Root Cause behind the mentality of committing crime like Rape!!!

Nothing in this world happens without any causal effect. Some are good and healthy change/phenomenon and we welcome these, while some others are so unhealthy that we call these as crimes. Why such criminality. If one applies looking every phenomenon with a dialectical approach (as 'thinking software' in a man's 'brain hardware' is the product of this material world), then one may find such crimes are the products of class-wars or wars between two rival state power powers having clashing interests. If this is true then obviously one can question - 'how to understand the physical torture and rape of a young school girl that took place a few days back in New Delhi (capital city of India)?? For this one has to study the inherent socio-economic and cultural transformation process that has been taking place all through between slave India and Independent India. What is that phenomenon? This is nothing but a phenomenon of reformative transformation from feudalism and all its factors and forces of the erstwhile governance under British colonial rule to compromising moribund/crisis-ridden capitalism (under the sovereign rule since independence). To promote such a degenerated capitalism without having any humane face, the Indian Ruling Class lead by Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh, gave licenses to the capitalist class to carry out all kinds of nonsense/unethical/inhuman activities to create conducive socio-economic and cultural environment suited to perpetuate their class interests. And most suited socio-economic and cultural environment for the capitalist class is commercialization of everything even human beings (labour power, beauty, shape and size, etc) in short lumpenism. Beauty of a woman’s whole body is now valuable marketable commodity; capitalist class chooses womanly qualities of a beautiful woman in propagating market of their products. We know that the so call development under capitalism is nothing but extension of market and calculation of Growth rate. Humane face has no value in their perspective of development. Here everything is for the market promotion by the capitalist class; and they try to promote a situation where everyone would think of personal gains or in terms of profit-loss. Working class– the creator of wealth and their culture of common good, are grinded under capitalism and a new degenerated and degraded individualism devoid of any ethics/morality and humane face as a so called modern market culture is being injected in their mind-set through cultural activities promoted through media.
Under the patriarchal social formation,the males (who enjoy more freedom so they can dare to move desperately to satisfy their whims and fantasies - that grow in them under market culture), are more influenced by this rotten culture than females. However, it is not that women are free from this rotten culture. Some of them also have developed feminist culture (a reaction or inevitable product of capitalism governed under the patriarchal social formation) and they think in another extreme. One cannot fail to imagine of an incident of rape of a young man by such females in a socio-economic environment predominantly dominated by the feminists or under a state power governed by the feminists. But having endowed with some womanly qualities (as main actors of the regeneration process), definitely, they (women) would possibly be not as brutal as men.
By enacting legislation for severe punishment could lessen such criminal incidents like rape for the time being but it could not be cured once for all if we allow perpetuating the degenerated socio-economic phenomenon in the hands of capitalist class; who can do any amount of crime to capture market/s. The capitalist class wants to protect a few sections of elite and sober class people who can manage their market-based mechanism including the state power by maintaining a distinct educative environment and for the rest majority they (capitalist class) design a framework under which they (working humanity) remain in dark under lumpensim, illiteracy, fatalism, etc.
Rape as a crime is thus an inevitable outcome of a criminal mind set grown under the process of marketization, liberalization, privatization, globalization under Capitalism-neo-imperalism!! Isn't it????

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