What if this was Nazi Palestinians?

surprised Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Movement 'Shas'
Bazath, delivered during a religious lesson, which he said 'he hoped to
avoid future Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the
Palestinians to exist'.
The man represents a great inside Israel, not the same feelings for the Palestinians in particular.

Vhakham Israeli army issued a 'fatwa' state to the soldiers not to mercy
Palestinians during the aggression on the Gaza Strip, as demanded by
Israeli political representatives in the government and the Knesset,
and more than once, the expulsion of the Palestinians living in
territories occupied in 1948 after the withdrawal of citizenship, and
therefore the presence of them,
as foreigners, and as the State of Israel for Jews only. Of
these, Avigdor Lieberman and current foreign minister, Tzipi Livni and
former Secretary of State, it's not the first time where the practice
of Rabbi Yosef this incitement of racial blood against the
Palestinians, demanded in 2000 to destroy all the Arabs, describing
them as vermin to be crushed, which means that the man
to these positions, and works to be published in the middle of his
followers, and the smaller ones, specifically, to sow hatred in their
souls, and abetted the genocide and murder.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is not mentally ill, nor did he leads a minority, small
and marginal, but represents a party is one of the main parties in the
coalition ruling right now in Israel, which introduces the character of
responsibility, and the tacit acceptance of blatant incitement to

It is ironic that these 'fatwas' issued by the rabbi at a time that holds
the Palestinian president and other Arab leaders traveled to Washington
to participate in direct negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis
under the auspices of a U.S. order to reach a peace settlement under
the title of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel in
real coexistence between the two peoples.

We have to imagine the reactions of Israel and the U.S. if such a racist
incitement to genocide issued by the Minister of Religious Endowments,
or religious leader or political Arab or Palestinian, and why we go
away, The Palestinian people are still paying dearly for a lie throw
Israeli Jews in the sea, falsely attributed to Mr.
Ahmed Shukairy former chairman of the PLO, did not provide any researcher and an official document to prove they like it.

There is no difference at all between the incitement of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,
on the Eradication of the Palestinians, to incite Adolf Hitler's
extermination of the Jews, as the two meet on the principle of racial
hatred, and desire in the yard of another, the only difference, and
most obvious that the first Jewish religious leader are state supported
the civilized Western world, and it can kill and destroy
committing massacres without any deterrent or even the minimum of
condemnation, it is above all laws and norms, as long as the victims
are Arabs and Muslims.

World Zionist practiced the ugliest forms of extortion and defamation against
every man just tried to discredit the Nazi Holocaust and numbers, and
always used in a terrorist charge for the destruction of anti-Semitism
and the murder of any human being critical of the Israeli criminal acts
against the Arabs and Palestinians, including in particular.
is unfortunate that the civilized Western world has undergone a
permanent methods of blackmail this, but we will not hear a word of it
condemns Jewish racism that incite genocide, the Arab people is small,
were raped their land to encourage him, ie, the West, and live mostly
in the diaspora today, and left it at home face
massacres and crimes of war and displacement on a daily basis at the hands of victims of the Holocaust.

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