Those who favor Palestinians say peace is not achievable without justice.
Those who favor Israel say that peace is not achievable without submission.
What they both fail to realize is that with partisan justice and forced submission, their actions are divisive and a prelude to endless suffering, terrorist acts, social unrest, and war. What they claim to seek will be the means to the end of both.

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Comment by Jeff Richards on November 14, 2011 at 5:43pm
THANK YOU! Exactly, Jeff, people there, most of them, favor peace. The more I speak to organizations and governments that are trying to 'help' the Israeli and Palestinian people, the more I understand that they are usually what is hindering the peace process.

When I speak with a pro Palestinian organization about peace, such as, they instantly go into the justice that must be served before peace can be achieved. But the justice they seek is one sided to only those of Israel as if there has been no violations on the Palestinian side. Waiting for justice to be served before peace is achieved is similar to persecuting an arsonist before you get around to putting out the fire. The fire will destroy much more as you search, arrest, and persecute the arsonist. Instead, extinguish the flames then seek the arsonist.

When speaking to several organizations and some politicians, such as the office of Nevada Senator Dean Heller, I am told that they all stand with whatever AIPAC says or they will say that there will be no peace unless the Palestinians submit to all demands of Israel. In this case it is as if they are waiting for the arsonist to turn himself in under strict guidelines that have been set forth for his surrender. After all demands have been met and the arsonist has surrendered, the fire may be extinguished.

Peace is achievable. As most things in life, however, peace comes with a price. The price depends on the willingness of the general populations to move forward and the subsequent actions of those in power on all sides that will push back.

Jeff, in my last blog you had spoken to the point that Hamas would have to be dealt with in order to pursue my plan. You are right. They would have to be dealt with and that is in my plan. But Hamas is not the only faction that needs to be dealt with and it is possible to deal with them all.

But in order to have any chance, someone has to take the first step, tell those who are hindering the process to shut up, and begin to move forward in a constructive way. This doesn't mean all sides need to be friends. This doesn't mean that all of a sudden everyone trusts each other. This does mean, however, that all sides respect each other and allow for self determination. And when that self determination threatens its neighbors, and it will, people should deal with that at that time.
Comment by Jeff stern on November 13, 2011 at 9:08pm

Some people here actually favor peace.


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