west terrorism ,Also christians and jewish are terror.

i wrote article in the past , terrorism as no religion , but what we hear from western media and there people ,Islam is terror religion ,and forgot what us Islam word mean , it,s mean peace, and how to peace become war and terror .  actully the terrorism are people have no ethics,home and religion , when they soles become corrupted and became without hearts and killing innocent people they became terror , if you think is Islam terror religion becuase someone calling him self is muslim and killing innocent people, so i think Jewish and Christians are terror, before few days we heard about the crimes made by Christians terror and killing about 100 person from his own blood and he was want to attack Muslim , so is not this terror, or just terror Islamic as west media lie told you.

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Comment by Jeff stern on July 28, 2011 at 9:56am


  I personally do not think that Islam as a religion is a terror religion although a number of aspects of it do seem to promote terror i.e Jihad.... I think the main diffrence between the terrorist attack that we have seen in Norway and the dozens if not more that we have seen from the Islamic world is that while it would be hard to find anyone who supports the Norway murderer (who seems to have been a lone nut, not part of a great organization), In the Islamic world there not only seems to be blatant incitement to such things they also followed with celebration, candies handed out, naming of streets after terrorist and teaching children to follow in their footsteps...

Terrorism has no religion but it is religion that is used as a justification, promotion and celebration of terrorism. Until the Islamic world stops teaching the importance of Jihad and praising terrorist while promoting the next generation of marytrs Islam will be know as a religion of terror. 


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