i dont deny the 6 day war i'm sure it was a glourious day for Israel..but for my family it was an ironic reality my dad foreseen a year earlier so sure of a concpiracy in the works he named his new born Palestine in a journalist he had an inside info of something between Jordan's king & Isreal is brewing..i was one month old my sis a year old he left us with the nuns at the monestry with a note to deliver us to my grandparents in case they dont make it back..he was reporting from the war theater..recorded a betalion Jordanian troops refusing a king's order to not fire and retreat back outside Jerrico they later vanished..and yes there was an Iragi tanks (3) fighting in Jenin wiped out of course..but the truth is Israelies army had no true resistance in taking over the West Bank from 1979 my dad was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in Ber Shiva prison for publishing his findings in the Arabic newspaper (Al-queds) where he was an editor in chief. without the approval of the military censoreship approval. he was a peace activest even from behinds bars

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Comment by Tim Upham on June 9, 2012 at 8:33pm

You bring up a dilemma not easy to answer.  But that does not mean just forget it.  Restrictions exists because Israel was terrified over suicide bombings.  When I was there in 2006, the country was just wrecked by it.  Unfortunately, people like you are paying the price for it.  So you will agree with me, that it is not fair.  But how do we convince Israeli security, because their paranoia has a reason behind it.  In the foreseeable future, it does not seem like it is going to change, unless the Israeli government can change their position on the fact that you have a Jewish wife and 2 children who are eligible for Israeli citizenship.  The only thing I can recommend is that you contact an Israeli lawyer, to find out how you can get around this, because it falls within the jurisdiction of Israeli law.  But unfortunately, people like you are being held hostage by the perpetual sectarian violence that has gripped both Israelis and Palestinians.  But find out if an Israeli lawyer is feasible for you.

Comment by Nidal Khalili on June 9, 2012 at 10:50am

i agree what happened in the past good for Israel yahoo.. but lets find some ways where we can meet in the wife is a Jew i have 2 kids who can move to Israel and get an Israeli citizen not me i can only travel as an american with 30 days visa..i'm ok with that how can we let go of the past pain and move forward...

Comment by Tim Upham on June 6, 2012 at 2:21am

Let us bring this up to current standards.  King Hussein was in a war with Israel, but now his son is trying to help mediate some type of an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty.  Jordan no longer has any control over the West Bank, it is now strictly between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  We can continue the tradition of your father being a peace activist.  But being any type of peace activist means addressing the bitter pills that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority will have to swallow.  Bitter pills such as the status of Jerusalem, the Israeli settlements, and future citizenship such as the given will be Israel will also have an Arab minority, which means Palestine will have to allow some type of Jewish minority.


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