Should the BJP’s Mr. Narendra Modi, the next PM of India be awarded as the Steel Man of India!!

As I mentioned in my earlier note that except SUCI (C) all other political parties in India are formed to serve the interests of the capitalist/pro-capitalist (middle/upper-middle/social, religious and linguistic minorities) classes. All these parties are funded by their real masters (owners of all means of production/ all kinds of produces and managers of distribution of goods and services). As there are conflicts of interests among those different capitalist classes, viz., regional capitalist class has conflict with national or multi-national capitalist classes, this is why there are so many regional parties in India. This is not at all desirable by the leading capitalist class towards achieving their cherished goal i.e. to establish their absolute (fascist) rule. So, to give Indian Capitalism a concrete expression (good governance and good infrastructure arrangements for free and unhindered flow of capital of the multinational class), there is need for reconciliation among the various brands of political parties or for strong action to force them to join either UPA or NDA. (Multi-party form of governance of India mode of democracy has been the reflection of that. Sometimes it leads to critical situation particularly when a national party fails to get majority seats in the Lok Sabha/ parliamentary election. Governance of Indian democracy through alliance (like UPA and NDA) of different political parties does not find a right course to lead the nation to achieve the goal and objectives of the capitalist class like monopoly houses/corporate bodies and multinationals). Mr. Modi has personified this vital need of the monopoly houses (national and foreign multinationals) and has come forward with a master plan designed by the corporate houses having affiliation with American lobbies. Under such above circumstances, appeal to those regional political parties (that are neither in Congress led UPA nor in BJP led NDA) and their masters by Mr. Narendra Modi to join hands with BPJ led NDA and if they do so their (regional parties and their master’s) interests would be protected, has got a meaning. This is how; Mr. Modi is trying to resolve one of the main the problems of the ruling monopoly capitalist class who want to lead the nation under the two party form of governance like that of England. Grouping of the regional parties under the leadership of the two main national parties like BJP or Congress (that are supplementary and/or complementary to each other) with concrete action plan may, in course of time, help withering away of the regional (capitalist class) parties from the scene and establish autocratic rule of the capitalist class. If such an appeal for golden handshake fails to work, then unlike Mr. Ballav Bhai Patel (who played a major role in uniting the Zaminders having conflicting of interests in joining the Indian National state immediately after independence of the country) would apply coercive or harsh actions against those regional parties by amending the Constitution. And if Mr. Modi can do so, it is definite that he would be awarded as the Steel Man of India….

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