AsShalom Aleykum!
Today in Latvia is rememberance day of Holocaust Victims.
Just wanted to say, that I love you and appreciate Your peaceful wisdom. For such a hot and ever-burning Arab, I still have plenty to learn from You...Take care and please, don`t allow it to happen again.Never.Whatever it takes.

I want to share some sound with You:

And some ALIVE pictures I took in December 2011 in place of mass grave...

Take care, my beloved enemy!

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Comment by Tim Upham on July 7, 2012 at 8:39pm

You may want to get on the e-mail list of the YIVO, which is now in New York City, but was originally in Vilnius, Lithuania.  You can get a great deal of detailed information from them.  Learning about the Holocaust in the Baltic states, transcends what we are, because I knew an American black man, working on his master's degree in sociology, and he was studying the same subject for his master's thesis.  To work on the issue of people coexisting.  I did a similar thing when I wrote up a curriculum on the Armenian Genocide, to teach in public schools at a school district in California.  The facility and students were of Armenian descent, but I am not.

Comment by GaiaIskariot on July 7, 2012 at 5:34pm

Tim, thanks for new information. I would appreciate a lot any information, links etc. about particular events, people in Baltic States, neighbouring countries.

Comment by Tim Upham on July 5, 2012 at 8:50am

What is interesting about Latvia, is that first it was invaded by the Soviet Union, then by Germany.  When the Germans invaded they employed the Einsatzgruppen to round them up and take them to open pits.  There they were marched out, and stood by the pits to be shot.  The most famous work of the Einsatzgruppen is at Babi Yar in the Ukraine.  Such historical incidents should strengthen us all, to work hard on behalf of coexistence, and realize that without it, we all have the potential to turn into cold hearted killers.


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