What will Come After The War in Palestine?

Since this crazy war has started I have been following-up with all the news from listening to all kinds of news, to reading all kinds of articles, when suddenly my mind went a bit far in thinking, I started to think about what will come or happen for Palestinians after this war ends? there will be really serious matters to handle as the probability of electing a new government, and rebuilding destroyed Gaza, and what accompanies that rebuilding of huge money transfers and investments in the destroyed area.

In the case of having elections for new government, I am seriously thinking of the options that we are having on the ground and whether they match with the needs of Palestinians or not, well if we are going to talk about the last elections in Palestine a reason that Hamas was elected is that people wanted to see a real change on the ground away from huge corruptions, they wanted to see a talk and a do not a talk and then nothing on the ground, it was as a way to be liberated through deliberately choosing not to elect the same old men and keep going into the same process of corruption, and so Palestinians have chosen and got punished so plainly by the entire world, they were punished by those systems who advocate for human rights and civilized living for all human beings before any other existed system in the world. Now assuming there would be elections for a new government the Palestinians will have to make a choice between so limited options, so that its going to be as what punishment will be the less tough for them to choose, which in turn will mean saying goodbye to so many good chances for the “Palestinian dream”, then I though again, no matter what the choice could be it should be about what we need as people not about what global powers wish from us to choose, moreover it shouldn’t not be about advocating the interests of one party over the others, but it should be for a one clear thing which is people “Palestinians and not parties”, we need leaders who will put the needs and the concerns of all Palestinians to be number rather than the interests of their party and those who belong to it, the policy must be a clear one for all and not for a certain group of people, this will demand some sacrifices but hey who said that building a free state and working for liberation is an easy task. I am not against political parties they can be existed there and they are actually, but the strategy of work should be something for all different involved parts.

For rebuilding Gaza, I wish that this will happen by the hands of leaders who want to work for the overall advantages for Palestinians because that’s what Palestinians need the most away from trying to refer all the glory to a certain party over the other, the money must be invested transparently, with working in parallel at joining all the efforts to make sure that those huge investments will not be destroyed again by another stupid war!

At the end, I cant keep away from pointing that all of this need to come with the end of occupation because the overall goal for a unified and honest group of leaders and government will be to work in and for a free and a safe state of Palestine.

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Comment by Christopher Routson on February 4, 2009 at 5:34am
This is what will come after the war......The real question is where do you want to end up. I am a beliver in Jesus Christ and if you will take time and watch these videos, if you are not a beliver already, after you wach these videos you very well will want to belive in Him. Jesus is coming soon so RSVP to the dinner party. Ask Him to come into your heart and He will. The key here is to watch the are smart you will know what to do. Tell me what you think of the videos and if you have found the true and everlasting peace! (peace)
Comment by Hiba on January 18, 2009 at 10:33am
Hamas was elected by Palestinians and they were looking to find if they can make a change to the better for them, all the western world encouraged a democratic elections in occupied Palestine including all parties including Hamas, but when it was Hamas who won them they suddenly decided that they can't deal with an Islamic "Terrorist Group" and so Hamas was isolated and the government that was supposed to be represented by Hamas was boycotted, then comes the siege and the continuous occupation by Israel besides firing rockets by Hamas …..etc and we've reached to what is happening in Gaza now.

OTOH, what I am trying to point out in my post here is that a reason of the Palestinians suffering is also the internal split and the continuous struggle between two main parties in Palestine to prove who has the authority and who has the upper hand while the people's lives are going from a worse to even a worst situation. we need a leadership that has only one thing to prove even if it will demand sacrificing and standing a bit behind the scenes and which is a free liberated Palestine, and putting the needs of Palestinians before any particular political party. we need unity.
Comment by Dakota1955 on January 18, 2009 at 10:06am
What was wrong with Hamas? They were vilified by the global community but were the Democratically elected government. What was wrong with Hamas as the Democratically elected government?


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