Roots of Corruption (in Economy and Society) in India

India after getting freedom from British Rule on 15th August 1947 opted for Capitalist model of development under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru - the only trusted leader of Indian capitalist class who supported freedom movement keeping their class interest at the fore. This was a great denial of recognition of the sacrifices of the leaders of the Indian working class who wanted India to be free from all kinds of exploitation of man by man. Agreement of transfer of power from British to the leaders of the Indian Capitalist class was foundation of corruption in India. Secondly, Nehru-Jinnah nefarious pact on ruling independent India led to division of the country followed by mass-killing/genocide. This was followed by abolition of the then Zamindary system (basing upon whom, the Britishers ruled India for about three centuries) through compromises with their misdeeds of the then Zamindars/ Rajas/Maharajas/Lords and by paying them adequate monetary compensations to reorganize their exploitative economic base and social hegemony in the new system. All such arrangements have led to deepening corruption in Indian Polity and Society. In course of its development, the Indian capitalism, while playing a dual role in manipulating things in the then power relations between Capitalist block led by Europe and America and Socialist block led by USSR under its protectionist policies, undermined the misdeeds/all kinds of nefarious actions of the capitalist class in collusion with those in the helm of affairs in the state machinery (Centre and States). NAM was another game through which it (Indian Capitalism) tried to expose its political supremacy over the developing and newly formed poor nations and thereby not only bargained with the two power blocks in its favour but also tried to penetrate into the markets of those poor nations through Indian multinationals or state capital. These unholy means added to the momentum of the corrupt culture in Indian life. Thus, by its entire means, the Indian Capitalism grew its optimum level (set historically by the moribund world capitalism) by the end of eighties. And by the beginning of the nineties Indian Capitalism had no option than to surrender before the waning world capitalism in the name of opening up of the economy for free trade and commerce under the policy of liberalization/privatization/globalization, No doubt, this arrangement has given some relief to the Indian capitalism in consolidating itself under the wrap/lap of the crisis ridden world capitalist leadership headed by America/Europe. But at the same time, it has created huge problems in terms of destabilization of the past economic order, huge economic and social disparities, regional disparities, internal conflicts, wage differentials, inflation, destitution, malnutrition and above all a corrupt socio-political and cultural environment in the country. Anna Hazare and his Team have no eye to look corruption in this angle. Rather they are charged with the notion propagated by the forerunners of the foreign as well as Indian multinationals who citing the example of China, Korea and Brazil warns that there is enough scope of strengthening Indian capitalism provided state power is capable of managing the devil of corruption in the free play of multinational capital. Reflection of the need of foreign and Indian multinationals through Anna Hazare’s mind, culture and actions (as it happened once with Mahatma Gandhi whose ideology, believes, behaviours, notions and practices matched with the interests of the then Capitalist class) failed to grasp the political economy of the roots of corruption in India. Those advocate the actions of Anna Hazare and his Team believe that Indian state machinery (that has grew under corruption) has been the main constraining factor before growth and development of India. This is true. Then to root out this evil one has to give the shape of the mass movement against corruption starting from grassroots level or tola/village level. Moreover, Anna and his team might get misled by the experience of China where state sponsored capitalism has flourish to attain the position of a super power in the uni-polar world economy. Team Anna's internal vision might be to frame such a law that would be supreme to all (indirect way of Fascism-isation of the Indian economy). Well all such steps are welcomed if we want that at the cost of our own sovereignty, dignity and values we opt for growth-led oriented capitalist development (leaving aside the human face) then Anna's call is justified and we all should join hands to achieve that goal. Simply by having strong Jan Jan Lok Pal Act, internal corrupt practices of the people involved in managing the Indian State machinery could never be curbed. To root out this draconian evil (corruption) a strong social, political and cultural movement starting from grassroots level need to be shaped and guided under a leadership that would be free from what Comrade Shibdas Ghosh said - private property mental complexes. And such a mental state could be attained by leaders through developing in them the art of living for the humanity and not for their own personal interests/belongings/blood-relations (as it is being practiced under the capitalism). The task is too tough to perform and in course of such practice there is every possibility of getting down from heaven to hell. Yet we do not have any other option if at all we need to safe this earth and living beings of this globe. However, Indian working class should thank Mr. Anna for raising this issue on the eve of 65th anniversary of Indian freedom struggle where he mentioned we have to organize ourselves for a second freedom struggle movement (we add here - to emancipate the common Indian masses from the yoke of capitalist and market oriented culture propagated by the capitalist class /multinationals).

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