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At 1:44pm on January 22, 2015, NILAY BAND said…
Hello. I am Nilay Band from India undertaking World Peace & Friendship Mission India to South Africa for promotion of Peace & to perish terrorism.
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Nilay Band (,
At 10:55am on July 13, 2014, Jacques Banne said…

I am the founder and organizer of iartexpo art as a bridge for peace, art exhibit and show..
Please aid me to find sponsor for the realization of my project/dream
Thank you
Salam, Shalom, Peace.
Jacques Banne
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Salam Shalom, Peace

At 5:56am on June 17, 2012, Tim Upham said…

I have dealt with so many people like you in the West Bank, Gaza, and the United States. Who come to the conclusion that killing just begets killing.  A Palestinian Revolution will not occur through massacre, because none of the African nations got their independence that way.  Despite the Algerian War of Independence from 1954-1962, Algeria's independence was still negotiated.  All the intifadas in the world, are not going to help, they will just result in killing more people.  That is the reason why a two-state solution has to be negotiated and resolved.  Not to kill people, but for people to be able to live.

At 12:42pm on June 6, 2011, yahia alkhawaldeh said…

السلام رسالة السماء في كل الاديان السماؤية

فالسلام عليك ولك ومنك وحولك السلام لنا ولكل محبي السلام في هذا العالم

مع اجمل المنى ووافر الاحترام واهلا بك صديقا على طريق السلام والمحبة والوئام

At 9:52am on April 24, 2011, LindaLouise Haines said…
I have shared with many like-minded friends and activists your post about the Meditation for Peace in Tel-Aviv on Monday, March 25th. It will be 3 am on the US West Coast. But, no matter! In spirit many of us will be with you all. An equitable, life-affirming peace in your region is a priority for the world to be truly in Peace. Blessings on your work, I am very encouraged to hear of this project. And, I second the comments of many here, esp. Dan Moody of Global Peace Partners.
At 2:43am on January 10, 2011, Dan Moody said…
Thank you for a powerful testimony!
I believe there is not hope for any nation
outside of living in compassion, and
respect for each other. Your story
is a testimony to that!
At 9:14am on October 17, 2010, Eric John Ingraham ( ONELEAF ) said…
I did not yet read your entire BIO but I did read "A true story" by Faisal Al-kateep.
We are brothers in more ways than you know I LOVE YOU you are a father and a huband, YOU ARE A KING.
At 11:40pm on October 7, 2010, Rachel Abramovitz said…
Dear Faisal,

I am very happy to meet you and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. May your message of hope be heard by many insha'allah.

At 9:30pm on October 4, 2010, Andrea Kruchik Krell said…
Waw, It's an honor to meet you Faisal, you are an example for many.
Thanks for sharing your story with me, I look forward to get to know u better.
At 2:02am on August 19, 2010, Shoshana Gottesman said…
Salam Faisal!

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I agree with you and Insh'Allah, your story will help promote the peace that we hope will come.
At 1:07am on August 12, 2010, Daniel Simon Leigh said…
Faisal, I am deeply sorry for your experience and am pleased you came out of it with such spirit. What have you been upto recently?
At 5:09pm on August 11, 2010, Tamar Yaron said…
All the best to you, Faisal.
At 5:25pm on August 10, 2010, Annette Allen said…
Amen Faisal. You know every single country has conflict, it is EVERYWHERE right now. We have pursued greed, self interest and what is good for our family, tribe, ethnicity, religion, class etc. Yet Nature shows another way,where diverse plants, animals and insects can live together, mostly in harmony.

When I visited Jerusalem in 2005, I was struck by how much like the Bible the old city was. There was conflict then. Now we have the money, technology and must develop the will and insight to work for peace between both nations. You both deserve it!
At 1:59pm on July 16, 2010, Jeanine said…
Salam to You and Your Family!
Thank you for telling so openly your storybr /> It is sad,I think it takes courage to stand for Peace living in a country like yours,as politics has too much power,
For you Palastinians and for the Jewish life is hard,and it is very hard,almost impossible for persons to feel what all of you are going tru,if one is living in a country where is no suffering,war,pain as overthere.
I thank you for the invite and wish you the Best,
Love and Light in Justice and Good Health,
At 9:50pm on July 5, 2010, Nissim Dahan said…
Hi Faisal,

Thanks for your comment on my blog post. I am inspired by the fact that your hardships have led you to see peace as the only alternative. I think that there is a good chance to make something happen in the next few months. I am doing what I can to push the process along. I hope we can continue to work together to make things happen for the sake of our children, so that they will not have to go through the same pain.

Warm regards,
At 11:38pm on June 29, 2010, Barbara Zabitz said…
Hello Faisal,
Thank you for your comment. I can see that you and I have the same goals. I pray that we can both live to see them realized.
At 7:09pm on June 26, 2010, SUSAN GERMANEY said…
Hi Faisal: That is a wonderful story and I do hope that you find peace.
I have uploaded another song - GARDEN OF FORGIVENESS (Hadiqat As-Samah). I had read about the Garden of Forgiveness which they are developing in Beirut a couple of years ago. It was put on hold for a while, but I am pleased to see that it is now progressing well.

At 9:48am on June 18, 2010, alice faye said…
I welcome your friendship and consider it an honor
At 1:35am on June 15, 2010, Toni B said…
Hi Fesal,
A pleasure to meet you and I'm pleased that you were released from prison. I know two young Palestinian men in prison awaiting trial and many who like you who have been released. Your body was imprisoned but you freed your own mind. Your story reminds me of a story I was told today by a settler who is now a peaceful musician in Israel. He also said that he did "bad things to Arabs" when he was 15 because he "didn't know how to think like an individual". His grandparents came from Yemen and now he is proud of being Jewish and Arab, but first of all he sees himself as human. You and he give me hope that your children will grow up on a different path to freedom.

I wish you, me and all women and men true freedom to live as individuals in societies that respect our diverse religions, nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities and world views.
At 11:26pm on June 13, 2010, Roberta Kelinson said…
Thank you for welcoming me into this group of peacemakers! I promise to do what I can from Illinois in the United States!!


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