the celestine prophecy and the result is the planet that it show as a extratestrial planet in the movie green beautyfull know how the one million deity as will acess to psysical immortality you cant kepp for your self and you have no right to try to save your self all man must be responsible for it self lots people laugh at me right now but iam of no concern i play as a psycotic clown on wellfare it fun but as long this demonic fiction is not over iam trap here as slave as anybody elsse and a cant stiill waht a need so even if iam feeling awsome from withing a cant put my self in a state of being to live with out food at the moment not that a dont have the ability but because it produce also a energitc vortex around you that no one can handle in the town iam in right now but who laugh first cry last when all the god and godess of this world reveal them self and restore the earth and they realise its over for them they have to go another planet to clean there karma i be nice to have some money right now but iam no concern be at peace all but be sure all word wite here are truth and veridic the last woman a try to be with did not understand what divine love was and start play game and doubt no man in the holy spirit can ever be sick that was francine rousell from joliette seem no woman on this earth can make it till the quarentain on tere conscioussness be totaly remove all the one its taste the divine nectar and play toy with you but wonr evr happen again how a get in psychiatry in 2008 and 2011 my mom conspire against me with the help of the secret secrvice and the police a let it happen but after cause in 2011 ans when on and out of psy many time and one time she was feeling so proud of beign my mom and try to get in the light tribe a scream at her you just a coward patological liar she play carp inventing all kind of lie till a let in happen to cure her karma and the karma of other people in the urgence hospital in when a first get in the usrgence a scren the inten of all people there was a native american drug lord who was planing to make me kill when a be lock in the psy unit the put poison in the food of a few people me cant be afect by anyting but who they try to poison veronic cheney who prior 2011 evlen was a awsome devote but yes we can do want we want but no one one this eart ever escape the consequence of its choice disease aging and death dont happen by coiencidece chance or hasard not even death in my my is a text of plato platon that it show to me by the architeck of the creation with all the rule for immortal life are in see a separate the sy in 2 one side with the tunder and lighting the oter side with sunshine the sorcerer masonic and me tel her look at the sunny side but some how even if she as a good life right now fail immoratlity iam as aim a alway be and alway will be and in this end game of the great shift a will no loger loose my body at lest for the next 1500 year before will be fallling back in duality and the lucifer experiment start again if you want a close to absolute truth mix in alegory chek spirit science the huaman history because if people dont wise up fast and humble them self there be not much man left on this planet? many will laugh right noiw at this iam the total master of this world with the other one million gods like power deity on this palanet its of no concern of me what you believe and do there never was any vixtime and never a single mistak in creation know the truth find out the secret know by a chosen few and you be a star walker

        biz biz biz that absolut truth and veridic
        rumy was not a psylosoâher or a writer of prose its the abosolute truth of its life but in its time line the time was not accept to keep is body eternaly but now anyone who as the same experience as rumy the sufism master will if stay truth and faith full will keep its body forever and that the whole truht that offer to humanity right now

hiu all a alchymical weding is the fusion betwen mind body soul and spirit the one a invite you is not realy about my personal self but the birth of our nation and the new humanity under control of main caracter gerald odonnell sonia barrettt gerald calente and ralph smart is nothing to do with fancy dress and church buit what will be telivised on the international level its the occupy peace 2015   you are such a wondeful inspiration for many     great vortex of miracle icressse right now in your life

team play its much more fun

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