The Alien Agenda and Techniques For Pacification By J.E. Ante

The Alien Agenda and Techniques For Pacification By J.E. Ante

I have had only one desire since I was very young – to know Truth. I have spent most all of my life following many paths of spiritual development. But those most useful and fruitful have been out of body experiences of the higher realms of existence and expanded awareness in meditation. This is what I have learned or I think I have learned in this lifelong endeavor.

In the higher realms and on Earth I learned that I am Soul experiencing this lower existence. My soul and other souls weigh a few grams and are conscious awareness that sees all and records all of our experiences.

Satnam is the God of Light in the higher Soul Plane. When asked about our existence he said that all souls when created go down to the lower worlds of existence to experience negativity and pain and suffering. This is done in order to better appreciate our spiritual heritage later on in the higher realms. Kali is God’s female counterpart that handles the lower worlds of God. Kali is mother nature and controls the many lower gods and beings that run the lower worlds of God and the Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric planes of existence.

That is the big picture but now for our local physical Earthly existence.

Good and Evil are experienced by all humans but we are not truly harmed by them. You are Soul and can not truly by harmed in life you can only experience life. The positive and negative experiences are here to teach us and create contrast so that Life can be experienced and varied in all its complexity.

As you grow in spiritual awareness you can learn to control your Self and then your local environment and experiences by manifesting your reality. God and Man are both positive and negative in nature in experience. But your Soul is neutral and is just pure consciousness which experiences life as a human or reptilian or animal, or plant or any other form of existence in the lower worlds of God.

The local solar system environment and social order is very complex and very populated with life as is most of the universe. The Earth humans are ignorant mostly that their planet is hollow and ruled by Agartha the inner super race, also the Moon and solar system is populated, and Earth elite governments have already built a secret massive Star Trek fleet of 20 mile long interstellar spacecrafts at the impoverishment of the surface populations over the past 60 years.

The surface humans are being taught by the Agarthians which are mainly positive and spiritual and by the Annuiki reptilian races which are negative. And both are overseen by the Greys of the Etheric plane of existence. Both the positive and negative aliens and experiences are necessary and in every sense good for humans souls. We need both the positive and negative to experience life and learning.

In 2012 the Earth contacts the galactic center and is the general time when Agartha will take over the ascendancy of teaching a more positive culture and spiritual existence. At this time the solar system enters the galactic plane and receive far more intense light energy from the millions of stars aligned with this flat galactic plane. All the planets will heat up and all life will evolve much more quickly at this time.

The surface humans’ ignorance will end soon of the mental and emotional control that is placed upon them to experience negative experiences of wars, pain, and suffering. And Agartha will become the main focus of teaching a much more spiritual existence. The main focus of this information is not to fully inform you of the very complex social current environment of the solar system but to enlighten you to the extreme mind control and emotional negative methods used upon you. This article is how to simply and easily counteract the negative influences to experience a more positive existence and self-control of your mental and emotional state of your aura and your existence. The main principle you need to understand is that humans are positive and of a positive clockwise spin and reptilians are negative and of a negative counter clockwise spin. Once this is understood and experienced a clear formula for psychic protection can be understood by anyone and implemented.

Reptilians have invaded our planet and have greatly influenced mankind for thousands of years. This invasion is not by physical force but by mental and emotional influences which most all surface humans are unaware. In times past the Catholic church and many eastern religions had church bells ringing every hour or loud gongs, chimes, and bowls sounding which disrupts these negative psychic and emotional negative influences temporarily. But today these sounds are largely gone at least in most western cultures.

In the past the Churches have used exorcism rights to rid some people of more obvious negative entities but again this is looked on as superstition today. Most all of these past practices of holy water, Ash Wednesday, blessing the throat etc. have been used to rid or limit alien influences in humans and in their major energy vortices in their auras.

Today since most of this old tech is little utilized it is necessary to upgrade to more direct and useful techniques to protect surface humans from negative psychic influences which attach themselves to the human mental, emotional, and physical auras.

Humans are naturally positive and do not harm anything by nature. This positive nature is due to the clockwise spin of our auras and is a most basic principle of our existence as humans. Only the negative counterclockwise spin of the negative reptilian influences can cause humans to experience negative realities and actions. Reptilians are negative by nature due to their counterclockwise spin of their auras.

When we inhabit reptilian bodies on reptilian planets we can much more fully experience negative realities and activities in those lifetimes. And when our soul inhabits a human body on a human planet we can much more easily experience positive spiritual actions and realities. It is said that in the 6th density the human and reptilian positive and negative natures are united to form a greater more complete spiritual understanding of life and our greater Soul awareness and completeness as a Soul or pure consciousness.

