IS  (PANCHAYAT ELECTION IN WEST BENGAL)IT A MANDATORY GAME ORGANIZED BY THE STATE POWER FOR BRANDING IT (STATE POWER) TO BE  PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC  STATE- POWER OR IS IT REALLY A PEOPLE-CENTRED GAME TO ELECT THEIR OWN REPRESENTATIVE TO RUN THE STATE-POWER  FORMED FOR THEM, BY THEM AND OF THEM?Gram Panchayt election has become mandatory for all the Indian states after 73rd and 74th amendments of the Constitution of India in the year 1992. Following the Constitutional provision, Gram Panchayat election is presently going to be held  in West Bengal in five phases. Third phase of panchayat election held  in three districts viz., Howrah, North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas yesterday on 19th of July 2013. The state power party -Trinomul Congress run state machinery took all possible measures to tune the polling machinery to vote in favor of the Trinomul Congress. In those places where the ruling party’s influence or organizational strength was weak, there they (Trinomul supporters) terrorized the social environment making best use of the money- muscle power and administrative support. But in places like Joynagar (where, the opponent political party – SUCI has its strong mass base), the Trinomul Congress influenced electoral machinery planned to go slow with polling activities. Like many other polling booths, in Joynagar (south 24 Pargana district) polling booths witnessed a very slow polling progress. In one of such polling booth, polling started at 7.00 am in the morning and till 8 pm (due to slow move policy of the booth managers) only about 500 voters (out of about 1000 voters) could cast their votes. Disgusted with the slow progress of polling, the rest voters who were standing in the queue for several hours tried to express their grievances before the administration. But instead taking any action, the administration called for the central force. The central force (who are supposed to  provde safety and security to the voters) first of all tried to disperse the voters asserting lathi charge  (merciless beating with lethal weapons) and later  fired at the agonized voters killing one SUCI supporter Mr. Amal Haldar.

The day also witnessed several sporadic incidents between the CPIM and the ruling party taking the life of two persons (one CPIM and other Trinomul Congress) and injuring several others.

The election will finally conclude with the loss of several lives mostly belonging to the poor communities and several injured.  Now question arises, why the poor will die while exercising their voting rights? Why they will be debarred from exercising their voting rights? What would they gain from this voting game? Will their poverty conditions be ameliorated by the rulers after they will win? Is it that they are inspired to vote and face death penalty due to their faith on the system that the system would protect their interests? The incidents that took place in last three polls  or will take place in the next 2 polls reflect that common people are becoming victims of the situation that have nothing to do justice with them. The political parties are using the sentiments of the poor people in capturing the state power or to label their party as state power party and rule the people (by thrashing the opponents with state power). If such things continue to happen then the days are not far when the poor will understand the heinous game of the ruling capitalist class and their defending state machinery and turn themselves off from exercising their voting rights. To stop such same and free the political environment from pollution, the well meaning  and learned people of our country should come forward to enlighten the masses and make them free from the clutches of the state power political parties whose main intentions are to rule the nation to safeguard their personal interests along with the interests of the capitalist class.


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