Whose is "real" here on mepeace? Who has integrity and who does not?

I am posting this since after seeing a few members that claim to be Arab, but speak in a very anti- Arab tone, may not be who they claim to be on this site.
While I understand that this is a website and we are on the internet, and people can disguise themselves, I am a little dishearted to see people want to trick other members into who they are with propoganda. (I don't want to say names, to respect the privacy of these people).
Just looking at a few other blogs made me feel like I can't trust other members here on mepeace. I joined this site in order to learn peacemaking, networking and friendships pertaining to peace, conflict + resolution in the Middle East.
I feel a little dissapointed and little uneasy.
I want others to share their opinion with me as well.


Love and Light

Stephanie :)

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Comment by Hadi Al Bahra on April 1, 2009 at 3:12am
I think that Max has diagnosed the problem about discussions on this website correctly, and I agree with him completely, as I have seen many of the specific issues discussions posted here (including this one), branching out to completely different subjects and non related issues. I think that should avoided as much as possible by creating more discussions within a specific group of people which in my opinion could reach to more understandings, results, resolutions, or proposals , that we all could be enlightened with.
Comment by Max S on March 26, 2009 at 3:56pm

now, now, my dear...

Comment by Max S on March 26, 2009 at 3:55pm
Hi Basil. I can not infer as much as you can from what people write but I shall take what you say at face value on that front. It would appear we agree about what the limits of internet communication are and probably share similar views on it's strenghts.

Can you expand a little on the legal argument. I am a mathematics student, I never read law neither could I, so it isn't clear to me what your point was. Analogies, South Africa or Germany, are not seriously important in the formation of a legal ruling are they? What about the argument of self-defence? Cannot both Palestiians and Israeli argue this position? Start a new discussion if you like. My apologies if I sound pig ignorant but the truth is, on this subject alone I am. I am also very skeptical of it. As far as I am aware it was illegal to go into Kosovo. Well, sod International Law. What happened in Bosnia could not be repeated.

I agree with you about the Med. Northern Europe has its charm as well mind you. As long as you can take the cold. If you have spent time in Canada I guess you can. One things I cannot deal with here is the heat.
Comment by Rivka on March 26, 2009 at 1:26pm
sorry I think I misunderstood Max's comment - take it all back - no certified kosher certificates!
Comment by Rivka on March 26, 2009 at 12:26pm
The food from the Puglia region of Italy is also very good - exquiite!
Comment by Rivka on March 26, 2009 at 12:21pm
btw: just for the record. I am not offended now - I am just being direct. Max- you should be used to by now in Israel - nahon? We should remember that it is difficult sometmes to gauge peoples' mood from their writing, which is why I like to skype -phone mepeacers (or mewarers - as Basil might call them)
Comment by Rivka on March 26, 2009 at 12:12pm
Hey guys - aka "dudes": I don't think one can go round validating or invalidating how others feel. One has to respect, and this is very very difficult, how others feel and think as long as this is being expressed sincerely.

Re comparisons with Naziism: I said there was a difference between ethnic cleansing, which is Israel is carrying out (and which has also being carried out by some arab countries - not that two rights ever make a wrong) and genocide.

It's like Max is going round affixing his own personal certified kosher certificate to other peoples' sentiments.
Anyway - I suggest you ask Rivka how offended she is and what she thinks exactly rather than attributing stuff to her!
We are all cutting our teeth on this peace stuff - there are very few of us who infallible and I am happy to stand up and be counted as...............imperfect.
Peace and loads of love
Comment by Max S on March 26, 2009 at 10:29am
I am not sure what you are trying to say about Nazi comparisons. What are you referring to when you wrote about the Nuremberg Trials? Generally speaking I think the whole issue of Nazism and its impact upon the Jewish people and by consequence the Palestinian people should be avoided. A website, where we are all to a certain extent anonymous, is not a suitable medium to discuss such charged subjects. Furthermore, far too many debates on the Middle East, especially ones on websites like these, become contracted debates about the precise meaning of terms. More often than not people fail to recognise that English is a great language for turning nouns into adjectives. ‘Apartheid wall’ is one such example as is ‘Islam is medieval’. Medievalism is a vast subject, what are people like Samir referring to? Thabit? Musa ibn Shakir? The thinking of those two Mathematicians is sound and you will find it Euclid and Newton. 7th Century thinking, if such a phrase has any meaning, is quite different to that of today and any comparison is just intellectually lazy.

