We have to achieve peace within ourselves before we can bring peace to our people

There is an answer for everything. We can deny each other as often as we want. It's easy to do that because we know that if, as aPalestinian, deny Israel, then I know there will be a segment of Palestinians who will cheer me on. It also is comfortable in our history to deny Israel.

It is the same for Israelis. They can deny palestine and Palestinians because there is a segment in their communityw ho will cheer them and praise them and give them personal satisfactionf or saying what some want to hear. And, it makes it easier to deal with the conflict and to pretend that only one side is committing terrorism when both sides are responsible.

The truth is that kind of attitude does not take courage nor does it take much effort. It is easy to hate and hate comes ind ifferent forms. Denial of the other, rejection of the other or pandering to the "choir" of supporters and zealots to hear the cries of praise.

But real courage and leadership is to be able to denounce the killing of the enemy BEFORE one denounces the killing of their own by the enemy.

Real courage is to stand up and acknowledge the enemy as human beings and to cast aside the phony excuses we cling to in order to demonize the other or deny the other.

It is easy to blame others for terrorism and violence and even easier to ignore the violence of our own. It takes real courage to see the violence and crimes and terrorism of ones own people and even more courage to stand up and denounce it and urge your people to stop.

We can play the blame game and never address our own violence, oppressive ways and even terrorism, and feed the conflict. Demonizing others makes it easier for each of us to look in a mirror and pretend we are not guilty.

Or, we can stop and accept that we are all responsible and that the other that we fight are in fact human beings with the same rights. And when we do that we can achieve peace and save our mutual futures.

If Palestine doesn't exist, Israel will not exist either one day. But if Palestine does find itse existence, that will be the means upon which Israelis will insure the survival of their own people.

Ray hanania

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Comment by Eyal Raviv on December 25, 2009 at 8:30am
Agreed. This is recommended on
Comment by harry deloria handenero on December 24, 2009 at 2:17pm
hello ray hanania have a nice day to you friend ,you know if every one of us can deny about the terrorism issue and one could say that thy were the one who responsible in any terror making .cause ,if they say or confist that were the who do that kind of terror making, of course they will hide them or deny it but every human or every one of us could understand or have an open mind that every human has a problem whom it might be solved properly or and their is no bias for any problem to be solved it maybe their is no terror making will be happened, but in case in between the two terretories in palestine and israel i don't why until now still fighting them ,it may be their rights between them to be fight for their rights ,,but how come ..if some of the leaders were involved ..of their supporters will defend right..but i hope so that it will solved by their own..and the people itself no riligions involved if evryone of as will surrender and give peace to everyone and forgive to each other..can we made this? you know god give us all that we want too..the problem is some of us were so stingy..why do we don't share if we are so blessed people or place..why we don't give for those who needs sometimes we the people itself defends from the people who were in higher level or powerful people,,even their needs in a daily life came from their provider for example the leaders that why some people never work to their own needs ..i don't say this cause i know some of the people were blessed and they care for they have ..that's why until now they were rich and famous cause they were responsible for their life and responsible what they have .and we know that all that we had now it came from our creator. and i hope too that the problem in that two place will be solve and will have a good hope for this coming generations too.. that the peace prosses will continue properly i know it will exist and will grow and grow for the better future of our people specailly for4 the childrens whom they will follow the footstep of us..will ray have a nice issue and me god blees again and again to this organization will continue rised and to be follow by every leaders and place whom we should care our world that we have it now..again me god bless you and you family too..and tommorow the some people here celebrating the chrismas season in my place i think also some parts of the world also celebrating this christmas and more power to you friend hope to do more activities to be discuss in this organization..


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