Reptilians have great psychic abilities that allow them to attach to human auras and influence them at a distance or permanently by embedding attachments into the human auras. Reptilians encourage wars in humans because when a human dies by an injury from a massive wound that does not have time to heal the human reincarnates with a hole in their aura from that injury. And this aura hole allows for far greater influence and control of these humans in the next incarnated life. The recent past major wars on Earth were most likely inspired by reptilians in order to create a massive number of Earth humans that can be more easily influenced today as these war dead humans are reincarnated into our present lifetime. The major holes in their auras allow for much deeper and stronger negative feelings and thoughts to be embedded into the human aura. With this deeper embedding comes a belief that these negative thoughts and emotions are your own. But they are not your own negative thoughts and emotions they are reptilian thoughts and emotions from these negative psychic reptilians.

Reptilians are limited in their influence to harm humans directly because they wish to maintain their greatest advantage of psychic secrecy and the human ignorance of their alien inner emotional and mental influences on humans. So they must influence humans indirectly not by force and by convincing other humans to help them. This is their spiritual mandate as well and is enforced by higher spiritual forces. Humans are never given more negative influences than they can handle and so we are always responsible for our actions even though we are influenced by these negative reptilian forces. Humans do not need to fear reptilians directly on this world but rather through the indirect control of other humans that they influence we might be harmed. We have nothing to fear but ourselves is very apt. This then is the basic positive and negative landscape of Earth and all of the human inhabited planets that do not have open physical warfare between humans and reptilians in our galaxy.

Most human and reptilian worlds that are divided and contested have developed aluminized clothing to limit psychic and emotional influences from others – both human and reptilian. This aluminized clothing reflects biological energy back to the body and strengthens it to make the inhabited personality or ego much stronger. It also reflects mental and emotional energy back or limits its influences on the human aura from the alien outside influences. The joke of people wearing tin foil hats as paranoid and borderline crazy is done in western society today to forestall the use of this aluminized clothing for the general populations on Earth. But when this aluminized clothing becomes available for all the silent reptilian invasion will be greatly forestalled on Earth.

The best way to implement this aluminized strengthening now is to install mylar pillow cases and mylar sheets under your bed sheets and over your top sheet to utilize aluminum at night while you sleep. This will greatly increase your biological healing and energy levels and greatly accelerate nature healing of the body. The aluminum will reflect back your own biological energies instead of them being lost to the environment and disfused. Aluminum mylar will also greatly inhibit or disrupt negative influences during sleep which is the time of greatest human vulnerability and subconscious alien negative influences on humans. Mylar is plastic encapsulated aluminum and does not wear off easily as many other aluminum products. Cut up five gallon bucket mylar bags can be used for fashioning bed undersheets and also used to make aluminum clothing inserts to be worn during the daytime in activity. The protection of the back of the spine, head, and neck areas is most important to cover with aluminum to minimize negative influences. So utilizing aluminum mylars for pillowcases and under and over bedsheets and some clothing inserts is the first technique to strengthen your aura and repel negative influences.

Second, most humans are starved for the proper kind of protein and so age quickly and poorly. Mother’s milk protein is 48% utilized and all other protein sources except one are only 17% utilized at their best. The reason for this low 17% maximum utilization of protein is because ALL of the essential proteins must be present in the correct amounts to be utilized. So generally, only 17% or less of protein is utilized from meat, fish, protein powders, and diary. Whole eggs are the one exception to this as this protein is 47% utilized by the body because of the near perfect balance of the proteins in whole eggs.

Most men and women with large abdomens and excess fat have a longterm protein deficiency which is easily corrected by the increase of whole eggs in the diet. You can tell if you are eating enough eggs and getting enough whole protein because your intestines will heal first. When this happens you will appear to become constipated. But really your body and intestines are just healed first and becoming better able to extract water from the feces before they are expelled. This is the first sign that you are healing well. So this is the second technique – eat much more whole eggs in your diet to heal your body of your system wide protein starvation which is causing most of humanity’s ill-health today.

The main reptilian strategy in managing the human population is to reduce their health and vitality to make them passive and weak so that they will have little fight to resist their more subtle psychic and emotional influences to control humans. These alien pacification techniques are very numerous and strongly hidden from the general population from ever discovering them. A weak human population causes the spin of the human aura to slow and the energy levels of humans to drop dramatically. The top 10% of humans that are active and vital that exercise or are in sports are channeled into activities that lead to wars and a violent death or to the activity of hate of other so that they themselves will become killing soldier machines of other humans in time. Whole books can be written about these hidden alien influences on Earth and other human planets in the galaxy. Most of these techniques are used on all the planets against humans but a few are new and unique to humans on Earth. Human physiology varies little throughout the galaxy so reptilian mass pacification techniques such as vaccinations, prescription drugs, food additives, GMO foods, processed foods, massive entertainment and gaming industries, control of the media, banking, military etc. are not original to Earth humans.

The third technique then is to spin slowly in front of a mirror 22 times in a standing position with arm out in front in the morning soon upon arising. The more you hate this technique in the beginning the more you are being directly influenced by negative reptilian attachments inside your aura. Start slow with just a few spins of 6 or 7 times and gradually work up to 22 spins in the morning in a few weeks time. You can spin more times during the day if you wish to progress faster. This is the best techniques to repulse the negative reptilian mental and emotional influences in your life. And after spinning and you are sitting down you can close your eyes and observe a greater contrast of the negative thoughts and emotions in your aura. You will be able to see much more clearly how these negative thoughts and emotions are not your own but result from an invasion negative counterspining thoughtforms attach to or inside your own spinning aura.

