The Enigma of the Subconscious Mind Control

Why is there so much emphasis on the subconscious reprogramming?
Why do celebrities hire hypnotists and therapist?
Why sports Olympics are coached by sports psychologist?
Why do scientists still study the mind?

Well, consider this, the average adults has the subconscious development like that of a child
Why is it so?
The average human being spend 15 years in school
During this long period, he or she are taking in information, and accepting the teaching, theories, and stories from members of organized religions as true, they also spend hours watching television and accepting everything as true, whether they like it or not.

During the 15 years of drill, repetition, and brain washing, he or she will no spend any time, using their own intelligence, nor refuting notions, or feeding their subconscious mind with relevant belief system to support their outcomes in later life. by the time the average person reaches the age of 15, the programming is installed into their subconscious mind, and that program is now their operating system, affecting their behaviour, feelings and health.

There is nothing new about the power of the subconscious mind, other than reminding you to wake up to the truth.
Are you taking your mind to the gym, or are you not re-educating your subconscious mind to help you prevent disease, viruses, mental health problems, and financial hardship?

Do you know that I spent 15 years of my adult life to overcome adult illiteracy, cancer, clinical depression, panic disorder, homelessness, and suicide attempts? Yes, I spent 15 re-educating my subconscious mind to support my desired outcomes. I did so without therapist, or medical drugs. The good news for you, with advanced technology, and web based cognitive training; you can start now, and achieve your biggest dream goals in five years time.

You could re-train your subconscious mind to do amazing things, and it will do so on an autopilot. It is already doing many things for you on an autopilot, such as helping the involuntary action of blinking, dreaming, breathing, heart beat, and general organ function.

How to re-train the subconscious mind?

In the past, hypnosis was the only medium to educate the subconscious mind to do amazing things. The hypnotist seduce you into the alpha state, then feed the subject with new empowering linguistic syntax, namely, string of words of imprinted phrases, but quite often, the subject is not fully in trance for the hypnotic instruction to sink into the subconscious mind, most of the instruction is done on a conscious level.

In the 70’s, subliminal messaging or sound system is being used in an attempt to sedate the conscious mind, and access the subconscious mind for deep processing. Subliminal messaging in advertising is thought to be affective, so the US government banned it because they realise that it is giving individual and companies bit of an edge.

Now, we all know, that the subconscious mind can be re-educated and lead to life transforming breakthrough. we all know that science has proved the efficacy of subconscious programming. It seems that we all know this, and that the key to the treasure of the mind is within us all, however sadly, millions of people, due to earlier solid programming has disabled their cognitive functioning, and very few are able to free themselves from the prison of their own mind.

What if you realise that earlier subconscious programming is responsible of the following
Weight gain
Financial debts
Bad habits
And terminal illness

It is imperative and urgent that you realise that. Your subconscious integrates core behaviour, based strictly on your experiences of the earlier conditioning you can’t even remember, and thus you cannot control. Have you asked the question such as ‘have I locked in something of the past that is limiting my full potential, my rights to be happy, fit, and wealthy? Do you realise that some of your deepest irrational fears and irrational belief system, that are disabling you to become your full potential, you cannot even remember them. it doesn’t have to be that way, your subconscious mind can be re-trained like a baby to start controlling the following

Muscle growth
Hormone production
Blood flow
Hair growth
Pain control
Psychic power
And many more mind control abilities

ZiziWorld is developing MindGym, real MindGym Salon to help people coach themselves all the way to success while having fun using ZiziWorld Neuro Cybernetics and Cognitive Syntax Encoding to awaken the genius giant within you.

Achieving what most people only dream about such as

Physical rejuvenation
Baby sleeping patterns
Will power
Seductive attitude
Increased intelligence
Persuasive communication
Heightened performance
Improved memory recall
Super Endurance
Boundless Energy
Unlock the code in your subconscious mind

Your are connected to the highest level of the super natural and spiritual realm, from the same realms liquid, light and sound systems that have created universes throughout recorded history.

As you keep reading these syntax, you are accessing the epic powers of the spiritual realm, you are picturing sentimentally your divine icon self. You are the entity of infinite wisdom. Next time you listen to anything to do with spirituality, and the psychology of success, you also see the name of ZiziWorld of the leading edge of brain mind technology. Your subconscious mind will go into overdrive on your behalf, in an attempt to make you super strong, connecting you to the most good, sublime, and noble.

Your mind takes you into the jungle of your own force, you carry on taking action like a lion you will hunt down and obtain your most cherished desired objectives, such as supreme happiness, fitness, and riches. Imagine, really imagine yourself like a hippo with its super ability to find an ample and cool pond of water, even when everything looks so dry, the hippo finds a way to soak up and indulge in cleansing and drinking from the reservoirs of infinite abundance,, so your dreams and desires will invoke the secret hidden pools of super health, rejuvenation, happiness and wealth.

Imagine yourself being a wild elephant, powerful, robust, and link this neuro association to how you desire to feel. The wild monkeys’ tireless energy and agility is all yours, to leap through, over and around your plans all the way to success, feeling energised, exhilarated, and triumphant.

From now on, anytime you see ZiziWorld Icon, you leap in faith; you connect to your highest self, and know that all your desires, all of your dreams are coming true, rekindling the power of ancient wisdom, knowledge and power is all yours. Amen.

Bio:Andre Zizi is a philosophy graduate and a philosopher, trained in the educational Psychology. He is qualified teacher with a diploma in Neuro Linguistics. If you are an investor, publisher or web savvy and want to share my vision, then, call me, 07999 579 135.

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Comment by Andre on December 31, 2009 at 12:34am
Absolutely, you are right kind sir, you are the epic of the divine, you are the substance of the power of Allah, the subconscious mind is embedded in our nervous system, such as breathing, heart beat, etc. the subconscious mind is vulnerable too, it takes in information without conscious effort, and if the information, visual, or sound is captured by the subconscious mind, all is recorded and accepted as 'true'

As children, we are given a name, a religion, a belief system, without questioning the validity and truth, therefore, not all teaching is true, like the saying goes ' if you believe a lie' and repeat over and over and over again, you come to believe it as true"

As children, we were drilled with so much information about right and wrong, and we have become the brain washed substance of our ancestors and ancient teachers, and the results is obvious.

Take care of your thinking, and what you hear, see, taste, smell, and touch, all of which turn you into the product of influence. Choosing carefully the information you are given, and assess the validity of it because accepting anything as true.

May you remain blessed and a blessing to mankind.
Comment by harry deloria handenero on October 24, 2009 at 4:51pm
for my own opinion of this issue about mind control in this generations and with the scientific methods all that kind of control can do but the only big difference between mind and the scientific methods controls it because of our mind is the root of our brain whom it controls every move the we need to do and it is the part of our head that without the wholebody that god was made for us no body can control or manipulate the brain by itself ..yes i agree that in this generations the scientific method can control also our mind but for me in MY OWN MIND NO COULD CONTROL EVEN THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD WILL GET INTO ME and this is only my comment about this issue even the prophets can do more but in my mind i think they can't do this things this is only my own opinion i don't want to boast to somebody or everybody but thanks to our creator that he gives this gift on me and me god bless to you all their and more power to this organization again and again.


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