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I did not know how western think .I ask my self Question . when some one make terrible thing and murder ,why they fast looking to his religion , if it Islam called him terror ,or Islam are terror ,so is really Islam terror .i did not think so , Islam never invite to kill and must every one remember there is different between killing and fighting to free your country .ask your self this question if there is one country attack your country and occupation it .for any reason so what will you do .you will do one of those things Fight or keep silent ,so will should of us to call who is fight to free there country terrorism .can one tell me there is country get freedom with out fight. USA get there freedom by fight and read history .never mind .so must difference between Fight for Freedom and Terrorism.
I think if Is Islam is terror ,so All religions are terror and other believes are terror .Why west people judgment criminal people in there religion .not looking at this person is human and can carry devil and hate in his heart.
when some one make crime for any reason ,they looking is he Arabian or Muslim .so he is terror and try to found connection between him and terror organization .
There is American solider kill about 13 solders in USA base army ,so American fast looking to his religion and fast he is terror and Islam is terror .in 2002 there is American kill about 12 person and this known as Newyourk sniper ,why did not called him is terror ,ohhh he is Christian so should not called him terror ,because will invite Christians are terror ,I think christian religion is big terror ,why the famous terror in the new history was Christiane and he is make biggest massacre in history.this one was kill about 60 ,million in second world war and kill hundreds thousands of Jewish .oh he is Hitler and his religion christian.and do not forgot what Christians do for Muslim in Sarajevo and Bosnia .also Jewish leader kill thousands in 2006 in Lebanon and 2008 in Gaza ,so we should called Jewish is terror ,so we must not judgment in people religion ,because if religion is terror we will have big problem and mean there is 1.5 billion terror in this world called Muslim ,because they are carry Islam and this mean end of all humility when they fail to end some people are carry terror believes not Islam .So Islam not terror,Terror Has no religion ,color ,Race ,Home ,Humanity ,love

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Comment by Deborah Rafaeli on November 17, 2009 at 4:35pm
People always use religion as a problem for everything but its not the religion its the people who are the problem.
If everywone start to look eichother like a human being that woud be already a begin!
No religion can tell me wat to do and wat kind of person i have to be god gave me enoufh brains for that and that's why i'm not a robot but a human being!
Comment by Oliver Haack on November 16, 2009 at 11:05am
Neri is right in pointing to the "root causes of the action". What is defined as 'terror' has diverse such root causes - religion/religious fundamentalism being one of them. And yes, Ahmed, fundamentalisms exist in a plethora of religions - Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim alike. Other than people carrying out terror acts due to socio-economic or rather personal root causes (individual revenge...), religious fundamentalists don't use religion merely as a tool, as a justification for terrible and inhuman acts, but act on the basis of religion itself. This shouldn't be underestimated. At the same time, however, it should be clear - and that confirms your stance, Ahmed - that only a small part of believers of any religion can actually be regarded as fundamentalists potentially willing and able to carry out terrorist acts.

Everyone who still - 8 years after 9/11 - regards Muslims across-the-board as terrorists or potential terrorists hasn't understood anything.
Comment by harry deloria handenero on November 16, 2009 at 10:14am
hello friend i agree for your issue cause upon i observe in this setuation in middle east or even in any part of the world eve been obsreve that there is always a big descremination for the islam between the christian yes its true cause in any terror attack of different terrorists nor a muslim or christians their is still some people blame the muslims are always terrorists but i dont like that critizism about that riligions is always involved cause not in a religions it is the people who do it and some are only using the religions name just to cover them or just to need a sympathy for them cause we know that if the terrorists were a member of a different religion their is a favor a for them cause the leaders of the riligion himself understand and forgive them but if i'm a the leader of that religion thy mention i'll get mad for them cause i dont wonna get involved the name of religions that they mention or thy blame as a terrorist..more power to you,,friend hope you to visit in the philippines just to see me personally and may you say oh my god its you harry me god bless you friend and your family circle..
Comment by Neri Bar-On on November 16, 2009 at 3:12am
Terror is what one side call the violent action of the other side, defining any one as terrorist just disable us from practically access the root causes of the action and provide non violent solution.

Terror Has no religion ,color ,Race ,Home ,Humanity ,love; terror is just a word people use to justify their violent acts against others violent acts


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