When will it stop Did this beautiful girl die for what can you answer me this you who point guns at children

When will it stop , the hate , did this girl die for nothing her blood spilled in the sand , Wafa i agree with you ive taken a long hard look at what people have said enough is enough if children continue to die everyday then why do people want to hide pictures come on both sides this is reality this is a mothers daughter , these are my tears i shed , look long and hard this was a young girl what did she do , did she know hate , your true Wafa people need to see this , people need to see the reality of a futile and stupid childish war , Take
This sweet inn ocent girl had a family , people who loved her , a life to live for stolen by extremists on both side whose agendas are nothing to do with this beautiful small lovely child whoes mother weeps for her spirt as i do to , for her i do this so the world will know she is not forgotten she is in my heart

A Dying Childs Plea
Tony Robin Bulley 27th September 2008 (c)

Oh peace how I seek for your dawning day
Why did you leave me and go away
For I am scared no one hears my cry
Whilst on the street my brothers die
This is my question what have I done
As here now I lay dying in the sun
Oh peace where are you in my strife
My blood ebbing stolen in youth of life
Oh peace I feel so cold short of breath
Come hold me in my hour of death
Take me away from the soldier’s gun
No more I need to hide no place to run
I am dying my blood spilt in the sand
Peace come closer take hold my hand
For I am a child innocent without sin
Oh peace I feel you now close within
Never more all those I love to see
For death has come to set me free
Oh peace hear me my final prayer
Peace to all the nations everywhere
Oh peace I feel you so close now by
Hold me a child in your arms as I die

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Comment by Peace_maker on November 7, 2008 at 4:08am
it holds a lot of truth what happen here all it shows is pure hatred. what has happen in a society of today that hatred cuts like a entity that plagues no passion no feelings but a numbness ...why does any one not remember the Holocaust how those Jewish people were killed lined up and shot cause of Hitlers hatred ...why is it being used today what had happen to this girl, "is hatred being used for some Palestinian people for "That was used against the Jewish occupation has those who are Jewish hating the Palestinians aren't they using the same methods that was used on them in Hitlers time. that this hatred will only will only grow with out peace"


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