Would like to get a chance to hear and speak more Arabic- perhaps a Skype exchange?

Dear Friends,

I must first off apologize for not being more than a passive member of this wonderful portal...I feel somewhat uncomfortable with just coming on line and making a request- so sorry about this- but since it is a request for an exchange, I feel a bit better about it...I am also not overly technological so sometimes the plethora of e mail and social media just causes me to detach...but anyway...

I am 55, an American- Israeli, living here for many years, as well as having lived in East Asia for 5 years. During the years I have had the opportunity to travel, learn different languages and cultures- I work as a business and management coach for all sorts of people, enjoy my work immensely, hope to use it to further some more peace efforts up ahead.

Without going into too much detail at this point I would like to come forth and say that I very much want to imrpove my spoken Arabic, which is very elementary despite study of 6 months with a teacher(twic monthly)and daily with "Plimseur recordings", and I have found a real glass ceiling over my head- there really is no opportunity to engage native Arabic speakers believe it or not, at least not at my level! This is really frustrating- I think it is a huge shame that Jews in Israel by and large have no real idea of Palestinian spoken Arabic (or any Arabic for that matter grossly speaking) and this is one (and there are others) big impediment in moving peace, reconciliation forward! I have decided to "go for it" this time, there were two "false starts" years ago, but...

Over the last 2 months I have racked my brains to see how I could circumvent this problem and I have looked into all kinds of options and initiatives- will gladly explain if asked- but at this stage I sense that the best way might be to ask and seek "skype partners for language exchange" in Palestine, Israel or Jordan (because of dialect). I will gladly help my partner in English or Hebrew and would love to hear of any good candidates for this on the "Arabic side". From my experience in language exchanges over the years (in person I might say)- in Japanese, Chinese and Spanish- is that when they are serious and continuous, they are a wonderful way to bring together people on human, peace-loving level- language is a powerful conduit for human communication.

Thank- you all for your attention and assistance- most appreciated! My contact details are below as well for reference. I do hope I have not violated any "rules of the site"- if so, my apologies, no mal-intent....

Kindest regards and wishes-

Ronnie Dunetz



Ronnie Dunetz, International MBA

Senior Business Coach/Group Facilitator

Global Success Programs

Tel: 972-54-6652818, 972-9-899-1761

Internet: (English), (Hebrew)



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Comment by Ronnie Dunetz on June 9, 2014 at 7:34pm

Great- Right on. Will stay tuned- thx.

Comment by Oliver Haack on June 9, 2014 at 7:12pm

Hi Ronnie,

great idea - we have facilitated such exchanges in the past and will likely launch a new effort on Hebew-Arabic language exchange, either through Skype or another tool, in the near future. Stay tuned :)



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