It is important to recognize the difference between a debate and a slagging match. Personally, I am of the disposition that when sober I prefer the former and when drunk a passionate advocate of the latter. Slagging matches are rich in the misuse of nouns as adjectives and there is little point in replying with reason to such pronouncements, it is granting credibility when ridicule is due. If people want to shoot themselves in the foot they can go for it as far as I am concerned. I do it all the time and nothing encourages me more than a voice of reason. Discussions on mepeace have few if any guidelines so you can start a discussion upon a subject that is little more than a declaration of sectarianism and the career off topic to subjects such as ‘who the **** is this sunshine person’. In other cases it is not so simple and when topics such as the Holocaust or the Naqba are brought to the fore it is an invitation to disaster, sensitive subjects in careless hands spells trouble. There is no way a website like mepeace can be regulated. We can only rely on self restraint, a poor substitute for adequate controls. The consequence of this is that you will have discussions (slagging matches) such as that between Mazin and Samir. Eva’s debate was engineered to create friction and Mazin and Samir approached it with a do or die attitude, writing short reply that did not reciprocate each others posts. I suspect neither of them could ever admit defeat in an argument of that nature. Who would? Once you’ve fired the first shot it is fun to carry on shooting. Personally, I can’t be bothered with such affairs at least in cyberspace. Discussions like those always have little material to go on, expand rapidly, as the posts grow shorter and coarser, the bold function used with abandon. If Eyal and others tried to regulate such affairs they would fail. It would be like legislating against self-loathing, it is in us all to a certain extent.

Well, I am going off topic now. We were supposed to be discussing who is ‘real’ here in cyberspace. In my view you can never really answer that question so it is not worth asking, with all due respect to Stephanie. Thinking of the difficulties that Palestinians and Israelis have in accepting each other histories, let alone how they are intrinsically related (as is there future) reminds me of a concert I read of today where young Palestinian musicians played to Holocaust survivors.

You should visit the region before peace arrives. I use to think like that, I am glad I changed my mind.
Comment by Max S on March 25, 2009 at 10:37pm
OK Basil, I shall take your word for it. I haven't read enough of Samir writings to really form an opinion. If he wrote that Arabs are from the 7th or whatever then that is a bit out of order (what was the exact phrase?). If you are offended then my sympathises but to be honest of all the awful terms in which I hear Arabs and Jews describe eat other I wouldn't put this as the worst. If anything it is a bit stupid. The UAE hardly looks 7th century. Perhaps he said it in a moment of anger. It is not worth wasting time over stupid comments. I remember Rivka was offended by someone describing her as tribal. I can't remember what was said exactly but it did sound a bit racist.but also a bit stupid.

Out of interest, when where you last in our neck of the woods? And, if you don't mind me asking, do you still have family here.
Comment by Max S on March 25, 2009 at 9:32am
I forgot to mention: I can’t help feeling that you are referring to Sunshine Girl and the new guy Samir Khoury. I have no idea whether or not either of these individuals are real and care even less (for that matter how do I know you are real Stephanie?). I really doubt that Sunshine Girl was – she was a little too earnest in her efforts – and appeared to have problems with the Arabic language, a slight flaw in the mask. Maybe Samir Khoury is the same person now that Sunshine Girl has been frozen. But then maybe I am wrong? Maybe they are both real. There are plenty of people in the so-called West that are, for want of a better phrase, inverted patriots and there are certainly Israelis who are like this. Why cannot Arabs be the same? And let’s not forget there are Arabs who hate Palestinians, the Phalangists for example. I am not arguing that people who are viciously anti-Arab or anti-Jewish should be tolerated but I always think it is better to have ‘people inside the tent pissing out, rather than outside pissing in’.


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