ALL addictions to sugar, drugs, sex, overeating, emotional dependency, depression, any negative problem you can think of that you have not been able to conquer can be counteracted and cured by this simple AM morning spinning 22 times. As you work up to these 22 spins you begin a physical healing of your body on the physical, emotional, and mental levels of all health and mental issues. Morning spinning allows you to experience and banish the mental and emotional influences of your addictions in your aura which are the negative reptilian influences that are attached to your aura. With each morning spin the alien attachment and influences will grow weaker and weaker and your addictions will lessen and weaken until they are overcome. You may take two steps forward and then one step backward on your journey but you will progress daily in the end.

Humans are naturally positive and of a clockwise spin. It is entirely unnatural for humans to be obese, depressed, addicted to sugar or drugs, sexually lustful, physically weak, and unhealthy in any way. But more importantly you will experience your inner negative thoughts and emotions as unnatural to your human aura and you will work to keep yourself free of these negative influences in the future with these techniques.

The fourth technique is to learn to spin mentally and emotionally in a short meditation. This is best done immediately after the morning physical body spinning when you sit down in a chair after your morning spin. Notice the mental and emotional whirling in your head and body aura with your eyes closed after your spin. And continue the spinning sensations mentally and emotionally in a meditation for a few moments. Know that anytime you are experiencing negative thoughts or emotions you can banish them at will by closing your eyes and mental and emotionally spinning in a clockwise direction to disrupt these alien reptilian influences in your aura. These negative thoughts and emotions are not natural to humans that are not under the influenced from reptilian psychic technologies.

As you repulse these negative mental and emotional influences from your aura you will naturally have more energy and clarity of thought to pursue other healing techniques of drinking pure water, herbs, organic foods, etc. and you will have the will to do so. Simply follow you own inner positive guidance not that of the negative influences of the reptilian aliens. And in time the wars that are instigated by negative reptilian influences will be understood and ended. Many soldiers have much rage and anger in their auras and are under heavy reptilian influences. If you are a soldier and jokingly say you do not discriminate and that you “hate everyone equally” then you are very likely under heavy reptilian influences. Alcohol and wine has sulfites in them which are highly allergic to most humans. This allergy causes aggression and anger in a few minutes time. The term that you are “an angry or mean drunk” is likely due to this sulfite allergy from the sulfites in wines and most liquors . MRE’s are laced with sulfites which make men more aggressive and angry from this allergy to sulfites. I seriously doubt that unnecessary sulfite additives in wine, liquor, processed foods and MREs are an accident. This is just one of many ways that the reptilian cultures know how to manipulate humans in a negative manner to create negative emotions and harm humans.

Humans are positive entities and Reptilians are negative entities by nature and by the opposite spin of their auras. Knowing how to be more of your own self and not influenced by the negative Draconian reptilian cultures is your birthright if you chose to experience this.

The fifth technique is to lie down flat on your back on your bed in the morning with your head and shoulders slightly over the side of the bed. Simply lightly exercise in any manner your head, neck, back, stomach, and all of the spine daily for 5 to 15 minutes in the morning or anytime. The spine and neck are the main focus of the reptilians to immobilize and freeze up. With inactivity the core muscles of the lower body become weakened and the inner organs are no longer massaged and toned in daily activity. When you do this daily for many months you will regain the core strength of your body and this will trim inches off your waist and abdomen. Eventually you will no longer feel any weakness in your spine, neck, and lower stomach muscles. Do as much of these exercises daily instead of arm and leg exercises because your core body flexibility and strength is far more important to health and absence of pain in your body.

Let pain and stiffness be your guide during these exercises. Any pain, stiffness, or weakness is where you need improvement to build muscle tissue, blood flow, and flexibility to heal these areas of you body and your aura. Where there is pain in your physical body there is a weakened aura also. Your goal is to locate you weak spots and strengthen them to heal both your body and your finer emotional and mental bodies of your aura. This take time but you will notice a slow improvement each week and be encouraged by this improvement to continue this daily exercise program for a lifetime.

All of the pain and suffering of the humans on Earth is very good motivation to know more and experience a greater spiritual reality. It is incredible what the reptilian races have done on Earth. They have taken a human world whose natural diet is tree foods of fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, and bird eggs and transformed the population into a world of carrion eaters of dead flesh who turns on their own kind and kills them in worldwide wars. They have taken the natural inventive nature of humans and channeled it into making weapons of war, destruction, and mind control of their own human species. And they have done this for thousands of years hidden behind the scenes of Earth politics. This is an incredible achievement of conquest and pacification on a planetary scale.

Humans must first banish negativity from their own human aura as the best method for world peace and harmony to throw off the hidden alien chains that bind them. This and all of my 120 plus online articles which show many more of the alien/NOW (New World Order) human pacification techniques can be shared in whole or in part with anyone without my permission. – J.E. Ante

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