This morning while checking on the internet my eyes went on a link under the title "Jewish Shit List", after taking a look at the contents with around 7,000 Jewish name, it became clear to me that it lists those who call for peace with the so called enemy "Palestinians" and condemn the occupation, and other practices being made by the government of their country Israel. Those people were described as a threat to Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole.

I just thought that even I am not a Jewish person neither an Israeli, if I had to give my opinion about those who form a major threat to Israel, it would be those radical people who commit to violent acts against any Arab living thing just because they are “Arabs”, even more commit to violent acts against other Israelis just because they voiced their opinion about occupation and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict in a different way leading their belief of Historical Israel to threats. Violent acts against those who call on ending the occupation and live beside a neighbor country called Palestine in peace while the way should be kicking those ugly Arabs out by transfer, wars, making their lives miserable etc....

If someone had to put a shit a list then it should contain the names of those who find violence against other Arabs and Israelis allowed by the name of protecting historical Israel, not those who are on the list currently and whom would never thing of killing and violence as a way to solve any kind of conflict.

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Comment by Ohad Bracha on January 24, 2010 at 1:17am
being on this list by the way does not mean you are all for peace :)

I mean ilan pappe, Haim ramon and Ehud olmets each in is way contributed to war mostly . there are a few more anti peace poeple on this list . they should have thought abuot it a little more.
Comment by Jay Hamburger on January 24, 2010 at 12:42am
Interesting turn this list has made.......I wear my place on it as a badge of honor!
Comment by Rivka on January 23, 2010 at 9:42pm
I'll know I've arrived and am a somebody when I'm on this list.
Comment by Jay Hamburger on January 23, 2010 at 12:47am
Not sure if the shitty folks consider me 'famous' haha!.....I think of myself like you describe yourself. Perhaps the list is not closed....and there is hope for you yet!
Comment by Ohad Bracha on January 22, 2010 at 7:44pm
now I am really jealous are they only take famous people ? what about us on the ground with the signs and flyers
Comment by Jay Hamburger on January 22, 2010 at 7:38pm
I am strangely 'proud' to have been on that list for about 10 years.....considering the company I am in. This was an axis point for I was first frightened to be so listed....but then realized that because I was listed......i must be doing something 'right'. I doubt that the creators even really know who I am.....if they did, they would see that I am just as committed to Israel's survival, as I am to Palestinian statehood and justice. BTW: Hiba, you and I met briefly at an ipcri event @ the Ambassador in Jan. 2009. SHALOMSALAAMPAX.........
Comment by Ohad Bracha on January 22, 2010 at 6:21pm
Eyal... Haim Ramon and you on the same page :)
Comment by Manal Anna on January 22, 2010 at 2:36pm
Hi there,
I liked your post and I definitely agree with you. Those people who acclaim the "shit list" feel threatened by peacemakers because they believe that war and denying the natives their rights is the best solution for taking over this land.
Comment by jerry gates on January 22, 2010 at 1:55pm
Mier Kahani is from New York, his flocks are as Hiba says, they are what sociologists refer to as iconoclasts, or radical thinkers who separate from main stream cuture. In this case they are orthodox zionists who are intolerant of any affront to their orthodoxy.

The equivilent to the Kahanists in US Chritian faith would be perhaps James Dobson and his son. Dobsons son actually wrote a book espousing Christian intolerance of other faiths or non faiths, such as agnostics, who feel that God is a mystery to humanity and should not be defined. This Christian intolerance mirrors Hindu nationalists and the Kahanist dogma, but with different structures and culture embedded in their beliefs.

What is shared among such extreme separatists is the zeal for religious "purity" or very strict observance of their religious mores and exclusion of other modes of thought and lifestyles from their midst.

Hiba is so wise to bring up the Jewish Shit list, which has been around for some time, but rarely discussed in open forum. This is a good time to talk about this as Israel does suffer from the stigmata imposed by such restrictive doctrine that accuses others of being a negative effect on Jews and even goes so far as to feel threatened by shao should such imagined evil Jews succeed in moderating Israel and creating parity and peace between Arabs and Jews in the Middle east.

To be sure, Arabs in some communities in the middle east are just as dogmatic about their people's religious and cultural affinities. Many Muslims feel that they are threatened by Kahani's flocks and if the Zionist doctrines of the current Israeli administration match up to any basic Jewish sentiment, it would be the Kahanists, for that intolerance and fear seems to be found in Netenyahu's most recent offer to Palestine for peace.

Jerusalem, according to Netenyahu is absolutely an Israel capital and no Palestinian capital will be tolerated there. Also Netenyahu states that the West Bank will remain occupied by IDF forces even after any Palestinian state is recognized by Israel. Settlers colonies grow and no land for peace seems to be offered, which is a pretty hard line stance that Netenyahu is sure that Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Fatah negotiator will refuse to accept, so impasse is all there is to the Israeli solutions, the Zionist hard liners prevail over more progressive and pragmatic Jewish thinkers, perhaps due to fear of retribution after years of oppressing the Palestinians.

What Kahani misses in such an intolerance for Jewish progressives is their ability to learn and grow as humanity expands into new horizons, such as shared interfaith studies which grow love due to shared experience with those of diverse faith and culture. Israelis should not feel as though this is a strictly Jewish anomaly, it is not. This is basic human nature and is a troublesome to any nation or people because it separates loving people along ideological fault lines which are imaginary or learned behavioral traits founded in cultures everywhere.

Conservatism in nationalist sentiments preserves ancient culture but stymies evolutionary growth which cultivates tolerance and hence love between disparate groups. Just as the caterpillar becomes the beautiful butterfly, so does the human soul grow from a basic ethnic genome into a social butterfly able to gracefully negotiate relationships with any other beautiful creature and develop a sense of love and respect for those different from themselves.

Every human being is a unique creature, with similarities to others, but also differences. some weaknesses of one individual will be the strengths found in others, When separated these diverse creatures may flounder and develop further weakness. If diverse cultures experience each other with outstretched arms, smiles and open palmed acceptance, great strength is achieved by way of togetherness founded in tolerance one for the other.

This is AGAPE love, a latin term that describes love of all without any pre conditions or exclusions, and this is thought to be the eventual home of humankind, or at lease desired by many Jews outside of Kahanis fold.

I can easily see that mepeace, after a bit of struggling, has begun to ascend from this myopic vision and this has come from many discussion which include non Jews, such as Hiba, a beautiful person, yes? Be adventurous toady and love someone who distrusts you and see if after feeling you love, they change their perception of you. Humanity is a growing field of dreams, we all share some dreams and all have our own private dreams,as human beings, we deserve to explore our hearts desires as individuals and also deserve the love that is shared culture and look back to ancient roots, but not cling there as much as appreciate from whence we came, always looking ahead, more so than to the past for love. Very sweet gesture Hiba, I feel your love! Thanks!
Comment by Eyal Raviv on January 22, 2010 at 11:07am
Having mixed feelings upon finding myself listed. There are many fine people there.


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