who were there first Israelite or Palestinians

who were there first Israelite or Palestinians is forum and dissection from only historical and genetics DNA prospective with all due respect to the religious and political prospective , its was created as result of a discussion between two of my peacemakers friends Gottfried Hutter and Josh Cohen , and we will start this forum by some statements mad by PA officials claiming that they were there first.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas:

"Our narrative says that we have been have been in this land since before Abraham. I am not saying it. The Bible says it. The Bible says, in these words, that the Palestinians existed before Abraham. So why don't you recognize my right? 
[Official PA TV, March 21, 2016] 

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas:

"This land was never without a people, as we have been planted in its rocks and dust and hills since the beginning of civilization and writing and the invention of the Canaanite-Palestinian alphabet more than 6,000 years ago." 

[Official PA TV, May 14, 2016] 

PA chief negotiator for the U.S-brokered peace talks with Israel Saeb Erekat,:

“I am the proud son of the Canaanites who were there 5,500 years before Joshua bin Nun burned down the town of Jericho.”

(at a conference in Munich)

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Mahmoud Abbas' advisor :

"The Palestinians have been on this land for 5,000 years. Of course, we were the first to reside in this land. The first to reside in it. There was no one before us. Never was there a period in this history of this land when we were not in it. Over the course of these millennia, many have passed through this land and left. History has turned the page on them, but the land remained as well as its people and its true owners who never changed. This occupation is a transient thing, despite the pain and suffering." 
[Official PA TV, April 1, 2016]

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Comment by Ambassador For Peace on January 5, 2018 at 11:31pm

I couldn't agree more with your remark  David Graycat , in fact many researcher besides you and me came to the same conclusion one of them is Tsvi Misinai in his book " Brother Shall Not Lift Sword Against Brother:
The Roots and Solution to the Problem in the Holy Land "  and I think it will take a lot effort to get this message through the minds in the holy land and it great to start here at mepeace 

Comment by David Graycat on January 3, 2018 at 6:32pm

The Jews and the Palestinian People are two sides of the same blood line. The Palestinians are the Israelites who stayed behind and converted to the Roman religion and the Jews are the banished leadership who mixed with Europeans.


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