Water as healing tool

You can use the The triple Breath for making Healing Water as a healing tool. The Triple Breath works together with all healing modalities. You can also use The Triple Breath alone. If you don't know which one to use then please submit a ticket or send me an email with your question.

One of my latest Triple Breath is for strengthening the Immune System. This Triple Breath can be very use full now because of the world wide Influenza.

I have got some requests from former US Soldiers who have served in Iraq, they have got a lot of vaccinations and some of them have become sick because of that. I have tried to tune in on them and the not surprising answer is that all the vaccinations is weakening the immune system so in these cases it will be good for them to use the Triple Breath for the Immune System. Make and drink the healing water and feel the difference right away. The quicker the better.

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You can also order remote healing in the shop. Remote healing can be very good-when you feel bad, if you are sick or just want and energy boost. Remote healing can also be sent to houses if you feel that the energy in the house is low.

It is a great idea to combine remote healing with the Triple Breath. I have sent remote healing to many purposes, sick patients, families who needed loving energy. Areas in the world because of storms, hurricanes earthquakes and much more. If you feel you need remote healing then just go and order it here.,shop.browse/category_i...


I got this from a friend, and I my opinion we can make the water very easy by the Triple Breath.

13 Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration

Most people don't think they need to worry about dehydration. To them, dehydration is something that happens to travelers in the desert when they run out of water. But there is a chronic form of dehydration that does not have the sudden and intense nature of the acute form. Chronic dehydration is widespread in the present day and affects everyone who is not drinking enough liquid.

This list of 13 symptoms will inspire you to go get a glass of water, and then another, and another...

After each symptom we will show how lack of fluid affects the issue.

Fatigue, Energy Loss: Dehydration of the tissues causes enzymatic activity to slow down.
Constipation: When chewed food enters the colon, it contains too much liquid to allow stools to form properly, and the wall of the colon reduces it. In chronic dehydration, the colon takes too much water to give to other parts of the body.
Digestive Disorders: In chronic dehydration, the secretion of digestive juices are less.
High and Low Blood Pressure: The body's blood volume is not enough to completely fill the entire set of arteries, veins, and capillaries.
Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers: To protect its mucous membranes from being destroyed by the acidic digestive fluid it produces, the stomach secretes a layer of mucus.
Respiratory Troubles: The mucous membranes of the respiratory region are slightly moist to protect the respiratory tract from substances that might be present in inhaled air.
Acid-Alkaline Imbalance: Dehydration activates an enzymatic slowdown producing acidification.
Excess Weight and Obesity: We may overeat because we crave foods rich in water. Thirst is often confused with hunger.
Eczema: Your body needs enough moisture to sweat 20 to 24 ounces of water, the amount necessary to dilute toxins so they do not irritate the skin.
Cholesterol: When dehydration causes too much liquid to be drained from inside the cells, the body tries to stop this loss by producing more cholesterol.
Cystitis, Urinary Infections: If toxins contained in urine are insufficiently diluted, they attack the urinary mucous membranes.
Rheumatism: Dehydration abnormally increases the concentration of toxins in the blood and cellular fluids, and the pains increase in proportion to the concentration of the toxins.
Premature Aging: The body of a newborn child is composed of 80 percent liquid, but this percentage declines to no more than 70 percent in an adult and continues to decline with age.
Turn Your dull Water into Living Clustered Water

Japanese research utilizing magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated that cellular aging results from dehydration and from significant changes in the structure of tissue water. In other words, as the years go by, we not only lose water content, but the intracellular water becomes bound to unwanted biological
macromolecules, resulting in a decrease in the beautiful water clusters with which we began life.

Cell communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification, diffusion and molecular movements all suffer with age.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen was bold enough to challenge the accepted notion that this decline in metabolic efficiency was an inevitable result of aging. He reasoned that the decline in water content and the breakdown of water structure might not simply be an effect of aging, but that it may also be a cause of aging.

He believed if he could create a way to replenish bodily fluids with the proper structure of water, then metabolic efficiency and signal transduction could be enhanced throughout the body. Dr. Lorenzen has been proven to be correct.

These days we are able to create well structured water using advanced technologies. Infused with light from a Geometric Laser, Regenexx Cellerator water contains the vibratory imprint of 35 essential isotopes of elements which the body needs, in their pre-metallic, unstable isotopic form, required for healthy functioning of the body.

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