Ever longest (nine phases) election process for electing 543 MPs in the country started on 7th April and to be concluded today on 12th May 2014. In the whole election process, people were made to prepare their minds to vote through election campaigns conducted by political parties. Major parties like Congress and BJP backed by the corporate houses spent huge amount of money the election campaigns. Narendra Modi alone addressed more than 480 rallies across the country flying in helicopters and airplanes. A conservative estimate of expenses in organizing those rallies (about one crore per rally) in support of 427 contesting BJP candidates would definitely be more than what it was fixed by the Election Commission (about Rs. 70 Lakh per candidate in bigger state and Rs. 54 lakh in smaller states). If other expenses including media publicity are added, the expenses would be far-far more than the expenditure limit fixed by the EC. Size of expenses by the ruling Indian National Congress Party and other regional parties are also limitless. In this 16th MP election about 81.5 crores electorates are supposed to take part to elect their representatives. This is the most expensive general election in the history of election in the country, where as per EC estimate 35 billion (US$577 million), excluding the expenses incurred for security and by individual political parties, would be spent; which would be three times high compared to the expenses incurred in 2009 election (,_2014). To ensure free and fair election, the EC has to spend a huge amount in deploying security personnel consisting of para-military forces, state police, home guards and armed home guards. Besides, CC TVs have been installed in sensitive booths especially where adequate defense personnel could not be deployed. Involvement of huge security personnel in the election process shows that it is not a democratically organized national event rather it is done like preparation of tackling of a civil war or creation of a panicked environment in favour of election conduction and it was never for creation of environment for spontaneous involvement of the electorates in electing their representatives who would really protect their interests. If one critically looks into the whole election process, then he/she may finds that the EC (the empowered state machinery) and the bourgeoisie parties backed by corporate houses/capitalist-multinationals class had the prime role in getting people’s sanctions to govern the country. Except casting vote, the majority electorates (who are not committed or affiliated with any political party) had virtually no role in this whole process, yet they would have to indirectly bear the burden of expenses that has been spent in conducting this election. It is interesting to note that, pick media campaign and pumping of money by the corporate bodies into the process for conducting election campaigns in favour of BJP and Gujrat model of development has created confusions and curiosity among the common masses that was exhibited in the form of huge mass gatherings in the election meetings of Mr. Narendra Modi. Those huge gatherings of masses does not guarantee win of BJP candidate in all seats they contested. If it so happens then, one can apprehend that BJP supporting lobbies have meticulously made a master plan well in advance through networking and lobbing the state machinery responsible for conducting election without which it would be impossible for any party like BJP (that has almost no role in shaping the economy of the nation) to win most of the seats as they claim. Mr.Narendra Modi now confesses before the media that he has not committed anything concrete to the people of India, what he committed was to give them relief from corrupt rule of congress and good governance. He claims that with the publication of result in favour of BJP/NDA on 16th May 2014 there will sparks in the people’s mind for one India –strong India, which will help accomplishing his cherished goal of good governance. Yet another question that is likely to crop up in a rational mind whether Modi’s Development model and good governance would really be ‘for the people of the people and by the people’ or actually it would be “for the capitalist class, by the capitalist class and of the capitalist class”. Let us wait and watch for the outcomes.

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